The Issues and Benefits of Construction and Living in a Green Building

green building

In 2011, Taipei 101, a skyscraper in Taipei, Taiwan, got the Platinum rating under the LEED certification system. It is the toughest and highest standard for a green building. Not many buildings in the world can get this certification very easily but Taipei 101 was just trying to get that right from the beginning. There are several aspects where it has scored and their strive for perfection is continued.

Let me describe the aspect of how and why buildings can be termed green.

A green building refers to its design, construction, and operation as it reduces or eliminates the negative impacts, as evident with all the resources used in making green buildings that positively impact the climate and natural environment. A green building uses natural resources and improves the quality of life with several facilities for the tenants and owners of the building.

Climate change and global warming are two of the most talked-about terms of the last two decades. And I am sure most of my readers are aware of these two terms but may not be fully aware of the impact it has on our daily lives. Change in climate extreme weather is one example as governments around the world try to cope with this situation. Some scientists think that it is already too late, and the consequences of global warming will be upon us.

Green buildings are structured to minimize the effect of greenhouse gases and other factors that make our planet vulnerable to adverse scenarios. Constructing a green building is not unheard of because the standards from the governments are changing. The emphasis is on a place where everyone can live without using minimum greenhouse gases. And using other resources in the construction of the building that doesn’t harm the environment.

The Future 

Just like Taipei 101 has reached LEED status, most of the tallest skyscrapers and high-rise buildings can get this certification. Some of my readers may argue that making a green building is not very cheap and can cost the Builder and the construction company dearly. But tell me which high-rise buildings can be constructed cheaply as the cost of raw materials and other construction equipment are rising steadily. It is just a matter of will whether you want to go for a green building or not.

There are some other reasons that I would like to discuss now so read on.

Everyone needs to look at the bright side of the picture. The awareness about the importance of green building has been increasing steadily since the 1970s but in the past few years, the construction boom has made sure that this topic must be taken seriously. It is not just a green building which looks cool and the people living there will brag about that they reside in such a building. It is for the benefit of everyone around that building, a particular city, country, and all over the world.

It is a common misconception that people ask everyone what will happen if only I will work towards a particular goal, as everyone else is not performing that task. Everyone should focus on his own goal rather than thinking about someone else. Everyone that focuses and achieves results, will be a Win-Win situation for everyone. That is why a green building, even a small condo complex, or a huge commercial project, can have an impact on not just the people involved all living in that building but also everyone around them.

Over to you 

You can also start making a difference in this regard by reading and knowing all the information about a green building. After that, you can start advocating for it and strive for a better future for humankind.  Just the start is needed to make everything worthwhile and you will be amazed to see the results in quick time.

What is your opinion about a green building, and do you want to live in such a place? Or do you have any apprehensions about it? Please offer your valuable feedback for this blog and ask any questions by using the comments section below.

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