8 Things To Consider For Perfect Poolside Landscaping


As we are confined in our homes due to COVID-19, a safe and ethereal swimming pool outside your yard is no less than a blessing in Fredericksburg VA. Keep in mind that designing such a place takes a lot more than money. You have to think about the functionality and its year-long maintenance plans. That’s because there is nothing worse than an unkempt pool as well!

A dreamy outdoor space in your house is all about luxury, fun, and comfort. Adding plants to the poolside can be one of the best decisions you can make. What else can you add to improve the ambiance? While you are looking for some great pool landscaping ideas, consider the following factors to make the most of your investment.

  1. Location Of The Pool

The best poolside landscaping ideas are the ones that come into play before building a pool. Planning gives you more freedom to think about all the features you want in an outdoor space. 

If you are in this phase, inspect different areas of available outdoor space. Think about property overlays, encasements, and building regulations that can impact the location. 

Do you want the pool to be near the boundary? It is suggested to keep a distance of one meter between the edge and the boundary. Also factor in sun exposure to avoid sunburns.

  1. Recreational Space In And Around The Pool

The space around the pool is of utmost importance. It can affect the comfort and safety of getting in and out of the pool, as well as the outdoor entertainment opportunities. Do you plan to keep a table and poolside chairs? Or you prefer a sun lounge? A bench with a couple of seats is also a great option. Get your creative juices flowing to make the best use of the recreational space around the pool.

  1. Research Before You Plant

Almost all of the pool landscaping ideas are incomplete without plants. But before you give in to the impulsive trip and buy any plants that suit your fancy, do your research. Find the plants that grow best in your geographical regions but beware of plants that shed fruits and leaves. You don’t want to deal with messes in your pool. 

Leaves, needles, flowers, and fruits only look beautiful on the trees but can be a real pain when they are floating in your pool water.

  1. Don’t Plant Thorny Floras By The Poolside

Game of thorns by the poolside is something you cannot afford to watch once, let alone bear for years. You can make your outdoor summers as well as winters (pun intended!) equally joyful by avoiding thorny floras. It’s not a good idea with swimmers lurking nearby with their exposed flesh. Avoid planting lovely roses, colorful bougainvillea, blackberry, and thorny cactuses.

  1. Opt For Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

Investing your money in low-maintenance poolside landscaping ideas is the best thing you can do for yourself. After all, you are planning a comfy outdoor place to unwind instead of spending hours trimming and pruning. Go for evergreen options and keep it simple. When paired up with the right plants, a small oasis or tranquil island besides the pool can enhance the ambiance of the space.

  1.  Consider Root Systems And Their Long Terms Impacts 

You should avoid flora with invasive root systems. Skip this important consideration and you will be dealing with pool damages and plumbing issues a lot sooner than you expected. If you are not up plumbing nuances in or around your house, do not plant oak trees, ficus, and elm besides your pool.

The best poolside landscaping ideas help you enjoy comfortable outdoors for years to come. Consider the typical growth rates of the plants before you plant them.

  1. Stone Accents And Rock Cropping

Let’s come to the non-living features for your poolside landscape. Rock cropping and stone accents do not need regular watering and can look great for many years. Once you have chosen the right sizes and placement, you don’t have to worry about diseases and pests lurking around them. All these benefits make it a perfect addition to your fantastic outdoor environment.

  1. Shade Structures And Lighting Considerations

Your poolside landscaping ideas must include some shade structures for sheltered fun. It also depends on the size and shape of your pool as well as your outdoor living habits. A pergola can offer you privacy without compromising the freedom of the outdoors.

Poolside lighting can be used to extend your time outdoors and safety during dark hours. Illuminate the walkways and recreational space around the pool for increasing the curb appeal.  

Hire The Experts For The Best Pool Landscaping Ideas

You can always seek help from the best landscaping companies in Fredericksburg VA. They will help you make a stay at home a true pleasure for you and your family. Do your research to find the most reputable experts who can lend professional artistic effects to the poolside without breaking your budget.

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