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Higher education at top-notch institutes has always been a dream for students around the globe. The dream comes true for those who get to manage the process and resources well, while for some, it turns out to be nothing but a dream. A driving reason behind this is the financial constraint. Catering to this need, the British Council has launched the GREAT scholarship program for international students. The program intends to fund Masters’s students at selected UK universities. We are about to walk you through the entire procedure of this program. Stay with us!

What are the GREAT Scholarships?

The GREAT scholarship is a joint program by the British council and the United Kingdom government. The program is offered under the “Study UK” campaign, offering a minimum of £10,000 to each student. At least 41 UK universities are partners in this initiative, supporting students from 13 different countries worldwide. Postgraduates, after qualifying for the scholarship, will get access to some top-ranked institutes in the UK.

About this award:

GREAT Scholarships 2021, launched by the British Council’s Study UK program and 41 UK colleges, underpins understudies from 13 countries to get to elite UK advanced education opportunities. The Study UK crusade offers 156 grants from 41 UK colleges to understudies in Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. It offers an energizing chance for students from these nations to seek monetary help for their postgraduate studies.

Who can apply for this scholarship?

To be eligible for the scholarship, you need to satisfy the criteria set by the British council. Since the initiative is designed for bright students, the criteria will be demanding. Let us walk you through the set criteria

1). You must hold a passport from the eligible countries.
2). You must hold a Bachelors’s degree from a renowned university.
3). You must have a record of extracurricular activities related to your chosen subject.
4). You should meet the English language criteria of the UK universities.
5). It would be best if you had an interest and related work experience in the subject area.
6). You should have the motivation to pursue a postgraduate degree in the UK.
7). You can apply if you are planning an intake to UK universities in September 2021.

These are the generally stated qualifying points that all the students should satisfy at the time of application. There can still be much in the box, depending on the country you are applying from. Get in touch with the expert study consultants in Islamabad for more detailed information and guidelines.

List of included universities:

Forty-one institutes are contributing to the GREAT scholarship. All of them stand among the top-ranked universities. Let us have a quick look at some of the prominent ones:

Bangor University
Edinburgh Napier University
Nottingham Trent University
Robert Gordon University
Royal Agricultural University
Teesside University
Ulster University
University of Bath
University of Cambridge
University of Derby
University of Dundee
University of Edinburgh
University of Essex
University of Exeter
University of Hull
University of Manchester
University of Nottingham
University of South Wales
University of Warwick

The minimum worth of GREAT scholarships offered by these universities is £10,000. However, some of these offer scholarships up to £26,000. Students must use the funds for tuition purposes only. In case the tuition fee is less than the scholarship amount, the funds cannot be used for any other purpose like living costs.

Eligible Countries:

As discussed, assistance is granted to almost 13 different countries. The eligibility slightly differs for each country, not much, however. Following is a list of countries that are eligible for this initiative. Let us have a look at them:

Sri Lanka

How to apply for the GREAT Scholarships?

If you are planning on applying for this scholarship, you need to follow several steps. These steps are discussed in the coming lines:

.  Apply for an eligible Master course at a participating university
When you receive the offer letter, you can apply for the scholarship from that specific university portal (Not from the British council)
As part of your application, you need to submit the following documents through an online application form on the university’s website:

1). Original academic certificates/transcripts/degrees.
2). A personal statement
3). A motivation letter incorporating your goals and motivation for the study
4). Extracurricular experience letters (If any)
5). English language proficiency letter

Be sure not to miss any important documents at the time of application. Doing so will stop your application from being processed further. Also, keep an eye on the deadlines as no application is entertained after the application date.

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