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India is a country where most people are unaware of this license. And those who are, are also aware of its complex nature and thus are apprehensive about obtaining it.

What is IP1 license?

IP1 License is the authorization or business licenses that DOT gives to those companies that want to be infrastructure provider. What is an infrastructure provider? An infrastructure provider is a business entity that facilitates telecom  companies and other technological firms.

It’s a license that sought by those who realize the value telecom sector holds for the development of India. That development can bear sweet profits such entrepreneurs as well. Thus, here is one blog that provides you all the required information about IP1 license.

What is IP1 license?

Telecom industry is only able to provide high speed internet services because resources like dark fibers exist. They are only able to lay their wires across the urban streets because of “Right of Way”. Their servers don’t catch fire because of so much pressure courtesy of Duct space. And, they have been able to thrive so much in wireless communication business because cell towers.

Right of Way, duct space, dark fibers and cell towers aren’t the resources that telecom companies can buy. They have to rent and lease it from Infrastructure Providers

Infrastructure providers are special business entities that are given the IP-1 License in India to provide such resources. The Department of Telecommunication only issues the IP1 license to them once they have followed up with the process of obtaining it.

How to get IP 1 license?

To become one of the few IP-1 License holders in India, you need to follow the steps that are specified below:

1.       Fill the IP1 License application that is available online, but have to be downloaded first.

2.       Attach the required documents to this form and post it via mail to the Department of telecommunication. Attach the DD of IP-1 License fee

3.       The Department officials will assess you as an applicant on the basis of your application and your documents.

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4.       If the assessment suggests that you’re indeed capable of handle being an infrastructure provider, you will get IP1 License registration in India.

This IP-1 License procedure is incomplete without the right the right set of documents. Following is the list of said document:

1.       Certificate of incorporation

2.       Memorandum of association

3.       Articles of association

4.       List of directors of the company

5.       Shareholding pattern of the company

6.       Products that you want to rent or lease

7.       Fee for the DOT IP1 License


If you have the IP 1 License, you can be indirectly responsible for upholding the Indian telecom economy. And, it will be immensely profitable to you. So, if you want start a business providing telecom companies with necessary infrastructure, get IP-1 License in India.

And if you have any queries regarding the said license, and want to know more about it, our phone lines are always open to heed to your need.

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