An explanation about the ISP License requirements


ISP License requirements aren’t unlike the requirements for any other business license. However, in order to get ISP License via online registration, you still have to know about them. An Internet Service Provider (ISP) can only be established after the applicant of the ISP License proves that:

1.       That they are capable of handling the technical intricacies of internet providing business.

2.       Have the right business entity to provide structure to the business of providing internet services.

3.       And, have the budget to support that infrastructure.

So, in a way, whatever requirements you see in the ISP license agreement format are to  show your worth to the Department of Telecommunication. It’s the only way that you’re going to get the license. And through this article, we are going to reveal them to you.

Certificate of incorporation of your company

It’s the first ISP License requirement. Providing in internet is a multi-person job. And you need institution that have multiple people involved to manage it. Thus, the very first thing requirement that you need to adhere to is to get a business entity. You can choose between a public limited company or a private limited company. To incorporate a company

1.        Choose a company name

2.       Reserve that name

3.       Draft MOA and AOA

4.       Get the DSC for the directors

5.       File the online company incorporation application

6.       Get the certificate of incorporation

A receipt of the application processing fee

It’s an obvious ISP License requirement to finally sign the ISP license agreement. Remember that when paying for the application to be processed by the DOT, expect to not get a refund. It’s a plunge that you take when you file your application for starting an ISP in India.

Under no circumstance, you have a chance of getting back the refund. So, expect that your initial fees for ISP License registration is not refundable.

Memorandum of Association of the company

The MOA should specify that providing internet access if your only objective. In case the objective in the MOA doesn’t match with the ISP requirement set by the DOT, you’re not going to get the license.

Power of Attorney to authorize an Authorized Signatory

You NEED an ISP License consultant to help you get the license. Without him, the DOT won’t allow you to go past the initial application stages. Thus, hire a consultant and give him the right to file the application and sign it. You can do so via authorizing him through the power of attorney.

Director Details

Provide the details of all the directors of your company. You can provide it via an information sheet that details the:

  • Names of the directors
  • Contact information of the directors
  • How much money has the directors invested in your ISP company?

Shareholding pattern of the company

It’s the first document to show the financial stability of your company. In this document, you will provide the shareholding pattern that exists for your company.

Net worth certificate of the company

Provide the net worth certificate of your company. it’s the second document to showcase your financial stability to the DOT.

Read Other Useful License: FFMC License

Foreign Equity Details

In case your company is partially owned by a foreign entity or an individual, then as the final document for your financial stability, provide the proof via foreign equity approval certificate. However, this is only applicable if foreign contribution in your company is more than 49%.

Registered Office Address

Provide the registered address details and proof for the same for your company.

Board resolution by the directors of the company

Before putting together any of the above documents, you need to convene a meeting and take a joint decision to apply for the ISP License in India.

Put that decision in writing on a board resolution. Submit it along with the rest of the documents that come under ISP License requirements.

Here is an explanation of ISP License requirements in India. Read about them thoroughly to know why you need the documents that you need to obtain ISP license in India.

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