Are you using the right digital marketing platforms to reach your target audience?


The concept of audience targeting is as simple as it sounds: It’s the practice of segmenting customers based on demographics or preferences in order to locate the holy grail: the right user at the perfect time on the perfect device. You’ll be more likely to hit customers who are interested in your products or services with relevant messaging if you use audience targeting. It also helps drive potential buyers down the sales funnel by reducing the likelihood of wasting ad spend on uninterested eyeballs. You’ve come to the right place if you want to better target your potential clients and stop spending money on people who won’t convert. 


In this article, we are going to discuss eight tried-and-true consumer targeting tactics to help you increase your business. Let’s begin!


1. Start tracking:

Adding event monitoring to your site will help you create a more powerful online presence by showing you how people connect with it. With only latitude, longitude, and date, marketing companies can catch phone IDs and serve ads based on geography—including location up to six months ago. You can reach your goal by keeping track of the physical location of your audience.


2. Give priority to SEO:

Since there is nothing better than simply being in front of the consumer as they look for exactly what you have to give, organic SEO is the best audience targeting choice. If your brand appears high in search results for relevant keywords, it is aimed at people who are actively looking for your goods and services. In addition to it, the search is frequently a signal of purchase intent, while targeting ads to demographic data and desires is often a gamble that you’ll get them at the right moment.


3. Add chatbot to your site:

Visitors to the web often communicate with a chatbot that the brand developed internally using the open-source machine learning platform TensorFlow to decide whether they are part of the target audience.


One of the most valuable things we’ve learned is that a team marketing analyst needs to be in control of the algorithm’s decisions on a regular basis. As a result, the algorithm can be optimized and trained more easily based on the company’s previous knowledge.


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4. Utilize Facebook custom audiences:

Since Facebook is a personalized data network, it continues to provide the most formats for targeting, reaching, and engaging potential customers. One of Facebook’s most important features is the opportunity for companies to target users on the site based on their interests. It shows users only advertisements that are important to them based on their preferences. It does not inundate them with irrelevant information. As a result, we can create content and advertisements that our customers truly trust.


5. Use Google ads to remarket:

A marketer can download, display, and delegate current audiences in Google Ads Editor. Remarketing lists, personalized mix lists, life events, and interest groups can all be targeted depending on the campaign type. Using Google Ads, a marketer can do a lot of A/B testing and set up ‘ad clusters’ to see which campaigns are the most successful.

Google Remarketing allows businesses to reach out to customers who have not interacted with their website or mobile app.


6. Increase reach with Google’s In-Market Audiences:

You may reach customers who are researching your goods or services using Google’s in-market audiences feature. You will identify the top-performing Affinity Categories and In-Market Segments by using a lesser-known report from our Google Analytics reports. You can then create different ad groups around each of the audiences and create messaging that resonates with them once you have the insights. This is effective because you are making data-driven decisions. You will determine who your best customers are before setting out to meet more of them.


7. Keep looking for new ideas:

Top advertisers are currently using these consumer targeting tactics to identify and reach their potential customers. However, since technology is constantly evolving, it is important to maintain an open mind to develop new strategies.


8. Communicate in your Audience’s Language:

You must speak their language to appeal to and communicate with your audience. This entails not only having the right tone of voice but also including actual words and phrases they use.

Many consumers used the word “darling” to describe their clothing items during a comprehensive ethnographic analysis for a woman’s apparel company. We started using this term in promotional creative and social media interactions to better communicate with their clients, and the campaign’s click-through rate increased immediately.



In case you want to have the most aesthetically appealing online shop with smooth navigation then the high-quality products are backed by top-notch customer service. With that, bottomless pockets are also a requirement when it comes to the marketing budget. However, none of this matters if the brand isn’t successful in attracting and engaging the right audience at the right time.

For that, you first need to identify the qualified audience for your brand that can effortlessly drive the right traffic to your online store and boost sales. From curiosity and affirmation to decision and advocacy, all you want to know who they are, what they value, and how they use each different channel at different stages for purchasing a product. Also if you want more details about SEO then check SEO Services.


So, we’re done discussing the right ways to see if you’re using the right digital marketing platform for your business. We hope that you find proper digital marketing strategies that are recommended by professionals. Now, it’s your turn to check whether you’re on the right track of targeting the audience or not.



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