BEE Certificate gives star rating to your Products and more


To promote conservation of energy, Indian introduced BEE certification. India also created a Bureau through which it can keep a sharp eye on the electric power efficiency of the consumer products. IF you are one of the electric appliance producers, remember that the bureau of always watching. 

But it’s not to punish you, it’s to motivate you. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency in India rates your products via star rating when you obtain BEE registration. Depending on the rating you’ve gotten, you can effortlessly market your products. However, if your star-rating is less than what you asked for, you can go back to the drawing board and redesign your product. 

So, what is BEE certification in India? This blog is going to give you the answer to this question and will also tell you how to obtain it quite easily. 

BEE Certification: History and Definition

When the 21st Century arrived, people’s perception towards electrical products changed, and so does the seller’s. Appliances that were once seen as luxury, became a necessity. People who once couldn’t afford them, now saved to buy them. Soon, the prices dropped as well, and more and more people started to buy the electrical appliances. At hindsight, it was admirable. However, the more the electric appliance sale rose, the more government got afraid of losing valuable electric power. 

That fear gave rise to BEE certification in India. By testing the product and rating on its energy efficiency, the Bureau intends to promote manufacturers to create products that use less electric power. At the same time, it promotes people to buy products that are five star rated in terms of electric efficiency. 

How to get BEE certification in India

The process to get certification by the BEE in the form of star rating involves two stages of steps:

  1. First, you need to get your brand registered by the BEE. To do that, you need to file an online application via the official BEE portal. The BEE certification requirements for brand registration are as follows:

    1. Trademark registration certificate of the brand

    2. Company incorporation certificate

    3. MOA

    4. Sample of products. 

  2. Once you have gotten registration for the brand of your electrical appliance, you can move on the model registration. It’s here the device is tested by the BEE and given a star rating. The documents required for this step are as follows:

    1. BEE brand registration certificate

    2. Test reports from an NABL accredited lab

    3. Sample of the product. 

So, how much does it cost to go through the entire process. The brand registration fee has to be paid one time. However, the BEE registration fee for the models is INR 2000 per model. 

An additional part to remember is that the certification is only for a finite time. Meaning that as the time passes, the product will lose its efficiency. 


BEE certification is a process that can be considered the need of the hour. However, it requires a deep level of insight into the product’s efficiency. If you’re looking for it for your product, reach out to our BEE certification consultants.

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