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How to Watch Free Live TV on Android mobile?

Free Live TV

Free live tv streaming, We all need entertainment, and television has long been one of the best choices. However, it might have happened to all of us that we are not at home, and our favorite program is on the air. We do not like missing our favorite programs, and the good news is that there is no need to miss any program because there are many apps that allow you to watch your favorite shows anywhere free of cost. In today’s article, we will introduce some of the best free live TV apps for Android Phones and Android TV Boxes

Free Live TV Streaming Apps and websites

Pluto TV

Pluto TV provides more than 100 TV channels across several categories. News, sports, movies, viral videos, and cartoons are all well-represented. It even offers some channels dedicated to single shows.

Sony Liv

Sony Liv is an Indian TV Channel, which provides Live Free TV streaming. The video-on-demand service is owned by none other than Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt. Ltd. based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The Channel allows, users, to watch movies and TV Shows with advertisements while more demanding content requires Liv Subscription.

Apart from Entertainment content, Sony Liv offers premium sports programs such as La Liga, NBA, Football WC, Serie A, EPL, and other live sports for free but with a 5 minutes delay which could be cut-off if you buy a premium pack. The Web has rights to all the Movies Distributed by Sony and provides Live TV streaming of Channels like Animax, Sony Movies, etc.

Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt has several other channels such as Sony TV, Sony SAB, Sony Mix, Sony Max, Sony Max 2, Sony Six, Sony Pix, AXN, and Sony Yay (formerly Animax Asia). It also offers original Web series.

Live NetTV is one of the most popular Live TV APK for Sports, Movies, and TV Show Streaming on Android OS. The Live Net TV App hosts channels from many countries that including the UK, US, Middle Eastern Countries, India, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, and many more countries.

Live NetTV Live TV App is a general-purpose Television streaming App that hosts 800+ Live TV in 9 categories which are: Sports, Entertainment, News, Movies, documentaries, Cooking, Music, Kids, and Religious. The service is absolutely FREE. It is so simple to use that you will instantly love it.

Unlimited Features, Unlimited Fun

Tons of Channels
Ready to watch 800+ live TV channels on the go…Anywhere…Anytime!

Updated Daily
New channels and links are added and updated daily.


JioTV is the best live TV app for Android TV in India. It provides access to more than 600 TV channels from India and the wider region, as well as 100 channels in HD.
you can watch all your favorite channels on your mobile phone. It opens the path for more than 600 channels all over the world. You can also watch programs in many languages such as English, French, Russian, and Portuguese. This app saves the episodes of the last programs for one week, so you can also watch the episodes you have missed.

Hulu TV

Hulu is among the top-rated streaming apps, and it gives you access to the most recent and popular movies and TV shows all around the world. It includes more than 300 channels, and you can watch any program, including cartoons, documentaries, and sci-fi movies. Hulu comes with no ads or pop-up windows so that you can enjoy it without any obstacles.

The free version of the app can fit your needs; however, you can subscribe to it to access more channels and features

Bloomberg TV

If you’re interested in the world of finance and global markets, you’ll already know about Bloomberg. Along with CNBC and FOX Business News, it’s one of the go-to business-focused channels in the United States and beyond.


TVCatchup was an Internet television service for viewing free-to-air UK channels. It operated as a cable service and retransmitted BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, and ITV, amongst others, only in the UK. Users were able to access the service via desktop browsers as well as smartphone and tablet apps.


The NBC app offers a mix of live TV and on-demand videos. In order to access the live TV feature, you need to have a TV service provider that includes NBC in your package


Plex is a well-known home theater app. It lets you stream content around your home, manage your media libraries, and watch content remotely.

If you live in the United States, that means you’ll be able to enjoy all the major US networks, including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and The CW. Plex Live TV also includes a DVR; you can pre-program recordings in advance and all the content you record will be integrated with your existing Plex libraries.


TV Player provides Free Live TV streaming. The company is based in the United Kingdom. It offers the live broadcast of more than 80 channels for free of cost. You can get access to 60+ free channels which you can watch without paying a single buck.

They also have a premium version of their website or live TV streaming app which can be accessed by paying some amount. Presently the service serves the UK market only but the team is working on expanding the network to the US, Canada, and other European counties. You can enjoy live tv with catch-up and live recording features making it a well-crafted TV service.

BBC iPlayer

Another perennial favorite of cord-cutters, the BBC iPlayer app provides live access to all of the BBC’s TV channels, as well as a vast catalog of on-demand shows, classic BBC shows, and straight-to-TV movies


Instead of using proprietary services to get live TV for free, you could use an M3U playlist. The playlists are comprised of links to free-to-air channels (Free Live TV) from around the world, and you can watch them all in a single app.


Quick Charge

Quick Charge

Quick Charge (QC) is a proprietary battery charging protocol developed by Qualcomm, used for managing power delivered over USB, mainly by communicating to the power supply and negotiating a voltage.

Quick Charge is supported by devices such as mobile phones which run on Qualcomm SoCs, and by some chargers; both device and charger must support QC, otherwise, QC charging is not attained. It charges batteries in devices faster than standard USB allows by increasing the output voltage supplied by the USB charger while adopting techniques to prevent the battery damage caused by uncontrolled fast charging and regulating the incoming voltage internally.

Quick Charge is a proprietary technology that allows for the charging of battery-powered devices, primarily mobile phones, at power levels exceeding the 5 volts at 2 amps, thus 10 watts allowed by basic USB standards —not considering the USB Power Delivery (USB PD) standard—while still maintaining compatibility to existing USB wires.

The elevated voltages allow for pushing higher amounts of power (wattage) through the cable’s copper wires without further heating them up and risking heat damage since the heat in the wire is solely caused by the electrical current.

Another benefit of the elevated voltage, as described in Ohm’s law § Other versions, is its improved ability to pass through longer USB cables due to its compensation of voltage drops from wires with higher resistances.

Most chargers supporting Quick Charge 2.0, QC 3.0, and later are wall adaptors, but it is implemented on some in-car chargers, and some power banks use it to both receive and deliver charges.

Quick Charge is also used by other manufacturers’ proprietary rapid-charging systems.

Numerous other companies have their own competing technologies, including MediaTek Pump Express and OPPO VOOC (licensed to OnePlus as Dash Charge), the latter of which elevates the current rather than the power supply voltage to reduce heat from internal voltage regulation, but relying on thicker USB wires to handle the current without overheating, as described in VOOC § Technology.

High DA Profile Creation Sites List 2021 to Build Backlinks

Profile Creation Sites

Profile creation sites have an important role in link building and SEO. They help you to create high DA do-follow backlinks instantly to boost search engine presence and raise your domain authority score.

There are several high PR profile creations sites available and it is easy to get backlinks from them. Create your free account, add required details including site URL, and save. When someone visits your profile, they will see your website address and may click the link to know more about you. It will also help you to get more page traffic.

Google considers links from profile creation sites are natural and pay value to them. So you should create as many profiles on the high DA profile creation sites to improve rankings and market content more effectively. Such websites are also useful to meet enthusiasts who are interested in your niche and build relations with them.

Benefits of Profile Creation Sites

Let us check the key benefits of backlinks from top authority profile creation sites.

  • Profile creation is a legal (White hat SEO) link building method to create authoritative backlinks and get link juice from the sources
  • It will boost your domain authority and page authority
  • Your SERP rankings and traffic will improve
  • It helps you to brand the blog and attract more followers
  • They are free backlinks and most of them are do-follow
  • It helps you to build trust by interacting in relevant forums or threads frequently

Today, I am going to share the top 200+ profile creation sites in this post. They let you create high DA do-follow backlinks in a few minutes to boost your content exposure and traffic.

Follow these steps to create your profile and backlinks on the high PR profile creation sites.

  • Create a new account using your email or social media integrations.
  • Add your name, location, and a brief introduction to let others know about you.
  • On the website field, enter your full blog URL like https://www.example.com.
  • Some profile creation sites allow you to submit post links also. In this case, add links along with a title, description, and tags so other users can find them easily. It is a great option to build individual post links and earn decent traffic on them.
  • To verify ownership, you may need to insert a verification code in theme files. Collect the code and paste in the theme’s header (header.php) in between <header> and </header>. Click the Verify button on profile sites to ensure that added blog belongs to you.

Some social sharing and profile creation sites provide nofollow links to the users. But they have a high domain authority score. So don’t bother about link attributes. Anyway, they will strengthen your link profile irrespective of their type.

High DA Profile Creation Sites List 2021 to Build Backlinks

Sr. No. Website Domain Authority (DA) Page Authority (PA)
1 https://github.com/ 96 90
2 https://myspace.com/ 95 81
3 https://twitter.com/ 94 100
4 https://www.pinterest.com/ 94 96
5 https://www.instructables.com/ 93 75
6 https://www.quora.com/ 93 77
7 https://soundcloud.com/ 93 85
8 https://www.ted.com/ 93 81
9 https://www.academia.edu/ 93 73
10 https://www.goodreads.com/ 93 83
11 https://www.behance.net/ 92 82
12 https://dribbble.com/ 92 83
13 https://www.pexels.com/ 92 77
14 https://comicvine.gamespot.com/ 92 62
15 https://www.mixcloud.com/ 92 76
16 https://www.etsy.com/ 92 86
17 https://www.indiegogo.com/ 92 75
18 https://unsplash.com/ 92 83
19 https://about.me/ 92 72
20 https://hatenablog.com/ 92 89
21 https://www.flickr.com/ 91 95
22 https://www.reddit.com/ 91 90
23 https://giphy.com/ 91 76
24 https://codepen.io/ 91 72
25 https://getpocket.com/ 91 76
26 https://www.wattpad.com/ 91 72
27 https://www.discogs.com/ 91 70
28 https://www.crunchyroll.com/ 91 69
29 https://magento.stackexchange.com/ 91 62
30 https://flipboard.com/ 90 71
31 https://www.zippyshare.com/ 90 68
32 https://ask.fm/ 90 71
33 https://www.diigo.com/ 89 75
34 https://seekingalpha.com/ 89 69
35 https://angel.co/ 88 69
36 https://www.plurk.com/ 88 70
37 https://www.minds.com/ 87 66
38 https://www.atlasobscura.com/ 87 68
39 https://sketchfab.com/ 87 69
40 https://www.deviantart.com/ 87 79
41 https://www.pearltrees.com/ 87 71
42 https://coub.com/ 86 64
43 https://www.tumblr.com/ 85 100
44 https://www.redbubble.com/ 85 71
45 https://www.instapaper.com/ 85 71
46 http://www.authorstream.com/ 85 69
47 https://qiita.com/ 85 63
48 https://500px.com/ 84 77
49 https://speakerdeck.com/ 84 63
50 https://visual.ly/ 84 70
51 https://www.dreamwidth.org/ 83 64
52 https://www.colourlovers.com/ 83 71
53 https://pbase.com/ 83 64
54 https://www.docdroid.net/ 83 63
55 https://www.nextpit.com/ 82 38
56 https://www.bitchute.com/ 82 63
57 https://codex.core77.com/ 81 46
58 https://www.magcloud.com/ 81 63
59 https://www.tutorialspoint.com/videotutorials/ 81 40
60 https://www.quia.com/ 80 63
61 https://paper.li/ 79 66
62 https://vision-campus.decathlon.fr/ 79 40
63 https://www.hometalk.com/ 78 63
64 https://mix.com/ 78 61
65 https://wallhaven.cc/ 78 56
66 https://gab.com/ 77 61
67 https://community.st.com/ 77 48
68 https://cults3d.com/ 77 57
69 https://dev.to/ 77 61
70 https://wanelo.co/ 76 57
71 https://8tracks.com/ 76 72
72 https://ello.co/ 75 65
73 https://amara.org/ 75 57
74 https://www.librarything.com/ 75 70
75 https://www.adsoftheworld.com/ 75 62
76 https://figshare.com/ 75 60
77 https://www.fimfiction.net/ 72 55
78 https://www.bonanza.com/ 71 63
79 https://speechdebate.binghamton.edu/ 71 48
80 https://ifworlddesignguide.com/ 71 57
81 https://theantimedia.com/ 70 47
82 https://iq.worldcrunch.com/ 70 41
83 https://www.dead.net/ 69 63
84 https://www.symbaloo.com/ 69 64
85 https://recordsetter.com/ 69 53
86 https://feedback.bistudio.com/ 69 46
87 https://litmus.com/ 68 60
88 https://www.edocr.com/ 67 61
89 https://www.myminifactory.com/ 67 59
90 https://participation.bordeaux-metropole.fr/ 66 39
91 https://consultation-numerique.afd.fr/ 65 41
92 https://www.evensi.com/ 65 51
93 https://courses.aynrand.org/ 65 42
94 http://virtualplant.bio.puc.cl/ 64 41
95 https://publiclab.org/ 64 57
96 https://www.fundable.com/ 64 57
97 https://runnerspace.com/ 63 50
98 https://pregame.com/ 63 52
99 https://itmig.curie.fr/ 63 30
100 https://mewe.com/ 62 59
101 https://www.folkd.com/ 62 68
102 https://www.slideserve.com/ 62 62
103 https://fairygodboss.com/ 62 53
104 https://blip.fm/ 61 61
105 https://logopond.com/ 61 62
106 https://pubpub.ito.com/ 61 38
107 http://cs.trains.com/ 61 48
108 https://members.cnu.org/ 61 37
109 https://partecipazione.regione.puglia.it/ 61 42
110 https://buddiesbuzz.com/ 60 51
111 https://participer.loire-atlantique.fr/ 60 38
112 https://jobs.citylimits.org/ 60 41
113 https://kuula.co/ 60 52
114 https://yourlisten.com/ 59 56
115 https://www.buhl.de/ 58 52
116 http://www.webestools.com/ 58 62
117 https://www.openrec.tv/ 58 50
118 https://devnet.kentico.com/ 57 53
119 http://ttlink.com/ 57 59
120 http://www.divephotoguide.com/ 57 58
121 https://www.jovoto.com/ 56 54
122 https://triberr.com/ 56 59
123 https://www.misterpoll.com/ 56 54
124 https://clarity.fm/ 56 56
125 https://decidim.santcugat.cat/ 56 39
126 https://contribuez.conventioncitoyennepourleclimat.fr/ 56 39
127 https://decidim.sabadell.cat/ 56 40
128 https://gitx.lighthouseapp.com/ 56 42
129 http://www.good-tutorials.com/ 55 61
130 https://www.showme.com/ 55 56
131 https://photopeach.com/ 55 61
132 https://makeprojects.com/ 55 49
133 https://www.kadenze.com/ 55 48
134 https://tryggareplatser.helsingborg.se/ 55 29
135 https://www.provenexpert.com/ 55 58
136 https://refind.com/ 54 53
137 http://xclams.xwiki.org/ 54 41
138 http://uid.me/ 54 54
139 https://porelclima.es/ 54 43
140 https://deepai.org/ 54 47
141 https://bookme.name/ 54 50
142 https://guides.co/ 53 55
143 https://pixelation.org/ 53 50
144 https://exercism.io/ 53 56
145 https://influence.co/ 53 53
146 http://www.kweeper.com/ 52 54
147 https://artmight.com/ 52 53
148 https://froont.com/ 52 53
149 https://jazz.net/ 52 51
150 https://webinars.futureworkplace.com/ 52 34
151 https://veer.tv/ 52 47
152 https://www.methodspace.com/ 52 54
153 https://www.silverstripe.org/ 52 57
154 https://www.pagelines.com/ 51 62
155 https://www.beqbe.com/ 51 48
156 http://ruspioner.ru/ 51 48
157 https://30seconds.com/ 51 48
158 https://rabbitroom.com/ 51 51
159 https://bibliocrunch.com/ 51 53
160 https://www.curioos.com/ 51 59
161 https://www.designnominees.com/ 50 48
162 https://roomstyler.com/ 50 49
163 https://www.craftfoxes.com/ 50 50
164 https://cqc.citizenlab.co/ 50 31
165 https://netboard.me/ 49 48
166 https://www.hackathon.io/ 49 45
167 https://www.webtoolhub.com/ 49 54
168 https://www.chirbit.com/ 49 53
169 https://www.findit.com/ 49 50
170 https://www.livraddict.com/ 49 55
171 https://www.onfeetnation.com/ 49 53
172 https://www.hashatit.com/ 48 52
173 https://storium.com/ 48 49
174 https://community.binance.org/ 48 44
175 https://www.filmaka.com/ 48 43
176 https://worldbeyblade.org/ 48 49
177 https://land8.com/ 48 47
178 https://smartnet.niua.org/ 48 43
179 https://www.crokes.com 47 48
180 https://www.woddal.com/ 46 47
181 https://deploygate.com/ 46 43
182 https://www.dsprelated.com/ 46 50
183 https://subrion.org/members/ 46 31
184 https://www.diggerslist.com/ 45 53
185 https://meta.decidim.org/ 45 39
186 https://sessionize.com/ 45 45
187 https://lottiefiles.com/ 45 49
188 https://lab.louiz.org/ 44 39
189 https://participa.gavaciutat.cat/ 44 37
190 https://www.utellstory.com/ 44 48
191 https://www.bibrave.com/ 44 45
192 https://flote.app/ 43 44
193 https://mfox4.younetco.com/ 43 39
194 http://www.musicrush.com/ 43 46
195 https://www.wibki.com/ 43 45
196 https://www.ebluejay.com/ 43 42
197 https://forrager.com/ 43 34
198 https://quire.io/ 43 47
199 https://www.bitrated.com/ 43 49
200 https://eforensicsmag.com/ 43 43
201 https://codeberg.org/ 43 47
202 https://uniquethis.com/ 42 48
203 https://www.centralfloridalifestyle.com/ 42 41
204 https://www.karolinafund.com/ 42 41
205 https://commiss.io/ 41 40
206 https://people.nhs.uk/ 41 40
207 http://www.truxgo.net/ 40 39
208 https://www.unitymix.com/ 40 50
209 https://www.avianwaves.com/ 40 45
210 https://www.debwan.com/ 40 41
211 https://www.sideprojectors.com/ 40 43
212 https://radiovybe.com/ 40 43
213 https://posteezy.com/ 39 48
214 https://cliqafriq.com/ 39 42
215 http://krachelart.com/ 38 47
216 https://www.oaklandperio.com/ 38 38
217 https://bimber.bringthepixel.com/ 38 50
218 https://www.islumped.com/ 37 39
219 https://bresdel.com/ 37 42
220 https://traiborg.com/ 36 43
221 https://www.rootdown.us/ 36 37
222 https://skillenza.com/ 36 37
223 https://www.joomlaeventmanager.net/ 36 56
224 https://tgstation13.org/ 35 44
225 https://art.base.co/ 35 35
226 https://hotmedia.site/ 35 43
227 https://www.ilch.de/ 35 52
228 https://savee.it/ 33 37
229 https://app.socie.com.br/ 33 30
230 https://www.chaino.com/ 32 37
231 https://awabest.com/ 32 47
232 https://www.funddreamer.com/ 32 31
233 https://social.consumium.org/ 31 32
234 https://mymeetbook.com/ 31 38
235 http://rpmrush24.com/ 28 36
236 https://www.cellarhq.com/ 25 35
237 http://motoshop.com.cn/ 24 44
238 http://bbs.guitarw.com/ 23 30
239 https://www.link-your-site.com/ 20 46

Timekettle M2 Review another useless product

Timekettle M2

Timekettle M2 Translator problems & bugs.

Timekettle M2 is not working as advertised. The products have many bugs.

Source https://deals1.p

Timekettle M2 Review

Bluetooth pairing problem. Detect Only one earbud.

Timekettle M2 translator doesn’t detect auto language. You need to select yourself as there is no auto-detect mode.
Different accent problems when you don’t how another language how you will know accents and set them in the product.

Youtube Video

They don’t have many other languages offline Translation packs.
Offline packs don’t work properly.
Offline packs process very slowly. Old model mobile phone owners will face more delays.

Source https://deals1.promo

M2 Earbuds need a slow throw of words if you speak fast it will not work. Product catch just a few words and many words missing in translation. Output Translation comes with a delay or funny translation comes you.

M2 Earbuds need a quiet environment it means you can’t use them outside or while traveling. If you need help outside you need to find a quiet place and invite people for help. It is not possible to help you nobody will going to follow you.
If you speak loud it will not work too.

M2 Earbuds are not fit properly in-ears easy to fall down, So you can use them outside too and can’t walk freely.

Earbuds get hot sometimes, maybe due to a bad battery or Bluetooth signal problem. Need to think it’s safe to wear them?

Important Point Timekettle support is terrible.
It’s really very hard to get support from them.
They never reply to your emails.
If you give feedback about the product they will block you.

Think before buying the Timekettle products.
Please check product feedback on IndiegogoAmazon, and Facebook.

All points are different from their product promotions & presentations. It seems like they hire very strong marketing people for fake influence. Fake reviews.

Deeper Connect Mini [Review] Team of liars & Fake excuses-maker

Deeper Connect

Deeper Connect Mini manufacturer Deeper Network is a Team of liars & Fake excuses-maker. Hi, I Placed an order for Deeper Connect Mini by Deeper Network on August 7, 2020, through the IndieGoGo website. At that time, Deppers Network companies promised delivery date was September 2020. After September 2020 Deppers Connect team start making  Different kinds of various neverending excuses.

The Deeper network’s team members are experts in making new excuses even without using their little brains. They copy-paste the same excuses to everyone without checking orders. They have an excuse for every day, every holiday, Parts sourcing, factory problem, warehouse problem, and shipping problem. Even for local orders, they give excuses for a pandemic, US-China Relations, International delivery Problems, and so on. Till now, Today, March 09, 2021, Still no news about delivery.

As per Deepers Networks updates, they are producing thousands of units every month. I have no idea what is 1000 units as per Deeper’s network. As many people whose contribution id 200, 300, 400 and still not got the delivery. To understand this, we need to Join Deeper’s  Network teams  School to understand these calculations.

Everyone is waiting for the unit for the last six months; in the future, everyone needs to wait for after-sale service. The picture is obviously clear from the Deeper’s Network working way and never-ending fake excuses from the Deeper Network excuses encyclopedia. Deeper Network is a team of bare unprofessional workers. We all need to suffer.

We need to think about Some Points.

Do you still need This Product?
Want to go for a refund?
Like Paypal, Payments can be refunded within 180 days. I have no idea about the IndieGoGo refund time limit. Seven Months Passed Still no Deliver. One more fraud Seller on IndieGoGo. Don’t waste your money by watching Fancy Advertisements for IndieGoGo Products. promotions.
IndieGoGo is not safe for buyers, as they never help buyers and never take against fraud sellers

Monitor Teens online Actives Parental Control App For Android Phone

Parental Control App

Monitor Teens online Actives

Parental Control App to Monitor Teens Online Activities. At any point observe parent that is completely happy with their youngsters in this fast tech brimming with shocks life. All things considered, I haven’t yet. Regardless of whether you say you are the one then you may be a capricious parent and the youngster may be concealing something from you. Simply joking people!. There is a distant chance that someplace on the planet there is the presence of glad family. Where guardians have no bad things to say from the young teens. The youngster is completely carrying on with the existence with no conflict or any sort of distress from the parental side.

Just imagine if you are spending most of the day watching Instagram of other famous people. How people are spending their time learning a new skill, etc. Then in case, you are struggling with bad mental health, this kind of stuff can be even triggering for you. Unfortunately, there is nothing much we do to avoid screen time as most of us are ordered to stay at home because of the pandemic. So all we do is follow the basic health protocol and stay home but there is another trick as well. Especially for those of you, who are stuck with their teenagers at home and are worried. how to keep them busy in the most productive way. Now you can know about their screen activities and can even manage the time spent with the smart gadgets.

There are tons of apps available in the market that offer the best parental control features for android. Here are some of them.

Norton Family Parental Control App

Norton Family is one of the powerful apps which offers so many features that can be controlled easily at home by parents. It includes tracking location, internet surfing and scheduling of time, android apps, and text message monitoring.

Net Nanny Parental Control App

Available for PC, Android, iOS, and Kindle, Net Nanny lets parents manage their kids’ screen time, block certain apps and websites and filter online content.

A Family Feed allows parents to instantly see what apps are being used by kids and offers real-time alerts on content involving suicide, weapons, drugs, and porn.


Similar to Net Nanny, Qustodio also limits screen time and can block or limit time spent on different apps. It also allows parents to see who their kids call and text the most and allows parents to block contacts. The app also tracks their location and has a panic button that children can use to call for help.

Qustodio works on Windows, Mac OS C, Android, iOS, and Kindle, however, some premium features are limited to certain platforms.

TheOneSpy Parental Control App:

The TheOneSpy app is another famous multi-purpose app that offers extraordinary parental control app features. Users can remotely access the teenager gadget and keep an eye on the digital and real-life activities with ease.

Very useful app, fastest more than 95% of users on daily basis, 24/7 data monitoring. Features include call log monitoring, internet and social media check, live location, alerts of foul texts or conversations, apps blocking, contacts, pictures, and video monitoring.

Company-owned digital devices can be used by employers to keep an eye on the employees. The employee monitoring app offers monitoring features like mic bugs, call recording, live to listen are one of them. Users can use the mic of the target device to listen to surrounding voices, discuss, and have random chats around the latest employees.

The use of live screen recording features is a real blessing for the employer and parent’s community. The parental control app offers real-time monitoring of the screen activities of the employee’s and kids’ devices. In short, you can make a surprise visit whenever you want to any of the employee’s or children screens to know what are they up to. You can check the progress on the assigned task, any group chat discussion, and more. The feature also saves all the screen activity data in the form of short videos and snapshots.


MamaBear can track kids’ locations and alert parents when they arrive at arriving or leave certain places, such as school or home. The app also lets parents monitor Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter activity and uses a restricted word list so parents know when inappropriate language or signs of bullying are being posted on their profiles.

Parents can also program a safe speed while driving or riding in a vehicle. If the vehicle goes over that limit, parents get an alert.


OurPact lets parents schedule screen time and automatically block off reoccurring time periods, like school hours and bedtime. Parents can also block texts so kids aren’t distracted while doing homework.

OurPact also has a family locator and alerts parents when kids arrive or leave certain locations.

 OgyMogy Parental Control App:

On top of the list is the cloud-based OgyMogy is the best parental control app for android. It offers a friendly user interface thus parents who are not that good with technology or gadgets. They can even use the app very easily. Moreover, more than one way of payment makes it easy for parents to choose a bundle that is easy and flexible for them. The list of features offered by the app is quite trustworthy as you can confidently use the app to keep a strict eye on your kid. All your kid’s data is safe with the OgyMogy app. The video recordings are saved on the web portal and parents remotely access the portal whenever they want. Some of the silent features are as follows.

Access to Live Location:

Use the live GPS feature to track the real-time location of the kid at any given time Location tracking feature is useful in daily routine as well as for out-of-station school trips.

Access To Friends And Circle:

 Use the mic bug feature and listen to friends and circle discussions to know about the company of the kid.

Phone Calls recording:

Users listen to live phone calls & record phone calls with the help of the call recording app feature.

Access to Screen Recording:

Real-time screen monitoring is possible with OgyMogy best parental control app for android. Use this feature to know bout the screen time of the kid and the recording screen.

Access to Social Media:

Know about every social media movement with the social media monitoring feature of the OgyMogy. Parents can view text messages, images, voice messages.

MMGuardian Parental Control App

Has almost all the control features you desire. It provides detailed information on received text messages, blocking numbers, setting screen time.

Every parent has the right to know about their kid’s life.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky has a Windows, Mac, and mobile app that allows parents to block certain websites and content and manage screen time and app usage.

A Facebook report informs parents when kids add new friends or make a post.

The program also has a GPS tracker and lets parents designate a safe area that kids can’t leave without parents getting an alert.

Canon MX490 Printer Wi-Fi Setup

Step by step guide for Canon MX490 Printer

Step by step guide for Canon MX490 Printer Wi-Fi Setup

Canon MX490 printer won’t connect to Wi-Fi concerns are very common, and the best part is, it’s normal. So you have a lot of techniques that can help you cure anxiety. You need to keep checking things as little things like Canon MX490 Printer Driver can create such concerns. Currently, the solution for how to connect the printer to Wi-Fi is given below, go through the actions.

Before Starting Wireless Connection Setup (Source Canon)

  1. Make sure that the printer is turned on.

    If the power is on, the POWER lamp (A) will be lit.

    figure: The POWER lamp lights up

    (Appears in a new window)

  2. Press the Setup button (B) on the printer.

    COPY screen
  3. Use the Left or Right button (C) to select Wireless LAN setup.

    Setup menu screen: Select Wireless LAN setup
  4. Press the OK button.

  5. The printer will automatically search for compatible wireless routers.

    Select the method that matches the screen displayed on your printer.

This is the simplest procedure to solve a Canon MX490 that won’t light up wirelessly. If you are stuck in any kind of action or problem in dealing with a Wi-Fi problem, then try to repeat the actions from the beginning. Currently, in the following section, we will discuss how to link Canon Pixma MX490 printer to laptop; inspect the section below.

Steps to Connect Canon Pixma MX490 Printer to Computer

Are you facing a problem in connecting your Canon printer to a computer system or laptop? Well, this is a common problem for most of the new users. It is not a big deal; You can easily end the connection. All you need to do is follow the steps and instructions to complete the Canon Pixma MX490 Connect to Computer process.

  • Canon MX490 printer drivers are required before we make sure that your printer is powered on as well.
  • Also, make sure that your device is connected to the network to avoid any worries in the process.
  • Currently, press your printer’s setup switch and then use the Navigating panel to locate the Wireless LAN option. When you find it, click OK.
  • Press the Stop button once you see the Cordless LAN option on your screen.
  • Check out the options by scrolling to the right and selecting the cable less setup on your screen.
  • Make sure your device has the required drivers, and then choose the Wi-Fi LAN link approach and also select the option ‘Connect using wireless router technology’.
  • Now the system will start looking for linked printing tools and once this is done the guide will be set up.
  • Turn on the cable less configuration menu, and you’ll definitely notice some fluctuations with your link, but right after that, it’ll be connected.
  • After this, the setup will start and straighten the pages. Now, as soon as it is finished, you can publish the test page.

This is how to connect the Canon Pixma MX490 printer to a computer system. Your printer is currently ready to publish, test, and do all the work. Currently, if you don’t know how to check on Canon MX490 Printer then follow the below section of the blog.

Steps to Scan on Canon MX490 Printer

For most printer-related problems, you can constantly take the help of the Canon MX490 Printer Handbook. However, you are unable to deal with this problem plus you can always get help from us. Here we have detailed some steps with instructions that will help you to download Canon MX490. Can help you check your files

  • The first step is to connect your printer to a stable power source.
  • Now turn on the printer and also place the scanning record on the glass plate of the printer.
  • Make sure you do not touch the functional panel or the LCD check.
  • Connect the file of the same size as well as select the required check setup and also choose the location to save the data.
  • Currently, tap Canon IJ Check Utility 2 option in the application food selection and select the Vehicle option to start scanning.

You can use this simple method to check your records on the Canon MX490 printer. If you find any type of problem at the same time, then try to repeat it and arrange the marks as well. With all this, you can get your link issues resolved, and moreover, if you come across any concerns like paper jamming in Canon printers or others. In this example, use the Canon printer’s standard repair actions.

FAQ on Canon MX490 Printer

How to Connect Canon MX490 Printer to iPhone?

For the Apple iPhone connected to a lot of Apple tools, you need to use their app. With that, you can easily publish your record; Air Print is what you should have.

Where to find the WPS Pin on Canon MX490 Printer?

Go to Configuration and afterward select the WPS option by pressing OK. After that follow on-screen instructions and after that, you can set your WPS PIN.

How to Connect Canon MX490 Printer to Chrome book?

You have to use Google Chrome on any of your gadgets and then go to the web browser’s settings. Go to advanced setup and then add printer and continue.

How to Install Drivers for Canon Pixma MX490 Printer?

To install Canon Pixma MX490 drivers, you should use the official site. Both the driver and the software application are required for the printer operation to run smoothly. You can also use the CD that came in the package with your printer.

How to Print from Phone to Canon MX490 Printer?

To publish from your phone you must have the Canon application for Android customers committed. If you’re an iOS person, you’ll need Air Print to publish using mobile. Canon mx490 ink replacement process also needs to be done on time to prevent any sort of additional issues.

Top 5 beginner friendly summer treks in India


India is very popular among the trekkers as it gives endless opportunities to explore hidden and uncover the most beautiful destinations one can get on their holidays. So, here is the list of the best 3 treks one can go this summer. However, it was not easy to select the best 3 summer treks as every trek is perfect and beautiful in its own way. But these 3 treks are those which you should not miss, and everyone should go for these treks at least once in their lifetime.

Here are the best 3 beginner-friendly summer treks in India –

1. Ali Bedni Bugyal

Did you ever think or imagine an endless expanse of pristine green meadows all around you? Like you are surrounded by some of the tallest Himalayan peaks! Isn’t it fascinating?

Ali bedni bugyal is a summer trek in Uttarakhand, India. The trek begins from a scenic Himalayan village known as Lohajung. Then trekkers make their way onto Didina (a small place). It’s a long day journey that awaits us, as the trekking route is steep and will require every bit of energy, but after completing the journey, you will realize that your efforts would be as rewarded as you would get to camp out amidst the mountains.

As it is a summer trek, that’s why the best time to go for this adventure (Ali-Bedni Bugyal Trek) would be in summers, in months of April-May-June, when the meadows are in full greenery, and this is the time when beautiful wildflowers grow, and you will see flora & fauna everywhere.

2. Har Ki Dun Trek

Har ki Dun trek is another very famous trek of Uttarakhand, and it’s actually a little different from all other treks. If you go deep to know more about this place, you will find that this place is rich with the historical and cultural significance of the place. It is also said by the locals here that it is the land of Duryodhana from Mahabharat, who remains to be the locally worshipped god here till date. The village, places and the whole route capture a very scenic insight of a different world as compared to what you’ve seen in your daily life.

The locals of this place believe that Har ki Dun valley (village) is the same route that Pandavas took in order to reach Heaven, and therefore, it is popularly known as the ‘Valley of Gods’. Also, when you will be trekking here, you will find there a mountain peak known as Swargarohini, and the subsequent valley is known as the ‘Stairway to Heaven’, which may intrigue you if you’re a Led Zepplin fan. Isn’t it fascinating? I find that too!

This trek is suitable for any beginner as it is not very difficult to accomplish and also for those who prove to be exciting for even an experienced trekker. The Har ki Dun trek difficulty is considered from easy to moderate, and it also provides an excellent overall experience as a speaking being a trekker. The best time to visit Har ki Dun valley trek is during summers (April, May, Mid-June) and also after the monsoon season ends.

This valley is famous for its orchids and rhododendrons, which are unique and specially grown in this region. Flora and fauna mixed with the rich culture and immense historical importance secure its position among top contenders in the list of best treks in Uttrakhand. And one another thing about this trek is that you can opt for this trek with ruinsara tal, which makes this trek more amazing and thrilling. Har ki dun ruinsara tal trek would be the best option any trekker can get because ruinsara tal is very famous for its panoramic views, and the vibes of it will definitely release all your tension & stress. You’ll find peace and serenity here as it is not very crowded, and if you are coming from the city and wanted a break from the hustle-bustle life of yours, then you should definitely go for Har ki dun trek with ruinsara tal.

3. Sar Pass Trek

The second trek on our list is the Sar Pass Trek. It is one of the most popular treks in the months of summer (May and June especially), and you can do it while you’re in Himachal, Pradesh. Sar pass trek starting point is near to Parvati Valley, and it’s a beautiful offbeat valley near Kasol, Himachal Pradesh in India. So, if you are planning to visit Himachal Pradesh anytime soon this summer then you might want to go for an adventure trek as well and sar pass trek will be your best option.

This Trek starts from the Grahan village, which is a beautiful village in Himachal Pradesh, and it is surrounded by exotic Rhododendrons trees all around