My Encounter with a Bad Salesperson: A Glimpse into the Communication Challenges in China


In today’s globalized world, businesses often rely on the efforts of salespeople to bridge the gap between companies and their clients. These individuals serve as the face of the company, representing not only the products or services but also its values and professionalism. However, not all salespeople live up to these expectations. This article recounts my encounter with a particularly troublesome salesperson named Cris, working at Ms. Zuhai Senloong Electronics Co., Ltd. My experience sheds light on the communication challenges faced in the business landscape of China, where some salespeople appear to prioritize self-image over customer satisfaction.

Bad Behavior and Substandard Language

During my interaction with Cris, it quickly became evident that professionalism was not high on their list of priorities. Cris exhibited a range of behaviors that were disappointing, to say the least. The use of substandard language was a frequent occurrence. It was apparent that Cris’s vocabulary was not up to the standards one would expect from a professional salesperson.

Talking Badly with Clients

One of the most concerning aspects of my encounter with Cris was the manner in which they spoke to clients. There was a distinct lack of respect and courtesy in their communication. Instead of adopting a cooperative and problem-solving approach, Cris often came across as confrontational and dismissive of client concerns. This not only created a negative impression but also hampered the progress of our discussions.

A Common Problem in China

It is important to note that the issue of salespersons exhibiting poor communication skills and unprofessional behavior is not isolated to a single company or individual in China. It is a problem that has been observed in various industries and regions throughout the country. While there are many exceptional salespeople in China, the prevalence of cases like Cris suggests that there may be a systemic issue that needs to be addressed.

Lack of Emphasis on Communication Skills

One possible reason behind the persistence of this issue in China is the lack of emphasis on communication skills when hiring or training salespeople. Many companies may prioritize other qualifications, such as product knowledge or sales experience, and overlook the significance of effective communication. As a result, individuals like Cris, who may know little English but believe they possess divine sales skills, end up in positions that require excellent communication with international clients.

Overconfidence and Disruption

The overconfidence displayed by some salespeople, who often know only basic English, is another concerning aspect of this issue. In many cases, individuals like Cris believe that their limited language proficiency is sufficient, leading to arrogance and a dismissive attitude toward clients who may struggle with communication due to language barriers. This overconfidence can lead to disruptions in client relationships and hinder business deals.


My encounter with Cris, a salesperson at Ms. Zuhai Senloong Electronics Co., Ltd., provided a glimpse into the challenges of communication in the business landscape of China. While it is important to acknowledge that there are many competent salespeople in the country, it is equally crucial to address the issue of unprofessional behavior and substandard communication skills exhibited by some individuals. Companies must recognize the significance of effective communication and prioritize it when hiring and training their sales teams. Only by doing so can China continue to excel in the global market and maintain strong, professional client relationships.

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