Buffering Freezing on Android TV Box: What Creates The Problem And How To Stop It

Android TV Boxes such as Samsung and Google Android TV Box have been popular alternatives to cable and satellite. This is because they offer more of the content people are looking for, either by streaming it or through apps like Netflix, YouTube, etc. One problem users have found with these devices is that regularly buffer lags, freezes, or both.

Buffering / Freezing on Android

If you’re experiencing buffering or freezing while using your Android TV box, you’re not alone. Many users have reported this issue, and it can be frustrating trying to figure out what’s causing it.

There are a few different things that could be causing the problem, and we’ll go over each of them so you can try to fix it.

First, make sure that your Internet connection is stable and fast enough for streaming.
If you’re on a wireless connection, try moving closer to the router or upgrading to a better router.
The next thing to check is whether your TV box is up-to-date with the latest firmware. Updating the firmware may fix the issue.
Finally, if neither of those solutions works, it’s possible that there’s an issue with the Android TV box itself. In this case, you may need to contact the manufacturer for support.

Android TV Box

If you’re an Android TV user, you may have experienced some buffering or freezing issues when using your device. This can be a real pain, especially if you’re in the middle of watching a movie or show.

There are a few different things that can cause this problem, but thankfully there are also a few ways to fix it. In this article, we’ll go over some of the most common causes of buffering and freezing on Android TV boxes, as well as how to stop them.

One of the most common reasons for buffering and freezing is a poor internet connection. If you’re not getting a strong Wi-Fi signal, or if your internet speeds are slow, this can cause problems with streaming.

Another common cause is an overloaded server. If too many people are trying to stream from the same server, it can cause problems for all users. This is usually more of a problem with popular shows and movies, but it can happen with any type of content.

Once you’ve ruled out those two possibilities, the next step is to check your Android TV box’s settings. There are a few settings that can affect streaming quality, so it’s worth taking a look at them.

The first setting to check is the “bitrate” setting. This controls how much data is used when streaming, and a higher bitrate will use more data and could potentially cause buffering issues. If you’re not sure what bitrate

Buffering on Android TV Box

There are several things that can cause your Android TV box to buffer or freeze. The most common culprit is an overloaded processor. When too many processes are running at the same time, the processor can’t keep up and things start to slow down. This can happen if you’re running a lot of apps at the same time, or if you’re trying to play a resource-intensive game without closing other apps first.

Another possible cause of buffering is low memory. If your TV box doesn’t have enough RAM, it will struggle to run all the processes it needs to, and this can lead to slowdown and buffering.

Finally, a poor internet connection can also be the cause of buffering. If your Wi-Fi signal is weak or you’re trying to stream over a mobile data connection, you may experience issues with buffering.

If your TV box is regularly buffering or freezing, there are a few things you can do to try and fix the problem. First, try restarting your device. This will close all open apps and give the processor a chance to catch up. If that doesn’t help, try clearing your cache. This will help free up some memory and could improve performance.

Finally, if you’re still having problems, it may be time to upgrade your TV box. A newer model with more RAM and a faster processor will be better equipped to handle intense streaming sessions without any issues.

Refresh Rate

When it comes to choosing a TV box, the refresh rate is an important consideration. A higher refresh rate means that the screen will update more frequently, making for a smoother viewing experience. Unfortunately, a high refresh rate can also lead to buffering and freezing on your Android TV box.

There are a few things that can cause this issue, including a poorly configured network or insufficient processing power. In most cases, however, the problem can be fixed by making a few simple changes to your settings.

If you’re experiencing buffering and freezing on your Android TV box, start by checking your internet connection. Make sure that you have a strong signal and that your router is properly configured. If you’re still having trouble, try increasing your bandwidth allowance in the settings menu.

Next, take a look at your TV box’s processing power. If it’s not powerful enough to handle the demands of high-quality video streaming, you may need to upgrade to a more capable model. Finally, if all else fails, try resetting your Android TV box to its factory default settings. This will clear any lingering issues and give you a fresh start.

Change Connections

If your Android TV box is constantly buffering or freezing, it’s likely that you’re experiencing a poor internet connection. There are a few things that can affect your connection and cause this issue:

  1. Your WiFi signal may be weak or unstable. Make sure you’re close to your router and that there are no obstructions between the two.
  2. Your ISP (internet service provider) may be experiencing issues in your area. This could be temporary, so it’s worth checking back later to see if the problem has resolved itself.
  3. You may have too many devices connected to your network at once. Try disconnecting some of them and see if that helps improve your connection speed.
  4. Some types of content (like HD video) require more bandwidth than others. If you’re trying to stream something that’s very high quality, it may be causing your buffering issues. Try lowering the quality of the content you’re trying to watch and see if that helps solve the problem.
  5. There could be an issue with your Android TV box itself. If you’ve tried all of the above and you’re still having issues, it’s possible that there’s a software glitch or something wrong with the hardware inside your box. In this case, you’ll need to get in touch with the manufacturer for help troubleshooting the issue

Clear Local Storage of Android Apps

When you use an Android TV Box, a lot of data is stored locally on the device. This includes things like app data, login information, and cached files. Over time, this local storage can become full and cause problems with the TV Box’s performance.

One way to fix this problem is to clear the local storage of Android apps. This will remove all of the data that is stored on the device, including any cached files. To do this, you will need to go into the Settings menu on your TV Box and find the Apps section. From here, you can select which apps you want to clear the data for. Be sure to only select the apps that you are not currently using, as clearing the data for active apps can cause problems.

Once you have selected the apps that you want to clear the data for, simply click on the “Clear Data” button. This will remove all of the data from those apps and free up space on your TV Box. You may see a slight decrease in performance after doing this, but it should be temporary and your TV Box should start working better overall.

Additional Section:

If you’re experiencing buffering or freezing on your Android TV box, it’s likely due to a number of factors. First, it could be caused by your internet connection speed. If you’re not getting enough bandwidth from your ISP, you’ll see buffering and stuttering when trying to stream video. Second, your device could be a problem. If it’s not powerful enough to handle the video you’re trying to watch, you’ll see buffering and freezing. Third, the video itself could be the issue. If it’s not encoded properly, it can cause problems with playback. Finally, the app you’re using to watch the video could be the issue. If it’s not designed well or doesn’t have enough resources, it can cause buffering and freezing.

There are a few things you can do to try and fix this problem. First, check your internet connection speed and make sure you’re getting enough bandwidth from your ISP. Second, try restarting your device and/or closing other apps that might be running in the background and using up resources. Third, try another video streaming app or website. Fourth, try watching a different video altogether. Fifth, contact customer support for assistance.

TV Shows and Movies on an Android TV Box

There are a number of possible reasons why your Android TV box might be freezing or buffering, but the most common culprit is usually an issue with the broadband connection. If you’re using Wi-Fi, try moving closer to the router or connecting via an Ethernet cable.

If that doesn’t fix the problem, it’s likely that your TV box is overloaded because it’s trying to do too much at once. This can happen if you’re running multiple apps or streaming video from multiple sources. To fix this, try closing some of the apps you’re not using and/or pausing any video streams before restarting the ones you want to watch.

If neither of those solutions works, there could be a problem with the TV box itself. In this case, you may need to factory reset the device or reach out to customer support for help.

A wide variety Video games to make your time fly

There is a wide variety of video games to make the time fly by. This is the list of games that will not let you get bored.

There are many video games that have a legion of followers, that’s why we have selected a list of those with which you will be able to enjoy without limits and you will have hours in the day to continue playing.

The bioshock series

Ken Levine has developed one of the best sagas of the 21st century , which will also go down in history for demonstrating the cultural and narrative potential of games.

In the three titles we are based in two cities from which we cannot leave: in the first one is underwater and in the second, in the sky. The depth of the characters, how easy it is to empathize with the protagonists and an instantly engaging plot make it a great option.

Bioshock 1 and 2 , as well as Bioshock Infinite , are immersive experiences that can make you lose track of time. You will never know when to stop. It’s like that book that hooks you from early on: one more chapter, one more chapter…

Tomb Rider (2013)

Lara Croft has starred in multiple video games, but, without a doubt, the one developed in 2013 by Crystal Dynamics is consecrated as one of the funniest. Trapped on a seemingly deserted island after running aground with a cruise ship she was traveling on with friends, the courageous heroine ventures into an inhospitable place to rescue her friends, armed with a bow and various weapons.

The gameplay is fun because of the wide arsenal and the combat, which is quite fluid and entertaining. The exploration missions and its RPG component make it a good option that was highly valued by the media at the time: its average rating was outstanding.

Life is Strange

If you’re one of those who grabs a drama and doesn’t let go until it’s over, this beautiful graphic adventure will fascinate you. Life is Strange presents the story of a young photography lover who discovers that she can go back in time for a few minutes. Max, the protagonist, is reunited with her friend Chloe , with whom she attends a series of strange events in her town.

The disappearance of several girls, together with the strange events that the two girls experience, will make you constantly keep your attention on the plot, especially when it is you, the player, who must make a series of decisions that will mark the story.

Spec Ops the Line

War video games are one of the public’s favorites. Every year they are among the best sellers and dozens of sagas are created about him. Spec Ops the Line tells the other side of the war . The most heartbreaking. The drama of the soldiers, the hardness of holding a gun and shooting it at a human being… The title is very different from the rest of its genre and an essential work for those looking for a different experience.

Tales of Symphonia

This Japanese RPG was originally designed for the Nintendo Game Cube console, but its success brought it to the computer and PlayStation 3. Its more than 40 hours of duration will pass you by in an instant due to the multiple options of skills, weapons, combinations of equipment , side quests, etc.

And if you’re left wanting more, you’ll always have the option to do more missions to unlock combo attacks or special weapons. Its characteristic anime-style drawing and endearing story will soon conquer your heart.

The Witcher 3

If you’ve seen the Netflix series , it’s time to take charge! The protagonist is the same, the burly, humorous and anti- hero Geralt of Rivia , but the experience is totally different. The open world of the title will challenge us to take long walks, delve into fantastic missions and face horrifying monsters.

The plot, the gameplay , and the endless missions will keep us entertained for a long time, in addition to encouraging us to revisit previous titles to learn as much as possible about the witcher’s stories.


Not only will it put your reflexes and psychomotor skills to the test, but its story of brotherhood and doing everything possible to reunite with your loved ones will make you play with a handkerchief next to you. It’s a bit frustrating in some phases of the game and makes us fall over and over again to get used to the mechanics and obstacles.

All the hours of suffering and the patience you have invested will be worth it when you reach its end… or not.

Football Manager

Are you one of those who doesn’t miss a league match and goes out of their way for football? This game is made for you : once you get used to the difficult mechanics and the challenge of managing and running a club, you will lose track of time.

Scout footballers, study the needs of your team, build a youth academy, distribute the material, human and economic resources of the club… There are so many tasks to do that the 24 hours of the day will be too short for you to fully enjoy it.

Why TikTok Is So Popular

In terms of trends, TikTok stands out from the competition in many ways. Its user-friendly design, machine learning, and localized content have made it one of the most popular apps on the market. However, while it may be a good tool to help users find local products and services, it’s also crucial to remember that this app isn’t a social networking website or a blog. It is, in fact, a platform that is more useful to users.


Currently, GTA San Andreas loading screen videos are the hottest trend on TikTok. This art style has made a lot of noise on social media platforms, including TikTok and Instagram. One of the earliest trends on TikTok was transition video, which is a type of video that changes from one medium to another. There are many ways to do this. Here are some examples of popular transition videos:

The #notthemaincharacter trend is all about the underdog, which is great for accessory brands that want to partner with dominant products. An iPhone case goes with the iPhone. A popsicle maker has a corresponding flavor and color. Whether they’re a popsicle maker or an iPhone, people love the underdog. A TikTok video of the sidekick making a big splash on the platform can help the popsicle maker reach a wider audience.

Duets are an innovative way to engage followers and introduce new content. It gives brands a chance to showcase their products, and the videos feel natural and fun to follow. A growing number of celebrities have joined TikTok, including Will Smith, Justin Bieber, and Katy Perry. If this trend continues, it will become one of the most popular social media platforms. And while there are several benefits to TikTok, it may not be a good idea for everyone.


If you’re new to TikTok, you’ve probably been wondering why it’s so popular. The answer is that TikTok constantly learns from users, so it offers a personalized experience that is more relevant to your interests. As you scroll through your feed, the app will even make guesses about what you’re interested in. Videos that are related to your interests will automatically pop up. In addition, if you’re on TikTok for the first time, it will fill your feed with suggestions before you’ve even friended anyone.

The content on TikTok is incredibly relatable. Even though TikTok is based on video content, it appeals to people of all ages. With thousands of hours of content on the site, users can learn something new while watching their favorite TikTok videos. For example, a video about the weather can be about anything. With so many different genres available, users can learn a lot about different cultures and countries.

Machine learning

Earlier this month, the makers of the popular viral video app TikTok revealed details about its prized algorithm that keeps hundreds of millions of users hooked. These secrets are an important part of the company’s $20-$30 billion valuation. While TikTok’s Chinese parent is planning to sell its U.S. operation due to concerns about its relationship with the Chinese government, company executives said they were revealing the information to dispel rumors.

The principle behind machine learning is similar to that of statistics. Statisticians use models based on mathematically-proven principles to predict the behavior of a specific variable. The models are then validated on new data. Then they are used in other applications, such as online recommendation systems. The idea behind these models is to mimic human behavior. Eventually, they are used to detect fraud. But they have some limitations that make them ineffective for fraud detection.

There are many benefits of using machine learning. It can help predict fraud and identify high-risk clients. Machine learning can also help companies identify profitable investment opportunities and recognize warning signs of fraud. A good example of this is the way in which webcams can be used to monitor a client’s health. By analyzing past data, they can determine whether a certain customer is a high-risk client.

Localized content

The success of TikTok is due to its global reach and strong localization strategy. The app has grown to more than one billion users in just two years, becoming the most downloaded app in the USA in October 2018. Localization extends beyond simple translation to create content that is appropriate for the target country. TikTok content creators should consider local trends, hashtags, challenges, and contests, as well as the language of their viewers.

The app’s success is largely due to the quality of its localization, which is essential for boosting user engagement. Localized content is proofread before uploading and tested monthly. TikTok also works with local linguist experts to create long-term relationships. One such partner is Jubilo, a certified digital marketing agency. This agency understands the unique requirements of TikTok and the challenges of creating localized content for the app.

Platform-specific trends

If you’re looking for social media marketing tips, you can’t go wrong with TikTok. The video-based platform is growing at a rapid rate, with over 1 billion users projected by 2022. Its viral algorithm allows even accounts with zero followers to get millions of views on new videos. Unlike many other social media platforms, it also experiences a higher level of engagement, meaning marketers can achieve great buzz with a successful campaign.

The TikTok What’s Next guide is a valuable resource for marketers looking to engage this growing audience. The guide contains information on marketing on TikTok, as well as tips for working with the platform’s creators. In addition to finding TikTok trends, marketers can also tap into the platform’s humor. By prioritizing humorous posts, brands will be able to reach a much larger audience.

The TikTok Creator Marketplace also has its fair share of benefits. With over 100,000 active creators on the platform, marketers can target their audience with the right content. As an added benefit, brands can partner with these creators, which can further increase their reach and visibility. TikTok also provides benefits to its users, with 35% of users discovering new products and 65% enjoying creator posts about them. This means that brands can take advantage of TikTok’s growing user base and maximize their success in the video platform.

Usage by all ages

While usage by all ages is similar, there are significant differences in the types of technology used by different age groups. The use of younger adults is more diverse than that of older adults, who rely mainly on the internet for communication. Younger adults used the internet for more activities, such as socializing and seeking health information. However, older adults report only occasional usage, such as browsing the internet for news. This finding suggests that older adults may benefit from a better understanding of the types of technology they use.

The study looked at the frequency of using various learning technologies in different age groups. Participants were asked about the frequency of their use of digital recorders, tape recorders, and internet searching. Compared to two years ago, younger adults reported more usage of digital recorders, tape recorders, and internet searching. They also reported using language learning and translation systems and an online library database. Despite these differences, usage rates suggest that neither age group is using these technologies in the same way when it comes to learning.

Suitability for small businesses

While the company is still relatively new, TikTok has quickly gained popularity among internet users. The video-sharing app, founded in 2016, boasts a user base of over 800 million. It is now one of the most popular apps in the world, and small businesses can use it to solidify brand recognition and highlight their product offerings. This social media platform is particularly helpful for businesses that are looking to expand their customer base and connect with a growing audience.

Khabane Lame

It was only a year ago that Khabane Lame, a native of Turin, Italy, was looking for a new job. After days of searching in vain for an open position, he decided to download the TikTok app and start posting videos. Under the name “Khaby Lame,” he gradually built a surprising career. The videos have now received millions of views.

The first video Lame shared was of his mother pouring a glass of milk. In a single month, the video had already accumulated over 200 million views. The next video was of Khaby Lame pretending to be a DJ while mixing chess pieces. The viral video garnered over 6 million likes within days. The videos became so popular that Khaby Lame now has thousands of subscribers.

Khabane Lame began posting on TikTok in March 2020, and his videos usually contain life hacks or other funny situations. He is currently dating Zaira Nucci, who sometimes appears on his social media feeds. He has a total of 88 million followers on TikTok. His net worth is estimated between $1 million and $2 million. His earnings from sponsored posts vary from $13,380 to $22,300.

How to Take the Perfect Profile Picture

In the digital age, profile pictures count. As the first impression you give friends and potential followers, it is vital it’s flattering and representative, but it’s not always easy to get a photo that captures your personality. Whether you’re looking for a picture for a dating profile or for the latest social media app, you want to look at your best.

Below are five tips to ensure your profile pictures stand out from the crowd.

Good Lighting

Lighting can make or break a photo, so take time to make it work for you. Whether you let natural light do the heavy lifting or cheat with the help of a fluorescent ring light, make sure the light faces you front on to avoid overexposure. For a dramatic result, go bright or opt for a more natural glow with softer light. If you wear glasses, check for reflections in the lenses or the dreaded glare.

Dress to Impress

If you want a headshot, what you are wearing will be less important than if you are hoping to capture a full-length shot (headshots are generally a better choice for a profile picture, as it can be difficult to see details of a full-length shot in a thumbnail), but you can still showcase your personality from the neck up. Makeup, hats, and accessories can make a bold statement.

Plain and Simple

Although it can be tempting to have a striking backdrop, a plain colour is a better choice. You should be the centerpiece of your profile picture and a light-colored background is flattering and ensures you are the main attraction. Think of the actor and model headshots you see and you’ll notice how effective the simple background can be.

Looking Great

Decide what you want your photo to say. If you are staring straight into the camera, your image will portray that of a confident, assured individual. Depending on your facial expression, it might be alluring or may be aggressive. Looking beyond the camera or down to the floor can display a thoughtful or coy demeanour. Your expression changes your whole look, so try a variety of poses to find one that best represents you.


Filters are commonplace on social media but consider whether the effects you are adding are benefitting your photos. If your photo will be seen by your boss, family, or potential dates, do you really want it to have kittycat ears and whiskers? Even ‘beauty’ filters designed to widen eyes or smooth skin can look false. Instead of using filters, try changing the brightness, sharpness, or saturation by uploading photoshop to the Lenovo laptop you use for schoolwork. This improves images without contorting features. Your profile picture should look like you, not a cartoon version of you!

Whatever you choose, you should feel comfortable and relaxed – a profile picture should encapsulate your essence. While you don’t have to smile on your profile picture, do consider that a happy resting face is seen as healthier and more attractive.

The Best Way To Celebrate Lunar New Year At Office

New year

Lunar New Year at the office is one of the biggest festivals of the year in our network of colleagues in the Asia Pacific. See our top ideas to welcome pig year to your workplace.

Co-workers, colleagues, and companies of all sizes are gearing up for the biggest and brightest festival of the year – the Lunar New Year. The festival will begin on February 5 and last for a full 15 days, during which towns will (literally) be painted red, houses will be lit with lights and lanterns, and amazing demonstrations will hit the streets as we bring in the year. 

China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and many regions of Australia and New Zealand are expecting a year of prosperity in 2019. In Chinese culture, the pig is a symbol of wealth, fortune, and overall good fortune, while people born in this zodiac sign are considered hardworking, true, and generous.

Some Ways to Enjoy Lunar New Year At Office

 Clean your workspace

Spring Clean doesn’t look that exciting but does it before the beginning of the Lunar New Year and you will get rid of bad luck and negative energy for the last 12 months. In the office, vacuum the floor, wipe your desk and clean any dirt from the tabletop. You can buy stationery and desk organizers to keep everything clean. And don’t forget to clean up your “virtual office” too – this is the right time to organize files and documents on your computer.

Make sure to get all the cleaning done before February 5 – then clean, sweep or sweep any cleaning and you will wash away the good luck coming in the new year. In some areas, people also avoid washing their hair during holidays as it is believed they will wash good luck.

Decorate with lanterns, flowers, and lights

Once you have cleaned up, decorate your office with red lanterns, flowers, cut-outs, and gold decorations to celebrate the arrival of the Spring Festival. Hang red lanterns from the ceiling and add some blooming flowers to the office space – traditional options are orchids, plums, and peach flowers and peons. You can cut zodiac signs, animals, and plants with red paper or write New Year couplets (best wishes and statements in Chinese calligraphy) and paste them on your windows as good omens.

Exchange money in red packages

The exchange of money in red envelopes is one of the most popular and traditional ways to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Red is a dark symbolic color in Chinese culture and it is believed that gesture provides good luck and happiness to the recipient. In the workplace, a red envelope on Chinese New Year is often used in place of Christmas or year-end bonuses that you can find in the Western office. They are traditionally given from employer to employee.

In China, a red envelope can keep up to a month’s salary in bonuses, but also in very small amounts is fine – this gesture that brings good luck, not the amount of money. And if you get a package, take it with two hands and wait later to open it because it is inappropriate to open it immediately.

Hire a lion dance performance

Go out and celebrate Lunar New Year at the office in style with a lion dance performance. Leo is a symbol of strength, knowledge, and superiority, so performing on festivals and special occasions is believed to bring good luck and chase evil spirits.

There are different costumes and styles of lion dance based on the country and region you are in. They usually involve one or two people in traditional dancing costumes based on martial arts movements. Drums, cymbals, and clocks make music – although, in modern times, music speakers are accepted as more practical solutions. Don’t forget to present red packets of money to the lion to bring more good luck.


Each person should be able to get himself to work, and that includes that cultural background as well. The Lunar New Year at the office is an extremely important opportunity for millions of people around the world. And chances are you have an employee who celebrates it. Take the time to learn more about your co-workers and their cultural background. It is a great way to build a sense of inclusion.

Who is Norman Julius “Boomer” Esiason?

norman julius esiason

Norman Julius “Boomer” Esiason

Norman Julius “Boomer” Esiason is a sports analyst and former American football quarterback who played in the National Football League for 14 seasons, primarily with the Cincinnati Bengals. He was selected by the Bengals in the second round of the 1984 NFL Draft, where he spent 10 non-consecutive seasons.

In 1988, he led the Bengals to Super Bowl XXIII, where they lost to the San Francisco 49ers. He was named MVP of the game after passing for four touchdowns and rushing for another. In his post-NFL career, Esiason has appeared on multiple broadcasts for CBS Radio and Westwood One and is currently a commentator for NFL Network. He also co-hosts a weekday afternoon sports radio show with Mike Francesa in New York City on WFAN-AM (660) and WFAN-FM (101.9).

Early Life

Boomer Esiason was born in Brooklyn, New York, and grew up in East Islip on Long Island. His mother, Carol (née Marchese), is a breast cancer survivor. He has a brother, David. Esiason was raised in a devout Roman Catholic family. Esiason attended East Islip High School, where he was a letterman in football, basketball, and baseball. In football, he was an All-League honoree as both a quarterback and defensive back.

College career

Esiason attended the University of Maryland, College Park, and played for the Maryland Terrapins football team from 1981 to 1984 as a quarterback under head coach Bobby Ross. He finished his college career with 710 completions for 9,695 yards (both school records) and 73 touchdowns (tied school record). His 73 touchdowns rank second in school history behind Keith Van Horne’s 75. He was named to the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) All-Academic team in 1982 and 1983, and the All-ACC team in 1983. In his senior year, he was voted the team’s most valuable player, and in December 1984 was named by The Sporting News as one of college football’s 100 “Superstars.”

Professional career

Esiason was selected by the Cincinnati Bengals with the 288th pick in the 1985 NFL Draft but never played for them. Instead, he signed with the New Jersey Generals of the United States Football League (USFL). Esiason had a strong arm but lacked mobility and his accuracy was erratic. He threw a touchdown pass to Henry Ellard with 36 seconds left to play in the 1984 Sun Bowl, but his last-second Hail Mary pass to Charles Alexander fell incomplete with one second remaining in the 1983 Sugar Bowl. Norman Julius Boomer Esiason Net worth is estimated to be over $20 million.

How many Super Bowls did Norman Julius Boomer Esiason win?

Esiason was the USFL’s leading passer in 1985 and 1986. In 1985, he threw for 4,282 yards and 41 touchdowns (the latter still a league record). In the 1985 playoffs, he threw for 590 yards and nine touchdowns in a two-game total-points series against the Orlando Renegades. He was named the USFL’s Most Valuable Player both years. The Generals won the league championship both years.

Esiason signed with the Bengals prior to the 1986 season but remained in New Jersey until after that year’s USFL season ended. He led Cincinnati to Super Bowl XXIII following the 1988 NFL season, where they were beaten by John Elway and his Denver Broncos, who were led by NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP quarterback, John Elway. Esiason was selected to play in the Pro Bowl after that season.

How many Super Bowls did Boomer Esiason win with the Bengals?

Esiason played for Cincinnati for eight seasons, from 1986 to 1993. He was a second-team All-Pro selection three times (1988, 1990, and 1992), and a first-team All-Pro selection in 1991. He was named to five consecutive Pro Bowls (1990–1994) during his time with the Bengals. In 1993, he threw for over 3,700 yards and led the league with 27 touchdown passes. In 1994, he set a career-high by passing for 4,339 yards, but the Bengals lost in the Wild Card round of the playoffs.

Esiason was traded to the New York Jets in 1994. He led the team to back-to-back appearances in the AFC Championship Game in his first two years with New York. In 1997, he threw for 3,466 yards and 23 touchdowns and earned a Pro Bowl selection and a first-team All-Pro selection. He also set career highs with 355 completions and 521 attempts that season.

Zodiac signs that Make the Best Friends, As per Astrology

Zodiac signs

Friends are precious. They are the only family that you may choose. But it is not easy to find friends who are true and loyal. Especially in this materialistic world, when people betray and speak at your back, finding true friends is really rare. Many of us struggle to meet people and develop healthy and good connections. Possibly, the shy nature, cynical mindset, and various other reasons make it hard for you to believe in people. Are you among those? Do you want to know which person you can rely upon and make as your best friend?

Fortunately, astrology can help you find good friends. In this post, we have gathered the list of astrology signs that can be your best friends for life. So, talk to online astrologers or else read further to know who is the most reliable and true friend among all the zodiac signs.

7 Zodiac Signs Who Makes The Best Friends As per Astrology

Astrology has secrets of having a healthy and blissful life. Explore this quick astrology guide and find what are those zodiac signs that are considered best and true as per zodiac signs.

1. Aries

People born under this sign are extremely energetic, vivacious, and amiable. They are loyal to their friends and can do anything to protect them. Ruled by the fire element, these natives can go beyond any limit to show their love to their partners. They are incredibly passionate and have great skills to cheer anybody up. As per zodiac sign compatibility, Aries zodiac natives are very optimistic and kind. They are always ready to help and can allow you to see good things even in the darkest of times.

  • Zodiac Signs that makes best friends with Aries: Gemini and Sagittarius

2. Gemini

Bestowed with the gift of gab, Geminis can attract anyone with their great oratory skills. They can talk on any topic and have great ability to discuss anything under the sun. With the charming quality and extremely easy going nature, Gemini natives can easily make friends. They never allow themselves to get bored and encourage their friends to live up to each moment. Also, Geminis have a good sense of humor and have a talent of making everyone laugh and enjoy. They tend to share happy moments with their loved ones and have a great understanding to relieve them during their problems.

  • Zodiac Signs that makes best friends with Gemini: Aries and Leo

3. Leo

Fun, warm and enthusiastic, this is how a Leo is described. They are full of energy and know how to live each moment of their lives. When it comes to friendship, Leo people believe in making a strong and long lasting bond. They protect their friends and can do anything to make them happy and comfortable. Moreover, Leo natives are very friendly by nature and make friends easily. They make them laugh and also encourage them to achieve higher goals. Also, they guide them to lead a better life and help them to work hard and play harder.

  • Zodiac Signs that makes best friends with Leo: Gemini and Libra

4. Virgo

Virgos are perfectionists and so that is their friendship. They make great friends and have a great relationship with everyone. Even if they are shy by nature, their intelligence, modesty, and sensitivity makes them perfect zodiac signs to be friends with. Also, the Virgos are most loyal among all the zodiac signs. They stay with their friends in every high and low without thinking about the possible consequences. Also, the Virgo natives are good secret keepers. They do not back bite but support their friends to accomplish all their goals.

  • Zodiac Signs that makes best friends with Virgo: Taurus and Capricorn

5. Capricorn

Capricorns are intelligent, humorous and loyal. They make friends easily and have a very generous nature. As friends, Capricorn natives try to help their friends in every need. They do not betray them and always have their back. For Capricorn natives, their friends are like family. They can take any risks to defend their friends in every situation. As per zodiac personality, Capricorn natives have the ability to make their friends happy in the hard times. If their friends seem sad, Capricorn natives plan a full day of fun activities to make them feel relieved and happy.

  • Zodiac Signs that make best friends with Capricorn: Virgo and Scorpio

6. Scorpio

Scorpios are not just powerful but are also very lovable and loyal. They are extremely emotionally sensitive and have a heart of gold. As per zodiac sign astrology, Scorpios never betray anyone. They stick to their loved ones and make a strong and everlasting relationship. If they feel that their friends are in trouble or betrayed by someone, they can go any limit to take revenge. Even if they get betrayed, they hold grudges and stay resentful to the people who have hurt them. Moreover, when it comes to true friendship, Scorpios are the best. They call you out when their friends are wrong and support them when they are true and righteous.

  • Zodiac Signs that makes best friends with Scorpio: Aries and Pisces

7. Aquarius

Aquarius are the humanitarians of the zodiac. They are intellectual, smart, and open minded. They love freedom and support others to achieve their goals. As a friend, an Aquarius is unique and very trustworthy. They encourage their friends and help them with their problems. Also, the Aquarius natives are very optimistic and kind. They keep their friends happy and make them see good and bright things. Moreover, Aquarius offers motivation and fresh energy to people. They inspire them to be good people and bring out their best qualities.

  • Zodiac Signs that makes best friends with Aquarius: Libra and Gemini

So, this was all about the zodiac signs who make the best and true friends in the world. If you are also looking for a true friendship, then this list may probably help.

How to Watch Free Live TV on Android mobile?

Free Live TV

Free live tv streaming, We all need entertainment, and television has long been one of the best choices. However, it might have happened to all of us that we are not at home, and our favorite program is on the air. We do not like missing our favorite programs, and the good news is that there is no need to miss any program because there are many apps that allow you to watch your favorite shows anywhere free of cost. In today’s article, we will introduce some of the best free live TV apps for Android Phones and Android TV Boxes

Free Live TV Streaming Apps and websites

Pluto TV

Pluto TV provides more than 100 TV channels across several categories. News, sports, movies, viral videos, and cartoons are all well-represented. It even offers some channels dedicated to single shows.

Sony Liv

Sony Liv is an Indian TV Channel, which provides Live Free TV streaming. The video-on-demand service is owned by none other than Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt. Ltd. based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The Channel allows, users, to watch movies and TV Shows with advertisements while more demanding content requires Liv Subscription.

Apart from Entertainment content, Sony Liv offers premium sports programs such as La Liga, NBA, Football WC, Serie A, EPL, and other live sports for free but with a 5 minutes delay which could be cut-off if you buy a premium pack. The Web has rights to all the Movies Distributed by Sony and provides Live TV streaming of Channels like Animax, Sony Movies, etc.

Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt has several other channels such as Sony TV, Sony SAB, Sony Mix, Sony Max, Sony Max 2, Sony Six, Sony Pix, AXN, and Sony Yay (formerly Animax Asia). It also offers original Web series.

Live NetTV is one of the most popular Live TV APK for Sports, Movies, and TV Show Streaming on Android OS. The Live Net TV App hosts channels from many countries including the UK, US, Middle Eastern Countries, India, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, and many more countries.

Live NetTV Live TV App is a general-purpose Television streaming App that hosts 800+ Live TV in 9 categories which are: Sports, Entertainment, News, Movies, documentaries, Cooking, Music, Kids, and Religious. The service is absolutely FREE. It is so simple to use that you will instantly love it.

Unlimited Features, Unlimited Fun

Tons of Channels
Ready to watch 800+ live TV channels on the go…Anywhere…Anytime!

Updated Daily
New channels and links are added and updated daily.


JioTV is the best live TV app for Android TV in India. It provides access to more than 600 TV channels from India and the wider region, as well as 100 channels in HD.
you can watch all your favorite channels on your mobile phone. It opens the path for more than 600 channels all over the world. You can also watch programs in many languages such as English, French, Russian, and Portuguese. This app saves the episodes of the last programs for one week, so you can also watch the episodes you have missed.

Hulu TV

Hulu is among the top-rated streaming apps, and it gives you access to the most recent and popular movies and TV shows all around the world. It includes more than 300 channels, and you can watch any program, including cartoons, documentaries, and sci-fi movies. Hulu comes with no ads or pop-up windows so that you can enjoy it without any obstacles.

The free version of the app can fit your needs; however, you can subscribe to it to access more channels and features

Bloomberg TV

If you’re interested in the world of finance and global markets, you’ll already know about Bloomberg. Along with CNBC and FOX Business News, it’s one of the go-to business-focused channels in the United States and beyond.


TVCatchup was an Internet television service for viewing free-to-air UK channels. It operated as a cable service and retransmitted BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, and ITV, amongst others, only in the UK. Users were able to access the service via desktop browsers as well as smartphone and tablet apps.


The NBC app offers a mix of live TV and on-demand videos. In order to access the live TV feature, you need to have a TV service provider that includes NBC in your package


Plex is a well-known home theater app. It lets you stream content around your home, manage your media libraries, and watch content remotely.

If you live in the United States, that means you’ll be able to enjoy all the major US networks, including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and The CW. Plex Live TV also includes a DVR; you can pre-program recordings in advance and all the content you record will be integrated with your existing Plex libraries.


TV Player provides Free Live TV streaming. The company is based in the United Kingdom. It offers the live broadcast of more than 80 channels for free of cost. You can get access to 60+ free channels which you can watch without paying a single buck.

They also have a premium version of their website or live TV streaming app which can be accessed by paying some amount. Presently the service serves the UK market only but the team is working on expanding the network to the US, Canada, and other European counties. You can enjoy live tv with catch-up and live recording features making it a well-crafted TV service.

BBC iPlayer

Another perennial favorite of cord-cutters, the BBC iPlayer app provides live access to all of the BBC’s TV channels, as well as a vast catalog of on-demand shows, classic BBC shows, and straight-to-TV movies


Instead of using proprietary services to get live TV for free, you could use an M3U playlist. The playlists are comprised of links to free-to-air channels (Free Live TV) from around the world, and you can watch them all in a single app.


10 Best Animation Movies in 2021

Animation movies are the best. Everyone loves the stories and the characters. But what makes the best animation movies? I’m sure the answer is different for everyone, but we can probably agree on one thing: the stories have to be well-written and the characters relatable.

Other than those two things, the list below is a perfect example of the types of things that make it onto my personal “best animation movies” list:

Ice Age

The hilarious trials and tribulations of Manny the woolly mammoth, Sid the sloth, Diego the saber tooth tiger, and Scrat (of course), made this movie such an instant classic when it was released in 2002. It surprised me how much I enjoyed this movie the first time I saw it.


This film is the most distinct storyline of all the films on this list. The story revolves around the main character Kano Aiko who transforms into an artificial body after having been born with a mysterious disease.

The story unfolds two years after when she meets other children just like her and learns they’re all part of an extremely secret project that could spell doom for the entire world. I recommend this Sad anime movie available on Netflix to all fans of sad films.

Toy Story

If the very thought of the original makes you smile and put a little pep in your step, then this movie needs to be at the top of the list. The very idea that toys can come to life when we aren’t looking is fascinating and downright adorable. Who knew the movies could take such a cute concept and make it work so well?


Speaking of things taking concepts (that seem impossible) and making them work…I present to you Shrek! While no one would have ever seen the lovable green ogre as the love interest prior to this franchise, let’s just say that he pretty much changed the game for everyone. If the adorable ogre can find the right person for him, then the character in the movie has great insight into relationships. Shrek is the perfect example of making the best animation movies when the story itself is well-written and the characters are relatable.


This sci-fi flick made it onto my list because the idea that the future will be populated by trashy looking robots who know more about their home than you, intrigues me. I’d love to see what happens in this version of earth once humans abandon it for space! Will there be another species living on the planet? What kinds of alliances will form? And why does EVE look like a clothes rack to life? I love the mystery the story leaves for the audience.

Space Chimps

Who doesn’t like the idea of intelligent chimps and their super human abilities? The simple fact that the movie is based off a true story makes it all the more compelling. And the animation style used in this one works perfectly; we shouldn’t expect anything less from the folks at Renegade Animation, who provide flash-style movement for characters and detailed backgrounds which include moving elements such as smoke or water.


If you don’t love Penguins, you might want to skip this entry on the list of best animation movies because these four friends/penguin sidekicks steal the show! Although the premise isn’t the most unique, the Madagascar franchise always leaves me curious as to what the next installment will be about.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

This animated musical is a cult classic that’s been quoted by people around the world for years. Even if you haven’t seen the movie yourself, you may have heard your children humming the songs from the soundtrack or asking about the spooky Halloween time holiday it focuses on. Although the animation style used in this one isn’t my favorite, I still find myself singing along every time I turn it on – which probably says something about why this made the best animation movies list!


Again with the wonderfully written stories and relatable characters…I present to you the story of the grumpy old man who just wants to be free. It’s heartbreaking that the character then becomes the victim of the very thing he was trying to do – but the movie’s happy ending makes it all worth it!

The Croods

Another movie about family, friendship, and the ties that bind us together…it won’t surprise anyone that I absolutely love this one too. What could have turned into another ‘clichéd animation movie about a prehistoric family’ instead became a phenomenal success due in large part to the brilliant writing and characters we see on the screen every time we turn it on.

What Should You Consider While Choosing Video Production Company?

video production

In the old times, television was the only medium where videos could be played. However, now there are too many social media sites as well as video streaming forums that the video content has become more popular than ever. This has also put pressure on brands, business organizations, and other video production-related firms to develop video content to promote their product and services.

Not everyone has the skill and professional insight to develop videos that make the public turn their heads. The content or message shared in the video is not enough. Production is the most important part that actually grabs the attention of the audience and makes them see what the video is all about. Video productions require professional skills; therefore, many organizations outsource the service.


Top 7 Points to Consider While Selecting Video Production Company

Video production has gained significant popularity in the past few years. Therefore, the entities that want to share videos about their products, services, or general information consult the video’s production’s service provider. However, there is too much competition in society, and you might not be able to find reliable professionals until you know a thing or two about it.

Here are some of the major points you must consider while selecting a video production company.

1.      Video Production Quality

The very first point you should consider while selecting the video production company is the production quality. It includes all the aspects like sound, lighting, rolling, and overall look or feel of the videos produced by them. A lot of organizations hire production companies in Abu Dhabi by checking the feel of the video and selecting the one that has the best overall look.

2.      Flexibility

The next point you need to check before finalizing the videos production company is their flexibility. You need to be sure if the production company is willing to hear and accommodate your stance in the processor is adamant about making the video in the way they want. You also need to check if they have understood the objective and are ready to meet it or want a free hand on the process. You should only opt for the ones who also value your stance and follow your objectives.

3.      Video Production Companies Crew Size

One of the most important points you should consider while selecting the video’s production company is the crew size. The bigger crew size might mean that the company pays significant attention to each stage and believes in professionalism.  It also shares a sneak peek that the production cost will be higher. On the other hand, a smaller crew size denotes decreased cost with fewer people handling more jobs.

4.      Previous Work

Another important point to consider before finalizing a video production company is the previous work of the company. Most of the companies have their well-developed portfolio to let the new clients get an idea about their work. Some also share testimonials of their previous clients in order to help future clients know about their experience so they can decide easily.

5.      Video Scripting Service

Another critical point to consider before finalizing the video production company is the provision of a video scripting service. Some companies also provide a lot of other relevant services in addition to video production, like scripting. If the company you are considering offers the service, it is good. If it does not offer, you might have to get other experts on board.

6.      Service Scale

One of the most significant points you must consider while opting for the video production companies in their service scale. You need to check and ensure if the company has previously worked with some client at your service scale or not. If you are letting a smaller firm work on your megaproject, they might commit a few mistakes as they have no experience of working on a bigger scale. So check everything and decide wisely.

7.      Production Process

Lastly, the most critical point you should essentially check while selecting a video production company is the production process of the company. You need to check the overall process from start to end, as well as the decision-making process in order to ensure sound video production. You can also check the importance of your feedback and requirement for the company in order to get the videos that resonate with your ideas and message. You can hire production companies in Abu Dhabi which offer a smooth production process and ensure effective videos.

Pick the best company to get impactful videos!

While choosing the video’s production company, you need to remember the fact that it will impact the quality of your videos and your target audience will associate you with it. So, make sure to contact the professionals who have extensive experience in the field and move the audience with great video production.