An Assessment of Trends and Problems for Big Data Analytics in the Healthcare Sector


Medical information systems, electronic medical records, wearable, and smart gadgets, and portable devices are among the technological advancements that are transforming healthcare systems into digital ones. This growth in medical big data, along with the development of computational methods in the area of healthcare, has allowed academics and practitioners to extract and display medical big data on a whole new level of complexity and breadth of application.

Big data analytics services are defined as enormous quantities of information that have the potential to do marvels. It has been a subject of particular attention over the last two decades because of the tremendous potential that it has. Different public and private sector businesses produce, store, and analyze large amounts of data in order to enhance the services they offer to the public and private sectors.

In the healthcare sector, different sources of big data include hospital records, patient medical records, results of medical exams, and devices that are a part of the internet of things, among other things. Biomedical research also contributes significantly to the generation of large amounts of data that are important to public health.

In order to extract useful information from this data, it is necessary to organize and analyze it properly. Otherwise, attempting to discover a solution via the analysis of large amounts of data soon becomes like searching for a needle in a haystack. There are many difficulties connected with each stage of managing large amounts of data, which can only be overcome by using high-end computer systems for large-scale data processing.

Consequently, healthcare providers must be fully equipped with suitable infrastructure in order to offer relevant big data analytics solutions for improving public health. This includes the ability to systematically collect and analyze large amounts of data. The effective administration, analysis, and interpretation of large amounts of data may completely alter the game by opening up new possibilities for contemporary healthcare research and development. That is precisely why many sectors, including the healthcare industry, are putting out significant effort to transform this potential into improved services and financial benefits. Modern healthcare organizations have the potential to transform medical treatments and customized medicine via the effective integration of biological and healthcare data.

Patient care is improved as a result of the following:

  1. Patient care is improved as a result of this

The major advantage gained from information generated from big data analytics is that it provides better clinical insights to a variety of healthcare professionals. Modern analytics enhances patient care in the healthcare system because it allows physicians to prescribe more effective therapy and make clinical choices that are more accurate, thus removing any uncertainty that may have been throughout the treatment process.

Testing using big data analytics can identify individuals who are at greater risk of developing a disease promptly and effectively.

While taking into account population-wide data for a given region, predictive analytics, in particular, may identify which section of patients is at greater risk for illness and provide suggestions for early action to protect them. This kind of prediction is more appropriate for representations of specific chronic illnesses than it is for other types of depictions.

2. Care in real-time that is cutting edge

Hospitals and healthcare organizations can provide their patients with high-quality real-time treatment, which is one of the most essential things they can do for them. Doctors can provide such high-quality treatment by constantly monitoring a patient’s vital signs, medicines, symptoms, and progress, among other things. Big data may help them do so even more effectively. It is advantageous to offer real-time treatment since doing so may result in a clear audit trail of clinical data that was documented via the dates and times of professional observations and evaluations. These records are kept automatically and may be used to monitor things such as nurse check-in schedules. They will also include any events and complaints on file, which are valuable to the specific hospital, and they will be stored automatically.

3. A fresh perspective on healthcare technology

Big data has unquestionably provided a fresh perspective on healthcare technology and the ways in which the sector might be better. Among the many benefits that big data has bestowed upon the healthcare industry are cost reduction, real-time care, follow-up care, and the prevention of medication errors. The capabilities of big data technology will only grow stronger with time, saving more lives and improving hospitals around the world.

4. Efficiencies in the workplace

Employee productivity may be increased by collecting and evaluating data on their staff. Hospitals, pharmaceutical firms, and other healthcare organizations can benefit from this practice.

Olympus – Social Networking WordPress Theme widget bug

Olympus Theme Bugs

Olympus – Social Networking WordPress Theme provider Crumina team has a habit to makes excuses not to give support.

I am facing a theme problem from starting almost six months passed but still not stable.
They always put their own themes bugs blame on users, hosting companies, even they blame their themes core heart Youziffy Plugin.

Problem with Olympius Latest news widget for elementor

Previous bugs screenshot for latest news widget

Problem with Elementor based Olympus theme. Latest news widget not working check

Crumina latest news widget working with WP Bakery Builder

Olympus Theme Bugs
Olympius Theme selling with Youzify Plugin but they refused to give support for it. Ask to contact Youzify

Olympius team selling Theme with Youzify Plugin but they refused to give support for it. Ask to contact Youzify for support when you contact the Youzify team for the same they asked to buy youzify plugin for support. On listing nowhere mention that no support for youzify, elementor from the Olympus team and to get support need to buy respective plugins providers.

Olympius support team blame youzify plugin

It’s really hard to get support from the Olympius team. Olympius company CEO Mr. Alex is a very rude and impolite person he refused to give supports as i bring out the themes bugs and he used abusive words. for the whole story please check my previous post

After some time, i feel something fishy behind every excuse, so I decided to buy Youzify Plugin to get support and I bought a full package so that I can get support.

Youzify team gave me good support, they are really very helpful. And later I come to know the problem is with the theme and Olympus team.

Even the Youzify team reported a theme bug.

Olympius every update disturbs the settings of the blog.. Buying this theme is really my biggest mistake, it seems i bought a never-ending problem.

May be its good for the Olympus team to provide themes with bugs so that they can earn money by selling support for never-ending problems

Buying Guide for a Best Ceramic Electric Skillet: 9 Points Need to Remember

You might have wondered while organizing a party at your home that if you have another burner to cook the dishes so you can finish the work fast and enjoy the party. Your wish has led to an innovation known as the best ceramic electric skillet.

As it is an electrical device so it does not require gas to operate. It has found its way into your kitchen for its versatile qualities of making chicken fries, shabu-shabu, potstickers, etc.

Features of the best ceramic electric skillet

Buying the right ceramic electric skillet can be a tough task as there are wide varieties of skillets available in the market. Here are some of the features that you can consider while buying the best ceramic electric skillet.

#1. Cooking Capacity

A big capacity skillet is important when you are organizing a party at your home and you don’t want to spend the entire day in the kitchen by making small batches of meals one by one. Pan’s lid is generally kept high to store more food or a variety of foods at one single time.

#2. Temperature control

Different dishes require different temperatures to cook like frying needs a steady temperature. The best ceramic electric skillet comes with different temperature controls that you can set up according to your desire and need for the dish.

Every pan comes with different temperature control settings; make sure you look for it before buying.

#3. Price

There are many affordable and best ceramic electric skillet available in the market that is loaded with good features that makes them perfect for home use.

#4. Skillet Shape

Generally, electric skillets are available in three shapes that are square, oval, and rectangular. Square and rectangle provides more cooking capacity and occupies more space on the countertop and kitchen cabinet compared to the oval one.

#5. Heating Element

The heating elements of the skillet are designed in two ways one is M shape and the other one in the encircling shape. M-shaped designed ones heat more evenly than the encircled ones.

The temperature of the skillet ranges from 175 to 475 degrees Fahrenheit and the best ceramic electric skillet comes with a warm setting function that is not available in all the skillets.

#6. Skillet Design

Skillets are designed in a unique way such that their high side walls keep the spillage minimum and give more space to the user to cook. If the skillet is removable then it becomes very easy to clean.

Adding to this if the skillet comes with a glass lid then you can see how much your food is cooked and how much time is left.

#7. Warranty

As this is an investment you are making in your kitchen and it would be wise enough if this investment comes with a warranty as it will save from getting stressed and headaches.

#8. Stay cool handles

Stay-cool handles are a must because you don’t want to burn yourself with those hot handles and destroy your fun while cooking. Always check this feature before buying the skillet.

Most recommended appliance by many chefs that gives you the freedom of cooking in an outlet and to cook a variety of items by roasting, frying, braising, and grilling. The best ceramic electric skillet is a must in every kitchen.

#9. Type of coating

Non- stick coating known as Teflon is generally found in many electric skillets but some skillets come with titanium-infused ceramic and die-cast aluminum that is more eco-friendly compared to Teflon that may peel off after some time and provides good value for money.

Do check the above-mentioned features before making the best investment in your kitchen.