Direct Zimbra Email Migration to Office 365 with Other Items

Are you planning to move to Office 365 account from Zimbra? Need to transfer some critical Zimbra emails to Office 365 environment for official reasons? Wondering how to directly and accurately perform Zimbra email migration to Office 365? Looking for the best approach to perform the process? If yes, then it is suggested to go through the article discussed here in which you will find a solution that allows direct Zimbra email migration to Office 365 with contacts, calendars, and briefcases.

Zimbra is a popular collaboration software that was formerly known as ZCS i.e. Zimbra Collaboration Suite. It includes both client and server components with a desktop version whose services are now unfortunately stopped. But, Zimbra Web Client and Zimbra Server are still in use by users.

The most common reason why users nowadays are performing a migration to Office 365 is that the cloud-based applications are offering more flexibility and security than desktop-supported apps.

Why Zimbra Email Migration to Office 365 is required?

Zimbra is a simple solution that is quite useful for small projects. But once the requirements are extended then it became a problem for organizations whose businesses are exceeding day by day.

It is a very lightweight communication tool that does not possess many features as a full-size email suite. Some users might even find its GUI outdated as well as old-fashioned especially if they have tried other available email service providers. Moreover, the filters and searches are comparatively not up to the mark in flexibility as compared to other leading email clients.

However, the drawbacks of Zimbra can be overlooked by small organizations but these are the major deficiencies in large businesses.

Apart from the above-mentioned shortcomings, some users also experienced synchronization as well as account configuration issues. Therefore, Office 365 plays an important role here. It takes care of all issues perfectly and is designed in a way that fulfills the entire needs of an organization.

What is the Best Way to Perform Zimbra Email Migration to Office 365?

With the help of CubexSoft Zimbra to Office 365 Migration Tool, users can directly perform Zimbra email migration to Office 365 with contacts, calendars, and briefcases. The application provides a simplified platform that is easily operable by technical and novice users. The steps are also minimum and capable to implement the required task in a minimum time.

Moreover, the software contains many features that allow executing the migration task as per requirements to get the desired output. However, the free demo of the utility is also available through which one will be able to check the process for free.

Working Steps for Direct Zimbra Email Migration to Office 365

Step 1. Download, launch, and open CubexSoft Zimbra to Office 365 Migration Tool. Select the first option if you have Zimbra on-premises mailboxes in TGZ file. Select the second option if you want migration of Zimbra webmail emails and click on Next.

Note. The following operational steps are now discussed according to the first option (Zimbra on-premise mailboxes).

Step 2. Go to Add File(s) and add required Zimbra mailboxes on the application using Add TGZ File(s)/Add Folders/Add Extracted TGZ items.

Step 3. The tool will start the scanning of Zimbra mailboxes and start listing all the items one-by-one with checkboxes on the tool.

Step 4. You can select the required item and view the data of its files with the help of the Preview window.

Step 5. Go to Export and select Office 365 option from the list.

Step 6. Enter Office 365 email ID. Select the I am Admin option if you are carrying admin account details. Set Categories and Filters as per requirements and click on Connect.

Step 7. Provide the password of the specified Office 365 email ID in the Microsoft login screen.

Note. If admin credentials are added, then clicking the Connect button will show a Mailbox Mapping window that will help in batch Zimbra email migration to Office 365. If single user details are added, then clicking Connect will right away start the migration process.

Step 8. Now, the tool will display the ongoing migration progress and then show a message confirming Conversion Completed Successfully to users. Click on the OK button and go to your Office 365 account to check the migrated emails.

However, you will see that the migrated Zimbra emails are appearing with 100% accuracy. And, even the formatting properties are preserved throughout the process.


The blog has discussed an ultimate technique for carrying out direct Zimbra email migration to Office 365 process. The CubexSoft Zimbra Converter is a secure, trusted, and fast solution that safely performs the process and delivers accurate output within seconds. It is introduced with a free demo with the help of users who can check the operational steps of the tool for free. They can also migrate the first 25 files from each Zimbra mailbox to Office 365 free of cost.

Hostitbro hosting Review Problems and unprofessional Support


Hostitbro Hosting company is really a very unprofessional company in terms of technical knowledge and support.
It seems like Mr. Arsh Arora CEO and Founder of Hostitbro started a web hosting business by watching youtube videos. CEO/founder Arsh Arora Posted many fake posts everywhere on the internet to make it famous. From starting till now no smooth hosting with them.

Hostitbro Hosting

Hostitbro offers WordPress optimized Hosting.
But in real Hostingbri hosting doesn’t support many WordPress plugins Server resources are always overloaded, the disk space issue, connectivity problems, server timeout frequent Host busy error or Host down the error., error 524 and Error 521. All these are common frequent problems you can face with Hostitbro Hosting. For Error 521 they blame Cloudflare even though they dont know error 521 comes due to the host firewall as the host is refusing the connection with Cloudflare IP.. For error 524 also blame Cloudflare. Even they dont Error 524 comes due to the server being busy or overloaded.

Hostingbro Unprofessional Tech Staff

The Main Problem with Hostitbro s Techsupport staff’s attitude.

Maybe the technical staff lacks knowledge or maybe he just trying to pass the time.

Tech support staff is never ready to accept the problem.

Tech staff Always passes the problem to others. Sometimes he says he doesn’t know how to do so please guide the steps. The tech support guy is always in hurry to close the ticket.
If you call on Hostifbro Support Phone they never picked calls and asked to open a ticket, when the message on Hostitbro WhatsApp you will get a reply that this is for accounts not for support,
If like that why did they give the phone number for support?

For the last three months, I am reporting issues. about CSS generation errors due to not being able to get visitors’ IPs.
Problem with their server software installation or firewall.
Before they made the excuse that lite speed doesn’t support this function. after that I showed old logs of their own server with the same function and also prove to them it is their server or firewall problem, installing the Litespeed on another server shows the same plugins working. But they are just passing the time still no solution.

I asked them many times to contact HETZNER as Hostitbro hosting on HETZNER VPS/Server. But no response.

Hostitbro company needs to learn one point service industry run by providing good service. You cannot run a hosting company by watching youtube videos or by posting fake reviews or blogs everywhere. Think before buying Hosting with them. As Arsh Arora posted many fake reviews by himself. But on the Hostitbro FB page, they closed the comments and review option so that users were not able to post any bad reviews about them.

ASUS VS HP: Which Is The Better Brand In 2021?

ASUS VS HP: Which Is The Better Brand In 2021?

This could make the entire decision of choosing between brand confusing , regardless whether you’re looking for software to play games, program or graphic design, or 3D animation.

It’s not the case any more. In this comprehensive ASUS VS HP post, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each model so that you can make an educated decision about your purchase.


1. For Gamers

For those who play games, both brands have something new to provide. Let’s start with HP.


Updated through Computer Upgrade King, this HP Omen 15 is one of the top options for professional gamers who enjoys streaming and graphic intensive games. Check hp laptop screen replacement online in India at low price


The first thing to note is that this laptop has one of the newest as well as the most efficient processors i.e. the i9-9880H 8-Core processor that runs at 4.5GHz.

Additionally, with the 64GB RAM and 2TB NVMe SSD and twoTB of HDD NVIDIA GeForce RX2080 (8GB) Max-Q provides you with all the capacity and speed you’ll ever need, permitting you to enjoy FIFA 20, Fortnite, etc. in all settings.

To ensure that your eyes don’t get straining from all that gaming and gaming, it’s crystal clear 15.6″ 4K display comes with an anti-glare coating.

CUK Omen 15t Gaming Laptop (Intel i9-9880H, 64GB RAM, 2TB NVMe SSD + 2TB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 8GB Max-Q, 15.6′ 4K UHD, Windows 10 Home) Gamers Notebook Computer

CUK Omen 15t Gaming Laptop (Intel i9-9880H, 64GB RAM, 2TB NVMe SSD + 2TB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 8GB Max-Q, 15.6″ 4K UHD, Windows 10 Home) Gamers Notebook Computer

Be aware that this laptop will cost more than $2000. There are other models are available If you’re looking for something less expensive from HP opt for HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop. HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop.

The Pavillion is ideal for those who likes to play multiplayer games such as Overwatch, Fortnite, PUBG and more.

Although it isn’t as robust as Omen, although not as powerful as Omen, Pavillion still has several great features such as its GTX 1050Ti (4GB) graphics card and i5 processor. Full HD display, it costs less than 800 dollars.


In the ROG Mothership GZ700 laptop, ASUS does not hold back. This laptop packs the power and portability of an gaming laptop that you’ve never seen before.

The reason for this is the removable keyboard. Yes, the keyboard can be removed and placed wherever you want like this video. Buy 15.6 inch laptop screen online in India

And, there’s an additional kickstand at the back, which opens to allow you to place the display in a position that allows for comfortable watching (because when it comes to gaming that is hard-core there’s no compromises do you think? ).

If you opt for the Full-HD model It comes with 3ms refresh rate and 144Hz synchronization rate. This means you won’t need to worry about blurring, ghosting and so on. never again.

Overclocked Intel Core i9-9980HK Processor that has liquid metal

17.3″ Full HD 144Hz Display with IPS Type and NVIDIA G-SYNC

64GB RAM DDR4 with 2666MHz 1.5TB PCIe M.2 SSD in RAID 0. (512GB x 3) Windows 10 Pro Windows 10 Pro

Gigabit WiFi 6 (802.11ax) • Thunderbolt 3 USB-C and DisplayPort 1.2 • HDMI 2.0

In the end, if you’ve got the money and the money is there, the MotherShip will last for many years, without requiring any upgrades and repairs (it is that amazing).

However, if you don’t have the money to invest $4000+ No problem, ASUS will still have you covered.

The ASUS TUF 17.3″ Full-HD laptop retails for less than $1000 and has all the specifications and features necessary to run the most recent games such as GTA V, FIFA 20, Fortnite, etc. easily.

It’s this mix of power, speed and value that has been able to make this TUF among the top highly recommended ASUS laptops to be purchased in 2021.

This is the extremely powerful AMD Ryzen 7 3750H Quad-Core (2. 3GHz base frequency, and up to 4. 0.GHz burst frequency) APU is quick and flexible, with eight threads and quad cores capable of handling day-to day tasks.

17. 3″ High-Definition IPS Level Full HD Widescreen (1920 1080 pixels) Display is awe-inspiring in clarity and color. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Graphics are supported by 4GB of dedicated video memory GDDR5 for an extremely fast, powerful GPU that can power your gaming.

8GB 2400MHz DDR4 Memory to support maximum power multitasking; 512GB. 2 . NVMe PCIe SSD for better performance and greater reliability. PCI-e SSDs work great for games that require a lot of power, numerous servers, daily backups and much many more.