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Why Do You Need To Choose Custom WordPress Development Services?

When it comes to writing a blog or creating a visually appealing company website, nothing beats the WordPress platform. It is the most popular CMS among website developers since it allows for simple and quick website construction.

The major reason for this is that this CMS has numerous plugins, themes, templates, and website templates that can be easily and quickly modified to meet the requirements at any moment.

One issue that everyone has is whether they should create a website with an existing template or hire WordPress development services to design a bespoke website relevant to the business goals.

However, if you want to stand out from the crowd and outperform your competition, you build a custom website. We investigate the causes of this.

5 reasons to choose custom WordPress development services

1. Make your company well-known

It can be challenging to stand out when WordPress is used by so many businesses, news outlets, governments, and academic institutions.

However, hiring specialized WordPress development services will provide you an advantage over your rivals. Even if you offer the same services as your rivals, your design will distinguish you in the eyes of customers who are coming to you for the first time.

2. Integrate data according to business needs

WordPress’s current features might not be sufficient for your business. Furthermore, your company’s needs may change as a result of competitors’ strategies, technological advancements, and other factors.

Therefore, regular modification in WordPress eCommerce development is crucial to keep ahead of the harsh competition.

3. Get a technical assistant

If you lack technical skills, you need not be concerned because hiring WordPress web design services is the ideal option for you.

Their team of experts will provide you with all the technical support necessary to create a website free of errors. You will also be trained on important aspects of website construction and maintenance.

4. Get better security

One of the primary disadvantages of WordPress template technology is that it occasionally has problems. Simply said, if a template contains a security flaw in its code, any site that uses that template must work around these flaws.

Without a doubt, WordPress has made several steps to allow its core software to adapt to emerging security risks.

So, hire WordPress developer to create custom WordPress themes with no standard limits and high security and altered them in a simpler and faster manner than a regular template.

5. Improve rankings

The search engine-friendly features of WordPress are used by even your competitors. There are companies that can optimise your site for search engines, however, personalization is required.

A skilled developer is knowledgeable about every aspect of website optimization. Web optimization ensures that it efficiently reaches your target audience and helps it rank well on search engines.

In conclusion

WordPress is a user-friendly and open-source platform that benefits from the efforts of hundreds of developers who work on its code, create plugins and keep it safe and secure.

Choosing custom WordPress development services will ensure that your website stands out from the crowd and creates organic traffic flow.

Top 5 Advantages Of Web 3.0

Web 3.0

The web has progressively assimilated into our daily lives since the early 1990s when it was still in its infancy. At the same time, the internet’s underlying technology, networks, and protocols have been rapidly changing. The user experience on the internet has since seen some substantial modifications as well. As the globe begins to transition to Web 3, interest in the top   3.0 benefits is skyrocketing.

Web 3.0: What is it? How is it superior to earlier iterations of the internet? Do we currently use any Web3 programs or services? It stands to reason that while attempting to understand what Web3 is all about, you would have many similar questions. The talk that follows will provide a general overview of the development of Web 3D and some of its salient benefits.

The Path to Web 3.0

A thorough understanding of how Web 3.0 originally came to be would be the best web3. These technologies Web 3.0 is intended to address the shortcomings of web2, which has strong decentralized protocols and servers. Web 2.0 is also plagued by numerous serious problems with data portability, internet privacy, and self-sovereign identity.

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What is Web 3.0?

The one question, which is an integral highlight in any discussion on Web3, now has a significant implication. Web 3.0 is new, and anyone can decipher the meaning of this new concept according to their understanding. For starters, you need to know that the web3 advantages focus on resolving some of the most dominant and critical issues in the existing web landscape. The development of web3 does not have any centralized authority as the supervisor. On the contrary, the progress in web3 development depends on a collection of private businesses, individuals, and non-profit organizations. 

Since web3 is still in its early stages, it is challenging to provide a clear description. But you might consider it to be the third iteration of the internet, with decentralization, openness, and user autonomy. The fundamental description of web3 provides a solid basis for comprehending its benefits.


The fundamental overview of the road to Web 3 and its definition demonstrate how it is currently a crucial requirement. Additionally, a preview of web3’s potential to alter the internet and user interfaces was provided via its features. You can recognize the considerable benefits that Web3 offers based on the conclusions about its fundamentals. Here are a few notable benefits of Web3 that everyone should be aware of.

1. Ownership of Data Control

Take a moment to consider all the websites and internet tools you regularly use. To gain access to various services, you provide your personal information on numerous platforms. You produce content, like images or videos, and post it online to platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You must have believed that your private information on an Amazon account or the pictures on your Facebook profile were safe and under your control in the midst of all this.

That is untrue, though, as centralized organizations like Facebook, Google, and Amazon use various strategies to commercialize user data. End users would have total control over the data they possess thanks to the advantages of Web 3.0 by design. Users had the option to share information based on their choices. Web3 may therefore profit from removing the tech giants’ stranglehold over user data.

2. Widespread Access to Data

A significant web 3.0 advantage is also greatly aided by the interconnectedness feature of web 3. The main component of Web3 would be the development of a networked environ Web 3.0ment that enables information interoperability and easy access. On the other Freedom may can Freedom may use Web3.

Access to digital services would not be restricted by factors such as location, socWeb3 is grateful to you. external orientation, or income. Users can transfer digital assets, wealth, and information more quickly and efficiently around the globe with the support of Web 3’s fundamental design. Web3 can give internet users the flexibility to profit from transactions without any centralized control.

4. Benefits to Creators

All content producers now have a good opportunity thanks to the introduction of Web 3. Due to the many intermediaries in the many methods for reaching their audience, the majority of content creators struggle to receive the actual value for the labor our. Creators may gain significantly from the maiWebeb 3.0 elements of tokenization and the creative economy.

Web3 would, first and foremost, guarantee decentralized control over the security of digital assets like tokens and data. On the other side, creators would fully control who owns their creations. The creator economy may also assist creators in discovering fresh resources and markets for growing their audience.

5. Enhanced Safety

The assurance of improved security is the last and most significant benefit listed under Webentralisationdecentralization and cryptography to protect user data. Blockchain is resistant to conventional security flaws due to its consensus methods and fundamental design. While there are still 51 percent of attacks that may be used to compromise web apps and systems, the development of new security measures and best practices can address the issues.

Netgear N600 Setup

Both of the Netgear WN2500RP and WN3500RP wifi extenders of the Netgear N600 series, which is for your wifi range extender, have a maximum speed of 600mbps. This tutorial will walk you through completing the Netgear N600 setup.

You can configure your N600 wifi extender in one of two ways:

  • Setup by web browser.
  • Wireless Protected Setup

Follow these instructions to setup the Netgear N600 using a web browser:

  • Start your N600 by unboxing it.
  • Put your router and booster close to one another.
  • Watch for a continuous green turn on the power LED.
  • Connect with any mobile device that supports wifi.
  • Go to mywifiext.net in any web browser.
  • Simply choose NEW EXTENDER SETUP.
  • Observe every instruction displayed on the screen.
  • When finished, the N600’s LEDs maintain a continuous green hue.
  • Put the extension at a spot where the signal is weak.
  • Your Netgear N600 wifi extender is now ready for use.

The wireless protected setup can be used to install your repeater if you don’t have a computer or tablet. Normally, it takes two to three minutes to finish this process.

WPS Method for Netgear N600 Setup

There are other ways of netgear N600 setup using a web browser.

The Netgear N600 can also be set up using WPS (wireless protected setup). Without entering any account, password, SSID, or other details, you may install your extender more quickly and easily in just two minutes. You merely need to tap a tiny button to start the WPS setup. Let’s see how it turns out.

Procedures of Netgear N600 setup using WPS:

  • Your N600 should be connected to a power source.
  • Place the router and repeater in the same space.
  • On the side panel of the N600, press the WPS button.
  • Also press the WPS button on the router in under a minute.
  • Observe the repeater and router LEDs until they turn completely green.
  • Once you’re done, your Netgear N600 will have been successfully configured.
  • Install the booster in a new location with a poor signal.
  • Join the extended network you just created.

You may quickly and easily complete Netgear WN3500RP Setup in this way.

Please use our toll-free numbers or live chat to get in touch with us if you need help with the Netgear N600 setup, update, or reset procedures. Your problem will be solved with the help of our technical professionals.

How can the firmware update on my Netgear N600 wifi extender?

Manufacturers frequently release firmware upgrades to fix the errors and other common issues that you can run into while using your extender. After changing the firmware, your Netgear N600’s performance can be enhanced. Only the official Netgear website is where you can download the firmware update file.

To update the firmware on your Netgear N600, follow the steps below:

  • Simply turn on your Netgear N600 Setup.
  • Connect your extension to your abode’s modem.
  • Open a web browser and navigate to www.mywifiext.net.
  • After submitting your unique details, log in to your extender.
  • After selecting settings, choose firmware upgrade.
  • Click the checkbox now.
  • Choose the firmware upgrade option if the most recent firmware version is available.
  • Considering how long this operation may take, keep your N600 plugged in.
  • This is how to update the firmware on your Netgear N600.

What is the Netgear N600’s reset procedure?

Most frequently, the reset procedure is used to get the admin login or password. By wiping all customised information including username, password, SSID, and so on, the factory reset procedure will have your Netgear N600 Setup ready for a new login option. Carrying out this procedure is easy. An object with a hard point, like a paper clip or a pen, is required to reset the Netgear N600.

  • Connect the N600 to a dependable power source.
  • On the side panel, the reset button is concealed behind a tiny hole.
  • Use a hard-pointed pin to hold down the reset button for 7 to 10 seconds.
  • Remove the pin after a short while.
  • when the LEDs on the N600 have reached stability.
  • This indicates that the reset process was successful.
  • After that, you can do a factory reset to obtain the admin username and password.

Please use our toll-free numbers or live chat to get in touch with us if you need help with the Netgear N600 setupdupl, update, or reset procedures. Your problem will be solved with the help of our technical professionals.

Fastlane Setup for Netgear N600 wifi extender

Follow these instructions to enable fastlane technology on your Netgear N600:

  • A “Fastlane” option is also available for the Netgear N600 series.
  • The N600 concentrates all of its efforts on one band.
  • increases the pace and effectiveness of your extension.
  • Your devices can be immediately connected to the Range Extender via an Ethernet cable.
  • Additionally, the WN3500RP has an Ethernet port.
  • Visit www.mywifiext.net after connecting, then log in with your username and password.
  • Clicking on the Fastlane option will now make it active.

Responsive Web Design: Best Practices

The number of mobile phone users has increased rapidly during the previous decade. There were more than 2.5 billion social media users in 2019. These facts drive website designers to focus specifically on responsive web design. People spend more time on mobile phones than on any other internet-enabled device. 

Another report from Statista shows that 57.64% of website global traffic is mobile traffic. Having a mobile-compatible website is among the essentials of a business process. Responsiveness increases consumer engagement and enables businesses to achieve their business goals. Even Google recognizes website responsiveness as a ranking factor. 

Designers need to keep up with the responsive design trends to provide value for their consumers and outrank their competition. This article highlights the best responsive design practices to look for in 2022. 

Mobile first approach to responsive designs:- 

Responsive designs accustom themselves according to the device screens. Since mobile phones are the most popular devices, the mobile-first approach will be in the hype in 2022. There are various reasons why this approach works well:

  • Mobile websites require extra attention due to the lack of screen real estate. It makes it a more efficient model for mobile designs. 
  • After creating the based model for mobile devices, It is easier to scale it for other devices.
  • Mobile-first web designs facilitate the reevaluation of functional possibilities of the website design. 

There are several design questions a designer can get answers to by taking a mobile-first approach. Some of them are as follows:

  • Is a feature/function necessary for the specific niche users?
  • How to scale the base variant to other devices?
  • Does a website element decrease its loading speed?

All these questions set a good starting point for website designs and help designers create a constructive itinerary. 

Here are some responsive design best practices every designer must consider in 2022. 

  • Minimalistic approach:- 

The primary purpose of a responsive website design is to ensure consumer convenience. A minimalistic website design facilitates easy navigation and increases user experience. It enhances the consumer experience and provides ample opportunities to add functions to a website design. 

The screen real estate constraint requires designers to create design elements that fit comfortably on the device screen. It should not oversize a webpage. It is better to decide on the placement of essential website elements and then scale from there. 

  • Easy to find CTAs:- 

A CTA is the last stage of a sales funnel. It is a button people click and add as a conversion to your business endeavors. Top Web Design agencies focus specifically on calls to action to make them easily visible to the visitor’s eye. It can be anything ranging from purchasing a piece of software, scheduling a consultation, or signing up for an application. 

Businesses usually have the main call to action to drive people specifically to this call to action. The main call to action is usually the final step of a sales funnel. It is essential to ensure easy navigation to your primary CTA. 

It is an even bigger challenge when it comes to mobile phones. Designers focus on making it consistent throughout the website. However, if it is hard to maintain consistency, one must consider putting it on the hamburger menu and getting it as visible as possible. 

  • Use scalable vector graphics (SVGs):- 

SVGs or scalable vector graphics are essential elements of responsive website design. Unlike image files, SVGs are infinitely scalable and help enhance consumer engagement. 

You can rest easy knowing that any icon or graphic will remain of the best quality without worrying about the pixels and resolutions. It results in a consistently polished look no matter what device your visitors use to access your website. 

Furthermore, SVGs are lighter website elements that help increase the loading speed of your website.

  • Responsive imagery:- 

Different image sizes fit different device screens. A desktop page may support an image 1200px wide on the other hand, its mobile version may require only 400px. That’s effectively a third of the physical size as well. 

Responsive imagery adjusts itself according to the screen size of the website screen. It greatly enhances the consumer experience and engagement on the website.

  • Engaging typography:- 

Content is your primary way of conveying essential business information to your target audience. One must leverage effective and clear typography to increase consumer engagement and achieve your business goals. 

How do you suppose people respond to your business proposition without proper interpretation of your website content? Another essential consideration is typefaces. Your typefaces must go with other design elements of your website design and appeal to your consumers. 

Make sure to balance the heading and body font sizes for different devices. Both of them must not be off-putting to each other. 

  • Utilize hardware resources:-

Responsive website design is not all about making everything fit the device screen. It is also about utilizing the hardware resources and ensuring a multi-dimensional user experience for your visitors. The hardware resources of a mobile device are not reserved specifically for native applications.

The most common example is the scanning of a QR code to initiate a payment gateway. 

  • Flexibility:- 

Flexibility is among the vitals of website design. Layout, images, text blocks, components, and all design elements must be responsive. It is essential to ensure the proper cropping and sizing of the website design. It includes creating square versions of landscape images for mobile devices. 

Designers focus on the three breakpoints (mobile, tablet, and desktop). It helps them decide on various website elements and ensures design flexibility. They even pay attention to the website’s performance on various operating systems, including Android, iOS, and Windows. 

  • Content prioritization:-

There are different elements of a website. One of the vital decisions a designer has to make is regarding the proper utilization of the device real estate. Designers must decide on the essential website elements and determine the ones they can hide. They now prefer using a navigation drawer for the main navigation on mobile devices.

It is better to put the informative sections on the screen and hide the others. It helps with content prioritization and increases consumer engagement.


Responsiveness is among the essentials of modern website design. There are more mobile users than any other device. It makes it essential for designers to focus on responsive website designs.  

The most popular approach nowadays is the mobile-first approach. It helps create an itinerary for the development process and excel. Designers follow a parallel approach for three primary breakpoints including the mobile, desktop, and tablets. 

A responsive web design allows you to increase consumer engagement and achieve your business goals. 

Consider a website design company for these reasons:


Smartphones and tablets are expected to account for 57% of all online traffic in the United States, thus if your website design company is not optimized for mobile use, you are losing potential clients. Having a website that looks great and functions well across all platforms is vital if you want to maximize the impact of your digital presence. One of the most important things you can do to improve the impact of your online presence is to do this.

A website design company can create a website that displays correctly on any and all devices, guaranteeing that your customers will have a satisfying experience no matter what kind of device they use to access your site. The quality of your site’s mobile experience is crucial to the success of your SEO campaign and, more broadly, to the satisfaction of your site’s users. A website’s mobile friendliness is taken into account by search engines when determining its overall rating.

Expansion of Available Tools

Building a new website from the ground up is an involved process. If you want your website to work at its best after it’s live, you’ll need a well-thought-out design, high-quality content, consistent SEO, and regular maintenance. Most businesses lack the in-house assets necessary to properly handle all of these obligations.

If you hire a web design firm, you’ll have access to a group of experts who will coordinate all aspects of your project. If you decide to hire such a company, this is just one of many advantages. To make sure the website’s design is consistent with your brand and meets the needs of your target audience, you’ll be able to work with skilled web designers. Instead of trying to find someone within your own organization to write all of the essential web material, you can have a skilled copywriter develop all of the necessary web copy for you.

Along with the initial work that goes into creating a website, there are also numerous continuing tasks that must be completed to keep it running well. Finding time in your personal schedule or the schedules of your staff to do these tasks can prevent you from focusing on other crucial activities for your business.


An interested customer is likely to check out other sources before deciding whether or not to buy from you. When researching to make a more informed purchase decision, buyers may visit the websites of several of your competitors in addition to your own. If you want customers to go to the trouble of remembering your store’s URL and coming back to make a purchase, your website needs to be memorable and set you out from the competition.

One way to stay ahead of the competition is to keep up a website that is both attractive and functional for your target audience and consistent with the brand’s image. Using methods like mobile-responsive design, strong search engine optimization, and ongoing expert assistance, you can build a more successful digital presence and attract more leads.

No matter if you are starting from scratch to build a brand new website for your business or if you simply want to remodel the website that you currently have, there are many good reasons to consider working with a web design agency for your needs. However, it’s critical to put in the time and energy required to choose a company with which you can work to your satisfaction over the long haul.

Make a Dating App Like Tinder Clone and Boost your business revenue!

We are happy to share our thoughts with you today! This blog will share new ideas for starting a revenue-generating business. Do you want to start a business that is successful? We have the solution. Yeah! You can make a super exciting business that will make you a millionaire. You can create a dating app similar to a tinder clone, and increase your business’s revenue.

You, as a startup entrepreneur, know how important dating sites are these days due to the current pandemic. You have even considered starting one as a profitable business venture. This is a great opportunity to share your dating site with singles. You can present the best tinder app to them, and they will arrange to meet a new person in your life. This can be their best method to meet new friends via the internet.

It is becoming more popular as a way for people to keep in touch with loved ones. This will allow you to grow your business and take it to a whole new level. Narola Infotech offers you the best dating app clone software by providing competitive assistance. We have the best tinder app to help you make your business stand out.

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There is good news. According to the survey, there is a market for all dating apps with a potential of 275 million users by 2023. Narola Infotech has a team of dating app developers that have developed the best dating apps for 40+ Tinder-like users.

What Are the Differences from Other Tinder Clone App Providers?

A well-planned development strategy is essential for creating a great dating app.

Many tinder clone companies are now developing dating apps without conducting proper research or planning. They have had many difficulties during the app launch.

If your Tinder clone strategy does not adapt to your products, services, and technology, To meet the needs of your clients. It is not a well-planned strategy.

But, Don’t worry! You chose the right place and made the right decision.

We care more about developing your dating app like Tinder with advanced features.

Check Out the General Features Below

  1. Geo-based search.
  2. Distance and age-based matches
  3. Accept, like, or reject profiles.
  4. In-app messaging
  5. Share Profiles

Here Are the Advanced Features of the Tinder Clone App That Will Benefit Your Business

Our Tinder clone application now has some exciting features. These features will allow you to manage your business more effectively and be a leader in the market.

We can help you build a Tinder-like dating app.

This Tinder clone application was created for multiple purposes. We can also provide a feature-rich script for your dating app clone to help you grow your business.


Are you tired of searching for your match at your current location? Enter a virtual address and start searching for new matches.


You can limit your search area by using the additional mile feature. Then, it searches for new matches.


Once paired with a profile, users can have a seamless conversation.


The new one! You can modify the swap profile by using the rewind function. It allows users to correct their mistakes.


Once they have found the perfect match, users can chat in a secure environment using the app. It cannot be shared with others.


The Tinder clone script can be customized 100%. Administrators can add additional features to meet their needs.

Narola Infotech and our team are here to help you. We can assist with all aspects of your Tinder clone project, from planning to execution.

7 Reasons Why a Business Logo Should Be Simple

Choosing a logo design is not as simple as you think. It should be relevant, memorable, scalable, and especially recognizable at a glance because it helps represent your business in the way you want.

If you are starting a business or running an existing one, and you are looking for the right logo designer who has the ability to understand your business standards and your imaginations about how a logo should be designed, all you need to acquire is a professional and well-reputed logo design Singapore, agency to convey your imaginations about your business logo because they might have a huge experience in the designing the premium logo designs and know how a business identity can be recognizable and away from the competition.

If you try to imagine only a logo, you will find that your mind reflects a simple logo design first because the simple design tends to be eye-catching, memorable, and convey a clear message to its audience.

Successful companies make their logos simply designed that are easy to recognize and memorable like Nike, Apple, Twitter, McDonald’s, etc. these are well-known brands all over the world.

Stats and Facts about Logo

Following are the most famous stats and facts about the logo, including how does a logo impacts, and why a logo is a crucial element? And what do experts say about the logo?

  • 30% of the most successful companies use the blue color in their logo.
  • A colorful logo is more likely to provide better recognition to a business.
  • Expert logo designers suggest that a logo should be comprised of two fonts.
  • An average logo uses two to three colors to be designed.
  • A human brain takes around 400 milliseconds in a process to recognize the visual elements of the logo.
  • There are 7 most common types of logos all over the world.
  • 78% of people believe that logo is a part of the artwork.

Hence, deciding on a logo design for your business is not as easy as it seems. You need to do complete research on it or consult with your logo designing agency.

To get outstanding results, your logo should have a simple and smooth design. Now let’s have a look at 8 reasons why the logo should be simple and smooth below:

A simple Logo is Versatile and Scalable

A simple logo design can be published on multiple channels, from your social media platforms to your brand’s promotional stuff. It is easy to resize the image without losing its quality. Also, it will be helpful to show your brand’s consistency across various social media and other channels. A big reason to have a simple logo is that your customers expect the brand’s consistency which builds their trust and loyalty to a particular brand.

Difficult to Counterfeit

It is difficult to steal your logo if you have a simple logo design comprised of only a few fonts and colors. When a logo design is complicated, a few details can be changed and converted into another ownership. For instance, if you have a combination-mark logo that creates by a picture and text both and designed with multiple fonts and colors, your competitors can change a few details like one color and one font style to manipulate people to attract them to their stores.

A Simple Logo is More Recognizable

Your customer can recognize your logo at a glance, even in a crowded market. It is easier to understand your brand message and the feel of your business nature by having a simple and clean logo design. According to a study, the human brain understands a simple image faster than 1000 words. Additionally, your logo has to bring your brand to your audience’s mind within a second in a positive way. As it is very difficult to counterfeit, your logo can be more recognizable because nobody can copy it.

A simple Logo design is more memorable

The unforgettable reality of a logo is that a simple logo is more memorable. Creating a memorable logo is not easy as it sounds. A simple and smooth logo can easily stick in the audience’s mind and be able to recall in their mind whenever they think about your products and services or see your logo anywhere. Apple is the biggest example of it; when you think about Apple, a mark of bitten apple will appear in your mind, and you don’t need to think more about what they do.

Prompt Emotional Reaction

A perfect logo is not only recalled in your customer’s mind, but it connects with your customer’s emotions. And, when your logo is designed very simply, their minds process it more quickly and clearly. Not only that but people talk about their past memories as well as your brand that had been associated and made their memorable moments perfect. In other words, a simple logo design easily captures your customer’s emotions that lead a brand to its peak of success.

Prepare for the Future

It is a fact that logos do not stay the same forever. Most companies change their logos after the big fortune of their success over the decade or after the association with other companies. Not only that but sometimes companies change their logo’s colors temporarily on any occasion. A simple design logo helps them to make changes permanently or temporarily easily without losing its core values.

Aesthetically Appealing

Another most important factor to consider when choosing a logo design is that your logo must be visually appealing and eye-catching. Simple designs already look beautiful. An aesthetically-pleasing logo design helps express the company’s core values and the way of business they do. No matter if your logo is designed complex or simple, it must be easy on the eye. Otherwise, it won’t give benefits to your company.


A logo design works as the face of your business and represents your company’s values and priorities. A logo is a great way to communicate with your customers very quickly and faster. Customers always prefer a business that has a simple logo that explains the brand’s message in an excellent way. So all you need is to have a custom logo design from a credible and professional logo design firm.

The Secret of Engaging Visual Contents on Social Media

The Secret of Engaging Visual Contents on Social Media

Where did you not notice the visual contents? Everywhere right? Almost in every social media platform, this type of content is an integral part. They are the contents that attract most of the audience toward a particular post or information. They are used extensively almost in every sector of media. Have you noticed or tried to observe how certain visuals become viral? What kind of techniques gets embossed on them that make them a word of mouth? Are you thinking for a long as about how to create such engaging visual content and put it on social media? Are you tired of musing about the techniques to use on your content so that it becomes capable of attracting more and more viewers? Are you tired of experimenting with your self-constructed ways and strategies? Never lose hope! Stay tuned with us because we will discuss the secret of creating engaging visual contents to put on social media.

Before going deep into the tips, first, let us know what are these contents?

These are nothing but information that is put in a way that moves, has colour, effects, filters, animated texts, sounds, etc. This type of content is a great way to attract the attention of the population easily. Visual content can be of any form such as-

  • Pictures: Pictures are a representation of some event, place, person, occasion, etc. It describes a story within it. Every picture has its own story. However, it also depends mostly on a photographer, and how he chooses to capture an object or a subject. Pictures are captured from various angles such as -worm’s eye view, bird’s eye view, high angle view, low angle view, etc, to create and describe a situation. Pictures can be colourful or monochromatic. There is a famous rule which is known as the Rule of thirds. It is used extensively by photographers across the globe to showcase a subject and to create an appealing composition.
  • Diagrams: These are often referred to as the symbolic representation of information. Diagrams are pictorial. Pie charts, bar graphs, bar charts, maps, line graphs, etc are a few examples of a diagram.
  • Charts: Charts are a type of visual content where information or data is represented by symbols.
  • Infographics: These are visual representations of information. These are widely applied type of visual contents today almost on every social media bases. These are a great way to showcase information to people because it highlights the main topic to people and does not beat around the bush.
  • Screenshots: These are snaps of images that showcase pictures or information from a computer, or mobile.
  • Slide decks: These are nothing but a series of slides that are used mainly during business meetings to discuss strategies, business plans, etc. These are similar to what you create sometimes in the PowerPoint for school assignments, etc. Here, you can select an already built template, edit font size, font style, add transitions, etc.
  • Online videos: Some content is found online such as videos on YouTube.
  • Memes: These are information put in a way that spread smiles (most of the time) among people. It is some kind of culture or behavior sent to a person from another. Nowadays, the internet is flooded with millions of memes.

So, we have a brief idea of what the type of visual contents are, right? Now it is time we popped up the secret to creating engaging visual content for social media. They are simple and effective.

  • Know your audience: It is always better to understand your audience first. It means you should have good knowledge of the tastes of your audience. You should look for what kind of content they are attracted to, and what they expect by analyzing their responses, etc. If you are creating visual content for small children, you should use cartoon characters or so and colorful texts or elements, etc.
  • Basics of creativity: You should always have a clear subject. If you are displaying a picture, it is better if you put a picture with the rule of thirds, and use natural lights. While composing content (picture or video) it is forever good to keep things as simple as you can but in an elegant way. Well! This needs a lot of practice.
  • Use the free resourceful tools: If you can get more for free what is wrong to use them? You should take advantage of certain free designing or editing tools that are available today in loads. Use their features and other facilities like colour palettes, filters, effects, etc to make your content much more appealing. Use different types of the best Instagram editing apps, Facebook cover story editors, etc.
  • Avoid wrong-sized images: You should always avoid posting images of the wrong size. This creates a negative impact on the viewers. The image you select to post on social media should have the proper size, with the correct resolution. This gains public attention. The image should be properly cropped.
  • Text: It is always better to write text with some knowledge of words. Moreover, visual contents with heavily loaded texts are not much appreciated. Content with a very less number of words either. Along with these, your content should be free from several mistakes like sentence framing, spelling, etc. Your content should be grammatical-error-free. Again, it is very important to keep in mind that the font size and styles that you use should go with the type of content you are posting shortly. The spacing and overall alignment should be given importance.


It is very significant on your behalf that while visual contents for any kind of social media; you should always pay attention to several things as discussed above. These are the steps that will take you up higher if stepped in properly.


Sympathy is a big word and has an even greater significance. As we increase our human interaction we get to see that sorrow and pain are inevitable parts of life that can only be dealt with when we stay together with each other. Understanding each other’s pain can be hard but we can at least try and share our condolences in a peaceful manner.

Our sympathy cards are one such medium that allows you to convey your feelings in the purest manner and also include multiple people if you want. These are apt for your corporate culture and can become a great instrument in times of need.


Sympathy cards are incomplete without depicting our true selves and for that messages play a huge role. Here are some healing messages that you can write up in your sympathy cards and give the receiver a moment of courage and strength to fight the bad obstacles of life.

  • “I’m sure your heart is aching. We want you to know that we are here for you if you need anything. Expect us to check in soon.”
  • “We are deeply sorry about the loss of (name). As you grieve, know that we are remembering and honouring him/her.”
  • “I am so sorry to hear about your loss. My thoughts are with you.”
  • “May (name) rest in peace. Know that I’m here for you during this time of grieving.”
  • “Thinking of you in these difficult times.”
  • “My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. It was a joy to work in the presence of (name of deceased.) I will never forget the warmth his/her smile brought to the office every day.”
  • “Thinking of you, wishing you hope amid sorrow, comfort during pain.”
  • “The loss of (name) is felt by many. May the memories of their wonderful personality and many contributions be celebrated by all.”
  • “(Name of coworker) will be in our hearts and memories.”
  • “(Name of deceased) will remain in our hearts forever. May you be comforted by the outpouring of love and support.”
  • “Words fall short of expressing my sorrow for your loss. I am deeply sorry to hear about the passing of (name).”
  • Take my deepest condolences. May God give you stability and bless you to cope with this tough time of grief.
  • I don’t have the words to express exactly what I’d like to say. Please accept my deepest sympathy for your loss.
  • No word holds enough power to ease your heart’s pain. May God bless you to overcome this crucial situation! And don’t think of yourself alone in this journey.
  • With heartfelt sympathy, wishing you and your family vigour to face the hard time and strength to come over the grief.
  • I am at a loss for words during this sorrowful time. Please know that I am thinking of you and praying for peace and comfort!
  • Sending you my deepest sympathy for your valuable loss. May God bestow strength upon you to have control over your grief!

How to Build an Android App with Online Presence Using Kotlin

How to Build an Android App with Online Presence Using Kotlin

As of now, contribution of Android applications to the overall mobile app market exceeds 85% and has successfully overtaken its iOS counterpart; whereas its future is also bright! That said, the number of Android users are increasing day by day which also puts pressure on tech market to manage the apps and improve user-experience at all steps.

Whether you’re developing the next powerful Android app from scratch or simply migrating the existing version, make sure its architectural base is transparent, easy and robust. Back in 2017, Google announced a new, improved version of Java that streamlines the entire app development process, known as Kotlin. Let’s have a brief look into Kotlin before diving deep into the actual app development.

Sneak-Peek into Kotlin for Android App Development

Kotlin’s origin dates back to 2011 with its official release in 2016 and actual implementation as a preferred open-source programming language for Android app development. It allows faster and easy coding, quick turnaround and being a modern statistically typed, more than 60% Android app development companies and solo developers work on Kotlin as it boosts productivity, satisfaction, makes for easy and secure coding, saves a lot of time and development cost. That said, some of the leading mobile app development companies in Dubai prefer Kotlin for Android apps.

Kotlin as a Successor to Java – Answering the What & Whys

More Concise & SpecificKotlin comes with many modern integration features that makes it easier for Android app development companies to make full use of their creative ideas by writing worthy and reusable codes.

Safer & Securer Coding – It has @Nullable and @NonNull in the type system to help coders avoid annoying NullPointerExpectations thus reducing the chances for Android app crashes by 20% while promising safer coding.

Interoperability – Unlike various programming languages, Kotlin is 100% compatible to seamlessly integrate into the language you’re currently using for app development. Someone willing to merge Java stacks with Kotlin, the transition process is quite simple.

Other than the amazing reasons mentioned above which makes Kotlin rule over Java, this particular mobile app development Dubai programming language has also resolved many issues, voted for the best app development experience.

          Enable easy development and support of multiple property types.

          Availability of string templates and primary constructors

          Enable access to many different data class types

          Fewer coding means less time consuming and more productivity without compromising the quality

          Amazing IDE and built-in tools to maximise the app development process and user-experience

          Kotlin is also an enterprise-grade app development language that gives Android app developers an edge over many others

With so many amazing features, no doubt Kotlin has everything that makes it one of the best programming and app development languages.

Android App Development with Kotlin

        Gear Up the Android Studio – When starting with your very first Android app development with Kotlin, understanding the baseline is very important, as with every other programming language. Download and install Android Studio first.

        Project Creation – Once installed, register yourself as an Android Developer on the Android Studio and begin by defining the basic layouts of the project such as user-interface for fragment.

        Virtual Device Setup & Running the App – Create an emulator for app testing purposes. Run the app for testing possible glitches and have them resolved.

        Layout Editor & App Publishing – The Layout Editor lets you change the property values and enables UP upgradation which moves your Android app into the publishing phase. Simply follow the Google Play Store guidelines and have the app published.

For better understanding, let’s explore each of the above steps in detail so you can have the best Android app.

Step 1: Piloting the Android Studio

Being a statically-typed programming language, Kotlin is fully compatible with Java and all you need to do when starting with the app development is by installing the Android Studio programme. For someone new and unfamiliar with the platform, it’s better to approach a professional app development company.

Step 2: Creating the Project

Click on “create a new project” in the Android Studio and select a specific project genre/category.

Step 3: Project Layout

Android Virtual Device (AVD) allows creating a virtual device which simulates android device configuration through a set of special programming characteristics. That said, Android Studio comes with a pre-built AVD manager to ease development and management of the virtual devices. It simply means you can create a virtual emulator device to run and test the app.

Step 4: Run the App

Simply click on the Run icon in the toolbar during which the icon will change automatically. Once the app is built completely and the emulator is ready, the Android Studio will upload it to the emulator and run it for review.

Step 5: Exploring the Layout Editor & User Interface Setup

Go to the Layout Editor and double-click on the “fragment_first.xml”. Just in-case you’re unable to see the file, have a mobile app developer helps you out in running the programme. You can add palette, configure the entire app design just the way you want, component tree and even edit the layout of the app by selecting between portrait or landscape view.

The above steps will help you to make the most out of amazing Kotlin features for a super powerful Android app development that’s definitely going to secure a good online presence and get published on the Google Play Store.