Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment Of Erectile dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction also known as impotence is a male weakness in erection. A male suffering from it cannot get an erection. Even if there is an erection, it will be too soft to have any use.

The problem is not related to age, but age related health problems cause erectile dysfunction.  Lifestyle diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, cardiovascular issues, and poor health create conditions that led to erection difficulty. 

Often the problem emerges in the 40s, but nowadays, even young males suffer from erection issues due to emotional and psychological issues. Let us study its causes, diagnosis and treatment options.


First of all understand that the occasional erection issue is not a sign of erectile dysfunction. When there is at least 60 percent of erection failure, you can be sure that it is erectile dysfunction. You need to take it seriously to prevent its progression.

The first symptom is when you fail to get an erection even when fully aroused. Second symptom, soft erection even with full arousal. Third is difficulty in sustaining the erection you manage to have. And last, the reduced desire for intimacy.

Main causes

Blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol formation on heart arteries, obesity, alcoholism, low testosterone levels etc can cause difficulties in erection. Unhealthy lifestyle, consumption of unhealthy food, and lack of physical exercises create conditions for lifestyle diseases.

Uncontrolled diabetes, blood pressure problem and obesity increase risk of erection failure in the near future. Medical studies and observations point to the fact that a man with waist 42-inch or more is more likely to get erection than a male without lifestyle diseases.

Psychological issues

Depression, anxiety, stress, relationship issues, and phobias are also responsible for difficulties in erection in large sections of males with erection defects. Anxiety and stress could be due to personal or business matters. The lack of confidence in dealing with the partner also creates anxiety and stress leading to difficulty in maintaining an erection.

Medical issues

Injury in the pelvic area which disturbs the blood movement may also show difficulties in maintaining an erection. Heart stroke, prostate issues like prostate cancer or benign prostate enlargement affect the erection process.

Side effects of antidepressants or prolonged medication also interfere with a healthy erection process.  An addiction to smoking, alcohol, drugs or any substance weakens  control over the erection process.


It involves comprehensive medical examination, blood tests, physical examination to check the presence of erection issues and then its causes. When all medical tests are negative, doctors may recommend psychological assessment to identify mental issues behind erection failure.

Psychological assessment is a series of questions which are already fixed by the psychologist to determine the mental condition of the patient at the time of assessment.

Treatment options

Treatment options depend on the underlying cause and medical status report on the patient.  Often doctors recommend changes in diet, lifestyle and focus on relations with the partner to get permanent relief from the problem. But these recommendations may work in case of younger males.

Mid aged males are suggested medical treatments of underlying causes. They are also suggested as an immediate solution in the form of 150 mg Sildenafil Citrate in case of severe cases.  The permanent solution comes only by taking care of underlying health issues.

Vacuum tubes

Males who like non medication solutions are recommended hollow tubes. Tubes create vacuum inside to draw in blood flow. The process is very simple to get cured through use of vacuum tubes.


Surgery option is the last option for seniors who fail to get cured by any other method. The surgery is conducted to implant flexible rods to help males inflate the rods whenever the need arises. But this option is reversed for older males.

Injection is also an option for older males who do not get cured by other methods. Injection method is not preferred by the majority of males for its lack of privacy in treatment.

Lifestyle intervention

Younger males and mid aged males who are in good health get relief by just changing diet and including moderate exercise regimen. It has been observed that without Generic Levitra 40mg  such males can get back the natural erection process.

Cognitive behavior therapy

Cognitive behavior therapy is for emotional and psychological causes. It is basically a talk therapy that tries to change the behavior of the person towards the same issue that earlier caused negative feelings. It is also non medication treatment for anxiety, stress or phobia related issues.


Erectile dysfunction is a common male issue. Early detection is a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle or food habits. Never ignore it if it persists as it may be a sign of cholesterol formation in arteries. Consult a doctor to understand its cause and treatment option accordingly.


The early detection will also help you to cure the weakness permanently by a healthy diet, exercises and better relations with the partner.

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