Common Facebook Errors with Solutions


1. What to Do If My Facebook Stops Working or Responding Anymore?

Often, many Facebook users encounter various Facebook errors &btechnical issues like the Facebook news feed not working or responding. The reason could be anything, including server failure or internet connection. But here, in this article, we’re going to explain the troubleshooting feature by which anyone can deal with Facebook-related issues.

So if you’ve somehow failed to get rid of the issue on your own, the following quick steps will help you out.

Quick Steps to Troubleshoot Facebook Account Not Working

Step 1: First, make sure that your internet connection is perfect and there’s no issue with the speed.

Step 2: Turn the notification feature off and turn it back on to see if that helps.

Step 3: Ensure the Facebook app is on the latest version.

Step 4: Your device should not be compromised with third-party security programs.

Step 5: If you’ve installed so many unnecessary apps, uninstall them, as they could be the potential cause for the issue.

This is how you can troubleshoot the issue. If you’ve any other concerns, for example, Facebook notifications not working, you should first check the settings to see whether the notification feature is turned on.

2. How Will I Let Someone, Not See My Post Without Blocking Them?

If you wonder, how do I stop someone from seeing my posts on Facebook without blocking them? Well, you might try restricting them. Putting someone restricted explains that even though you’re friends, the exception is you only share your posts with the user when you choose the option – Public as the audience, or when you tag them in any of your posts.

For example, if you’re friends with your XYZ and you put them on your “Restricted list,” then post a photo and choose Friends as the audience, you aren’t sharing that photo with your XYZ or anyone else on your “Restricted list.” However, if you tag your XYZ in the photo, or chose Public as the audience, they’ll be able to see the photo.

Now, we’ll walk you through the techniques to fix Facebook notifications not working or responding.

What to do If My Facebook Stops Working Properly?

If the settings that are responsible for Facebook notifications are ok and you are still getting the issue, here are a few things to try:

  • Log out of your FB account by clicking the arrow located in the top right corner and selecting the Logout option.
  • Make sure you’re using an updated version of the app or browser.
  • Delete the cookies and cache if you’re using a PC browser.
  • Restart your computer or phone.
  • Reinstall the app after uninstalling it if you’re using a phone.
  • Log into Facebook and try again.

This is how you can fix the FB notification not working issue.

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