Data science and the impact of uncovering insights


I often feel that we do not show enough appreciation for the things data science has done for the human race ;lately. If a single phenomenon has influenced human lives on earth as much as the invention of the steam engine, or climate change, it is data science. You think that is a little over the top? Never mind, this article is going to applaud data science and the good things it brings along openly.

The necessary and the funny

Yes, data science enables both. Can you imagine going to an unknown place without looking it up on Google? You probably are so habituated to using Google maps that you have completely forgotten how to ask a bystander for directions. Now, imagine that without data science . It is not possible. Google is what it is because of data and how they have mastered its management. Well, that is the necessary part.

Augmented reality? Now, that is what you call funny. You put on some glasses and suddenly you are hurtling down from a roller coaster; you have visuals so impactful that you almost let out a scream. Virtual reality and augmented reality have moved further than most of us even are aware of. This, too, is a result of the developments in data science.

Customer engagement at its best

And we are back to the business end of things. This is what you are probably going to focus on after you finish your data science course in Delhi. Companies love their customers and data generated by the customers are the best tokens of their mutual love. Take any E-commerce channel you like and you will see an innate struggle to make the most of the customer generated data. This data in the case of an E-commerce channel is mostly clickstream data that helps the business understand where they are getting the customers from and at what point they are losing them.

Easy as it may sound, the processes and the computation that work underneath data driven decision making is pretty complex and absolutely fascinating. The developments in data science allows a business to update and modify their products and services to provide maximum satisfaction to the most valuable customer base. In fact, without data science the most valuable customer base would have to be recognized based on lose assumptions and outdated data.

Data – Insight – Development – Data

This intriguing cycle is what drives businesses today. They get access to data; analyze it and draw insights. These insights drive decisions that help them grow. The business grows in terms of consumers as well as products and services offered. The growth creates more opportunity for collecting data, and so it goes on. The notion that data is the new fuel is a well thought out one.

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