DIY Ideas for Dryer Vent Maintenance in 2021


If you live in Georgia, US, it is undeniable that a dryer is a major home appliance. While it is used regularly to dry clothes and ease your housework, we cannot ignore its maintenance. To keep your dryer working perfectly, you must know when it needs service. In this pandemic era, as we try to avoid contact with people, DIY ideas for Dryer Vent Maintenance are the best solution. 

You must know that frequent use of the dryer can lead to lint accumulation in its vents. Lint being flammable can ignite due to the hot air, generating a fire hazard. Facts show that dryer fires have risked hundreds of lives and caused deaths. 

What Should You Know About Dryer Functioning? 

Homeowners must know the alarming signs that indicate a blockage within the dryer. If you feel a burning smell when the dryer is functioning, the dryer is too hot (after cycle), lint is bulging out, or clothes are not dried properly, you must seek help for Dryer Vent Cleaning in CummingHigh energy bills also hint at improper functioning of the dryer. 

Experts suggest that dryer ducts should be inspected and cleaned at least twice a year. At the same time, some people might find it expensive to hire the services of a professional. Alternatively, you can learn the techniques to do it by yourself and save money! 

Before you try to clean your dryer, you must know whether it is gas or electric-powered. Whatever the source is, it is essential to switch it off before cleaning. If you don’t feel confident, you must call Commercial Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning in Cumming

DIY Dryer Maintenance 

If you wish to clean your dryer yourself, you need to purchase a dryer duct cleaning kit. It is quite affordable and available at any hardware store. 

DIY Ways to Clean Dryer Ducts 

In the past couple of years, almost 92% of home fires have been caused by a dryer. Hence, you must understand that proper dryer duct cleaning and maintenance will keep your appliance working efficiently and help eliminate the risk. 

If you don’t clean your dryer vent after every use, then you immediately change your habit. You must know that the dryer traps not only lint but also hot air. This impacts your appliance’s optimum functioning and leads to safety risks. So, after every month, you should clean the ducts for lint and wash them with soapy water using a brush. 

Identify the Ducts 

Before properly cleaning the dryer ventilation system, you need to locate the vents. You will need to identify the starting and finishing points of the ducts. The majority of the dryers have an opening that links to the piping and ductwork within the wall. This lets hot air pass through the opening on the outside of the wall. The outdoor exit vent is usually covered, letting warm air escape and keep undesirable guests out. 

Detach the Dryer  

After identifying the ducts, you should then disconnect the dryer. If it’s an electric dryer, then you should first unplug it from the outlet. It would be best if you gently pulled the vent canal apart from the duct on the wall.   

And if it’s a gas dryer, handle the gas pipe with care to avoid leakage while moving the dryer. 

Creaky Clean 

After you identify the dryer duct in your laundry area, you should take off the duct flap or shelter from the external vent. This step cannot be performed without a vent cleaning kit. These kits are highly affordable and available locally. 

This vent cleaning kit’s useful tools include a lint brush and several 2-feet extended stretchy sectors that easily fit together to form a 12 feet long rod. If the duct is easily accessible, you can attach a typical power drill to the rod that will allow you to spin the duct brushes and clean well. This is a more professional approach than cleaning it by hand. 

You need to insert the brush into the rod either through the entrance or exit. The pull of gravity can prove to be helpful while performing this task. Hence, you should locate the higher duct and slide the brush from that side.  

Whichever exit the brush is directing to will be the one where the rubble will come out. You can encase the laundry area floor to save time and hassle after cleaning. In case you enter from the external vent and force the debris into the laundry area exhaust (located inside the home), these tips will be beneficial. 

After this, you should force the rod and brush end as far-off as you can. It would be better if you were vigilant that there might be twists and turns in this particular vent, so you need to move gradually and practice patience. 

Then you should move the rod back-and-forth. Alternatively, you can use the power drill to accelerate the procedure. These acts should be done unless the debris starts coming out from the other end. And if you have not cleaned your dryer for a long time, then you must be prepared to dedicate a good deal of time to this cleaning. You should expect a great amount of lint, filth, and rubble coming out of the pipe onto the floor. 

Reassembling the Dryer 

After you are complete with cleaning, you should now reassemble the dryer. The main task is carefully and safely attaching the vents to the main unit. Then, you need to move the dryer back into its original position. Give a pat to yourself, as you are done!

Fun Test 

Some people are less motivated to clean their dryers. For this, they can run a fun test to know it’s the right time for cleaning. You can load the dryer fully with wet clothes and observe the results. After this, you should clean your vents. After cleaning, you should repeat another cycle of the same weight and size. You will observe that the second cycle was quick and efficient. 

This practice will save your time, repair cost, replacement cost, energy bills, and hassle.

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