Evening Desert Safari – Explore the Amazing Sunset in Dubai


Dubai has firm recognition on the world map as a land of ethereal beauty, eccentric culture, and giant skyscrapers

The desert of Dubai is a natural asset preserved as its conservation reserve in the southern region. Whether you want to have cultural insights of the Arabs or satisfy the adrenaline junkie inside of you. Take its souk markets and camels wandering in a desert safari Dubai, these are the immediate mediums to view the city’s historic aspects this place is a perfect fit for the explorers, especially on a sunset tour.

During my venture to explore Dubai, I was accompanied by family and some amazing hosts. Happy Adventures Tourism LLC hosted an evening desert safari for us. The glimpses of these are mentioned below.

What does a Sunset Desert Safari Offer to its Visitors?

1.   Get Set Safari! 

An evening desert safari in Dubai begins during late afternoons with a pickup in a 4×4. The target is to reach the dunes before sunset. So that the visitors would consume the real essence of being on the evening tour. 

We headed out to the dunes through a land cruiser which was driven by a skilled driver from Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. They also offer bus services and self-driven packages in which the visitors get free parking spaces as well. Out of these, you can choose according to your feasibility.

2.           Enthralling Desert Activities

Get your hands on your favorite SUV and go furious across the high-end dunes. The desert activities are quite overwhelming for people who love to stay high. Dune bashing is a famous activity of the dune arena in which a 4×4 crosses the terrain like a roller coaster ride. We enjoyed our ride in a Nissan Patrol which is a 4×4 off-road vehicle. It was driven by a skilled professional and we were along with the tour operator of team Happy Adventures Tourism.

I remember having an adrenaline rush from riding in a quad bike as well. As it was a solo drive & out of the deal, so I paid over and drifted the quad bike across the heaps. People also take part in sandboarding which is another amusing activity at the dunes of Dubai.

3.           Soak up in the Cantaloupe

The universal beauty of the sunset seems extraordinary in the golden landscape of the desert. The wandering camels, exquisite flora & fauna, furious SUVs, and colorful campsites look breathtaking upon getting soaked in the sunset hues. There is a great opportunity for photographers to click their best shots.

We also clicked lovely portraits right at the moment when the beauty of the setting sun was at its peak. Happy Adventures Tourism LLC also provides photography facilities of which we made the most. Witness the sunset beauty making the whole desert an epitome of ethereal beauty, then an evening desert safari is exclusively for you.

4. Henna Painting and Arabian Outfitting

Get into the vibrancy of Arabian culture represented at its level best! Henna painting is an amusing activity you’ll see going on at the campsite. Women and kids never miss a chance of having henna tattoos and celebrate being in an eccentric place. On the contrary, men indulge themselves in outfitting the traditional Kandura dresses. Take voguish pictures of yours in those white robes along with the iconic headscarves of the sheiks. It’s a great souvenir of this diverse landscape.

5. Festivity of Live Shows

The live entertainment fest begins after sunset. In this, the guests are gathered to witness the traditional gala. There are Tanoura dancers who, with their spin dance, awaken your inner mystic. The blazing fire show lightens up the vicinity of the desert through astonishing fire stunts of the artist. Also, the belly dancers take people to the realm of ecstasy through their striking dance performances.

6. Arabian and International Savory

The tempting Arabian savory is set at the buffet table which seems so tempting to consume. Engulf delicious bites from the charcoal roasted meat and tempting BBQ. Happy Adventures Tourism LLC takes care of their vegetarian guests too. We were also presented with luscious veg dishes, salads, and appetizers at the buffet. Moreover, there were chilled soft drinks, refreshing tea, and Arabian coffee. Most of these items were given complimentary with a welcoming gesture by our hosts. 



Whenever you grab an expedition to the Dunes of Dubai, make sure to reach the right people. We had an amazing time with the team Happy Adventures Tourism. They not only looked into the arrangements subtly but also gave a pleasing company. We had an amazing time in the Arabian dune arena. Evening desert safari keeps exceptional features as the perks and benefits that are offered here, you’ll find nowhere else. 

From pick up, sightseeing, and activities, camping, and finally to drop off; every event of this venture is filled with extra bounties.  


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