Gear Up To Start Your E-scooter Services Business By Developing An E-scooter App


To begin, e-scooters or e-bikes are the greener transportation option that will be preferred by people if launched. You might have been familiar with the e-scooters of LimeBike, Jump, and Uber. These three are successful players in the e-scooter industry. This blog will circle over the idea of e-scooter app development for your business. Let us plunge!

E-scooters – The Odd Man Out

Over the years, people have become accustomed to public transportations. In the case of private transportations, they had limited choices like taxis and autos. To bring a revolutionary change in the transportation industry, companies like Uber, LimeBike, Jump, etc., launched their e-scooters. Though these e-scooters services are not available in every country, it is a big hit in the U.S.

Therefore, it is a golden opportunity for you to launch your e-scooter services. This blog will help you in understanding the working, features, and revenue models of the e-scooter services business.

First, let us take a look at the top industry players of e-scooter services.

Successful Predecessors In The E-scooter Services

  • LimeBike

LimeBike has its perfectly designed e-scooters. The company states that its aim is to offer transportation services that don’t harm the environment. Additionally, e-scooters are saviors in traffic-prone areas. Other than offering environmental-friendly e-scooters, the company makes them available to users instantly. Yes, LimeBike offers on-demand e-scooter services. On the whole, LimeBike offers e-scooter services that are both customer-friendly and eco-friendly!

Here are the different types of e-scooters offered by LimeBike.

  1. Lime-S electric scooters

  2. Lime-E electric-assist bikes

  3. Lime Smart pedal bikes

  • Jump

Jump is one of the popular e-scooter services companies that was launched in 2010. The company has a wide market presence spreading across different countries like the U.S., UK, New Zealand, Australia, France, Germany, etc. Jump e-bikes are dockless, meaning that they do not have any fixed location. Instead, they can be picked-up/dropped-up from/at specific parking lots. 

In the year 2018, Uber acquired Jump for 200 million USD. After the acquisition, Jump started expanding its services in the European market. 

Other than Jump and LimeBike, there are many e-scooter service providers like Goat, Spin, Scoot, Wind mobility, etc. 

From here, let us move on to the features present in these e-scooter apps. 

Features That Keeps Users Plugged-In!

  • Registration 

Let us start with registration. Firstly, your users will have to provide their details and finish the registration. Once done, they are free to login into the app and book rides.

  • Integrated map

The in-app map will be helpful for users in finding the area of the e-scooter. The map will accurately locate the nearby e-scooter so that users can easily find it.

  • QR scanning

To lock or unlock the e-scooter, users must scan the QR code that is mounted on the e-scooter using their smartphone.

  • GPS-enabled real-time tracking

The real-time tracking feature will be helpful for users in finding the nearby parking lots and also the right direction to the destination.

  • Integrated payment gateways

While booking or after completing the ride, users can make the booking. The app has different payment gateways through which users can pick their convenient payment option.

  • Push notifications

Push notifications will be helpful in keeping users informed about their bookings and other in-app updates.

And that’s a vast set of real-time features of the e-scooter app. The next section will be about the working of an e-scooter app.

How To Operate The E-scooter App To Book Rides?

Step 1:
The first step lies with the user registration. On completion, users can log in to the app.

Step 2:
Users will look through the in-app to find the nearest e-scooter. If found, they will book and reach out to the e-scooter parking lot.

Step 3:
After finding the e-scooter, they must unlock it using their smartphones. Specifically, every user must scan the QR on the e-scooter. Only then the scooter gets unlocked.

Step 4:
Now, the user will start riding and take help from the in-app map feature.

Step 5
: Once the user reaches the destination, he/she will have to leave the e-scooter in the specified parking lot.

Step 6
: After the completion of the ride, the user will have to make the payment.

As promised earlier, we have covered the features and working model of the app. Next, we will uncover the revenue model of the e-scooter business.

Different Ways To Monetize Your E-scooter Business

  • Ride charges

LimeBike imposes ride charges on a per-minute basis. Hence, you can also adopt this type of ride charge.

  • Subscription plans

Provide different subscription plans so that users will opt for their convenient subscription plan.

Summing up, e-scooter services is an excellent business idea to make use of. There are many e-scooter app developers who build Jump clone apps. Approach them, get their quotation, and develop your app. 

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