How Do Residential Land Surveys Work in Calgary?


Calgary is one of the world’s most livable cities because of its cleanliness, affordable cost of living, and the lucrative job market. Given all these reasons, it is no surprise that many people choose to find a home and settle in this city. Or, others, see Calgary as an excellent location to invest in and sell land or property.

Regardless, buying or selling land and property is a significant decision that you should think about carefully. When it comes to these real estate transactions, you should work with residential land surveyors in Calgary before finalizing anything. Read on to learn more about how land surveys work in Calgary and why they are critical when making property decisions.

What are Residential Land Surveys?

Residential land surveys are comprehensive documents outlining the measurements of a property’s lot lines. These include the dimensions and location of a property and its surrounding structures, including easements and encroachments. More importantly, the survey will also identify the property’s boundary lines to prevent legal disputes from arising later on.

To create these surveys, residential land surveyors in Calgary may use different techniques. In most cases, they start by researching the property and land in question, then looking up the title deed to identify the rightful owner. After verifying this, they will sketch and map out the property’s land and boundaries to get the correct details and measurements.

Professional surveyors use advanced equipment and tools to streamline surveying and increase data accuracy. Some popular technologies include laser scanning, uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs), and geographic information systems (GIS) to help surveyors gather large volumes of data at a more granular level. They can also get a closer look at the land through scanners, which can reach narrow areas.

Benefits of Getting Professional Land Surveys

Residential land surveys are generally a staple in property development projects or real estate matters. However, if you are not familiar with them, here are the main benefits of getting a survey before buying or selling property in Calgary:

Know What You Are Buying

In the case of buyers, land surveys are essential to help you understand what exactly you are buying. Aside from confirming a property’s measurements and legal boundaries, you should also assess topographical details to know whether an area is a flood-or-disaster-prone.

This way, you get a complete picture of the property and can make more informed decisions about your purchase.

Determine Optimal Value for Property

Similarly, in the case of sellers, land surveys allow you to look at your property to avoid under-or overvaluing it. Property owners often forget to consider factors like landscape, hardscape, and topography in their pricing decisions. Thus, residential land surveyors in Calgary can help in this regard.

Locate Boundary Lines

One of the main benefits of residential land surveys is locating boundary lines. It is imperative to clarify who owns what part of a particular parcel of land since you can quickly build something that infringes on your neighbor’s property. So, by knowing where your property’s boundaries lie, you can prevent these disputes.

Overall, residential land surveys are essential to assess land or property in more detail. Regardless of whether you are the buyer or seller, the last thing you want is to run into legal disputes or price your property poorly for not knowing the specific details related to the asset. To avoid such situations, make sure to work with a reputable land surveyor in Calgary to help you out.

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