How does a patient find asthma in his life?


The first question that comes in case of asthma is – what is Asthma and how one can get the prey of this disease Asthma?

Asthma is a lung disorder where the patient has difficulties in breathing. The air passages (bronchial tubes) get narrower and inflamed due to which air cannot pass properly and hence oxygen transport gets interrupted in the long due to which gasping, shortness of breath, coughing occurs and these are the signs of asthma. Hence, this is the way a patient forms Asthma. And prolonged untreated asthma can cause chronic obstructive disorder, emphysema, or lung cancer like deadly diseases.

The three factors which cause Asthma are:



Asthma triggers

So, these three factors can make the patient the prey of chronic lung disease Asthma.

Are Asthma and Asthma Triggers the same?

Yes, you can say in some way because one of the prime causes of asthma is Asthma Triggers. So, asthma triggers are responsible for bronchial asthma.

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How does Asthma interrupt the breathing process?

During an attack of asthma, the aviation route becomes very hypersensitive and they swell because of inflammation. And this inflammation tapers the airways and restricts the flow of air into it and this causes oxygen deficiency. Due to oxygen deficiency, the patient suffers from shortness of breath. And this all-cause due to:

Bronchospasms: the bronchial tubes are enriched with respiratory smooth muscles and during asthma these muscles contract and stop the entry of air. This is called bronchospasm. The wheezing and coughing are the signs of bronchospasms. It worsens in the case of chilled air when cold air gets into the air passage and cannot pass then the condition of spasms gets worst. For treating bronchospasm bronchodilators like Cipla Asthalin inhaler or Aerocort Inhaler should be used.

Inflammation: during inflammation of the airways there is an increase in the production of mucous. And mucous blocks the air passages or narrow them by their sticky and glued liquid form. And since the mucous blocks the air entry, the respiratory smooth muscles have to work to get a sufficient amount of air, so the respiratory muscles get fatigued during an asthma attack. And at the site of inflammation, certain allergic reactions occur due to more histaminic release or eosinophilic reactions, which leads to respiratory tissue damage, such things add up to the asthma attack and make it worse.

Triggers of asthma (hypersensitive things): there are many things which act as an irritant in the airway passage and can lead to a hypersensitive reaction, due to allergic reaction the bronchial tubes get inflamed and blocked and result in Asthma. And the triggers responsible for an asthma attack are:

a) For Allergic Asthma-

The irritants or allergens give a boost to asthmatic health. Inhaling these allergens can cause irritation and bronchospasms and lead to asthma attacks. The allergens are:

1. Dirt particles

2. Broken pollens which spread in the air

3. Excreta of cockroaches

4. Feces of mites

5. Hairs, skin, saliva, Sanders of animals

6. Spores

7. Rodents.

b) Irritants causing Asthma

Not all allergies are responsible for a bronchial asthma attack, it is the irritants/allergens who are responsible for the swelling and irritation in the air passage. And they are:

1. The smokes from the cigarettes

2. Chemical smokes from factors and manufacturing industries

3. Smog, the a mixture of smoke and fog during winters in the big polluted metro cities

4. Charcoal broil smokes

5. Chemical fumes, or fumes from the bonfires

6. Dust

7. Any strong scent or perfumes

8. Many chemicals, and enzymes.

c) Heavy physical activities means exercise-induced asthma

d) Chilly weather or changes in weather conditions

e) Other Health Conditions

Suppose the asthma patient is the prey of other diseases like:

1. Different food allergy

2. Obstructive sleep asphyxia

3. Obesity

4. Gastrointestinal problems like GERD

5. Pneumonia, flu, common colds, sinuses, sore throats, rhinitis

6. Allergy from aspergillus/pollens

7. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

8. Polyps in the nasal airways

9. Pregnancy complications

f) Certain Medications

There is a lot of medicine that just enhances the asthmatic episodes. And some are like-

1. Medicines that cause bronchoconstriction like metoprolol, propranolol (these are beta-blockers). Hence always remember that beta-blockers add up to asthma attacks, so asthma patients before consuming beta-blockers always ask for a doctor.

2. Aspirin or any other NSAIDs can cause bronchospasms.

g) Feelings and Strong Emotions

Indeed, your feelings, state of mind swings can trigger your breathing example and can cause asthma regardless of whether you don’t have a background marked by any asthma. Assume you are stunned and you burst into tears and this circumstance is proceeding for quite a while then it may cause difficulty in breathing, panting, and snugness of chest. Your feelings like-


Over joyful and anticipation

Panicking and fear

Irritation or Anger

Over Sobbing

Burst into laughter

Thus, these are a portion of the Asthma Triggers that trigger asthma.

To forestall asthma you can know by which factor your asthmatic attack gets set off and you need to dodge that asthma trigger however much as could be expected.

To get you free from asthma you have to seek medical professional help, and you can buy medications such as Asthalin Inhaler Cipla, Aerocort Inhaler from Arrowmeds as these bronchodilators and corticosteroids help in expanding the chest during an asthma attack.

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