How men are succumbing to global professionalism


Often you will find many bloggers and vloggers to target AI and blame the same to be the major villain for society’s collateral damage. They are correct to a great extent in their views but they are looking at the intermediate level of the damage only.

People are losing their jobs for the reason of AI, people are finding stress in their life for the work pressure and for the joblessness – here too there is the AI to act in the background. But there is another one who is acting in the background of AI, which the bloggers and vloggers are either missing out or not expressing those for, might be a sense of fear and that is professionalism.

Yes, professionalism at every aspect to the extreme extent is the cause of developing AI, is the cause of making people jobless, is the reason for their stress, and is also the reason for such anomalies in life. You are wondering how it is – right? Let’s get into deeper impacts of the same for a clear understanding.

How professionalism is creating collateral damage

Professionalism has eradicated talents from the world – there is no doubt in that. No talent can express their talent under pressure. No author can write a time-winning book under the threat of completing the same within a stipulated time, as is ordered by professionalism. No scientist can become Einstein when they are pushed to research the topic allotted by businessmen. No politician can show the world a new dawn of humanity when he is tuned by professionalism.

The same is happening today if you wide open your eyes. Thousands of authors are there and many of them are registered as best sellers too, but where are their names? Where is Keats, where is Tennyson, where is Wordsworth, where is A C Doyle, where is Agatha Christie, where is R L Stevenson and where is Shakespeare?

Has mother earth stopped procuring them – no she hasn’t stopped, but professionalism won’t allow the authors to become such, as professionals think they are God and they are going to define what the authors must write and how much they must take to complete their tasks.

Not only in the case of literature – the professionals pick up their collars and proudly roar – we are progressing. Yes, we are progressing and progressing harshly – each year there are so many nobles awarded to scientists. But where is the name them? Where are Nicola Tesla, Einstein, Pasteur, and Marie Curie?

In politics, has mother earth stopped giving birth to the Lincolns, Marx, and Lenin? Has the earth stopped giving birth to Galileo, Archimedes, Pythagoras, Socrates, and Plato? Where are such big names among all the noble winners today? Certainly, there aren’t any, but why not?

These big names are not there for the reason of professionalism. None of the names mentioned above had worked under the surveillance of traders, businessmen and none of them took up an assignment from any other personality even. The big names are big names for their independence and talents need independence or freedom of thought and practice to the utmost level, which the global professionalism won’t allow.

Professionalism in normal men’s life

It is not that the collateral damage that is going on over the globe is concentrated on the talents alone. It is not only the fact that there will be no proper history of this era in the books of mankind, but the normal life of humans has also faced spectacular damage for professionalism.

People are now least bothered about what they are doing but they are bothered about what they are earning – again because of the ghostly engulfment of professionalism.  However, there is a deep fight going on in the minds of all men while they pursue their life like that. And as a result of the same, they are developing tons and tons of disorders at the present.

The Discovery of science has stopped and has been replaced with the invention of technologies and AI, with the aid of this professionalism. Science and scientists are so focused on inventions than discovery as if science found God – every word of development thus turned into a mockery now.

Literature is now established on how these AI are replacing humanity, rather than the expression of the human mind as if they have attained God and there is nothing to discover about the origin of the creation.

But all these discoveries and ideas and wishes for the same are very much agile in the minds of men. Due to hardcore professionalism, they can’t express the same and as a result, the new discoveries are based on disorders, than anything else.

At present, new scientific theories are obsolete and the discovery of new disorders is at the top of the list and the basic reason is this professionalism. It seems like a business agenda to those professional heroes to name infinite disorders and create drugs to suppress that and bring out hundreds of other disorders.

Huge stress is there on the human mind – they call it the pressure of work, but the actuality is not that. Actuality is they cannot express themselves due to professionalism and hence develop annoying disorders, where they have to rely upon Cenforce 200mg, Vidalista 60 mg, or Fildena 100 at All Generic Pills for their basic functioning as human beings.

Can this be called development, or we are enforced to call this as development as the chit code of survival in society and this civilization? It is high time to give a thought on this – if you have not started thinking in this pattern, it is time again to start thinking in this way now.

Freedom has to be won and will not be awarded

Freedom is what you need and that will not be given, but only announced. This is the case for all the nations, who announce that they attained freedom. Give a look at those nations, who call themselves freed, nurture the history, and learn from whom they were asking freedom – you will see the same thing. The same thing in all nations – from whom they announced freedom are ruling their nations now. This is enough to understand that freedom is not a word to be uttered, but has to be won by battling with your life. If you have still not decided to move on to the battlefield, it is high time now to put your shoes on.

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