How To Charge Electric Vehicles At Home?


Electric vehicles are a better option for our planet earth because they are free of harmful emissions. Operating electric vehicles is easier than fuel-based vehicles.

Electric vehicles are available with fewer moving components. Therefore, maintenance cost is also reduced if you drive an electric car.

However, charging an electric vehicle is always a matter of concern.

There are a number of options to charge an electric car. You can install your personal charging point at home, at a public EV charging point, or from the mains.

Most drivers find it extremely convenient to charge their cars at their homes.

Therefore, we have made this blog to help you to charge your EVs in the comfortable environment of your home.

How can you charge your electric car at your home?

To charge your electric vehicle at home, you need to install a charging point where you park your car. A 3-pin plug socket with an EVSE supply cable will be convenient for your task.

A high-quality EV charging point will be appropriate for EV charging since it is faster and has certain safety features.

The home chargers have a compact unit that includes a connected charging cable and a socket. This unit is mounted to a wall where you park your vehicle.

You have to note that only a trained and qualified specialist is able to install a home EV charging point at home.

How to install an electric car charging point?

You need the services of a professional to install an EV charging point at your home. The expert should be trained and certified to prove his efficiency.

The professional will come to your home and he will mount the charger point on the wall of a garage or any exterior place where you usually park your car.

You can book the installation of your Electric car charging point with the help of the Internet, a phone call, or a message.

A skilled expert is supposed to guide you to charge your car with the installed charging point. You can ask if you have any questions.

How often can you charge your car with the home EV charging point?

You are free to charge your electric car with the help of your home charger whenever you want.

Nothing is very special in charging your car.

However, you do not need to charge your car every day.

Advantages of home EV charging points

Home EV chargers are faster:

Efficient home charging stations near me are able to charge your vehicle about 1 hour earlier. It is much faster than the time taken by charging from mains which is six hours. The home charging system is quicker than the public EV charging points as well.

Home EV chargers are cheaper:

If you choose a reliable home EV charging system provider, it will surely be an affordable deal for you.

Generally, the cost of charging depends on the model of your vehicle and the electricity tariff.

Home EV chargers are comfortable:

In the comparison with charging your EV at a public charging station, charging the car at home is indeed convenient.

However, many public charging points are available but you have to wait for an uncertain time to charge your car. It is really inconvenient in a parking place.

But, if you have a charging point at home, you need not worry about the power of your car battery.

If you are interested in a reliable, efficient, and fast EV charging solution, you must go for a smart charger like zappi tethered in white. You will find it more convenient and easy if you have an efficient EV charging system at home.

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