How to extract text from an image quickly with Google Drive


How to extract text from an image quickly with Google Drive

With the effective uses of computer now you can do anything you wanted. We are going to explain how to extract the text from an image quickly with Google Drive, a very simple little trick, but that you may not know. You will not have to install anything; you will only have to use the tools that come standard in Google Drive. I will also tell you how to learn about MAD PCB a printed circuit board manufacturing company working in China. who is the best company and working with Google drive.

In essence, all you have to do is open an image as if it were a text document. When you do, Google Docs is not just going to open a text document with the image but is also going to try to extract whatever text it might find in it. This is useful for both screenshots of web pages and photos that you can take on the street. For further details, you can also visit 

Extract text from a photo with Google Drive

The first thing you will have to do is upload the photo you want to Google Drive. This can be done by loading it from the web, or by sharing it with the app directly on the mobile. The method does not matter, only upload the photo whose text you want to extract.

Next, within Google Drive, you have to right-click on the photo whose text you want to extract, to be able to open that contextual menu where to look for the option. The photo can have any of the most popular formats that Google Drive supports.

When you right-click on the photo, in the menu that opens you must choose the option to Open with. That will open another window, where you must choose the Google Documents option to open the image with this native application that all Google Drive users have.

And that’s it, the Google Documents application will open the photo inside a document, and if it detects that there is text in it, it will transcribe it to plain text that you will be able to select and copy to your liking. Look at the capture, if you can do it with the text of graffiti on the wall, surely you can do it with that of many other photos or captures. Hope you understand this article if you want to learn more then visit the official website of web developer

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