How to increase typing speed?

typing speed

Nowadays the computer is an essential part of our daily life. No matter if you are a student or an office employee, a computer is required everywhere. And a fast typing speed can save a lot of time in your daily routine.

Fast typing speed can easily be achieved if you take advantage of certain typing exercises and methods that speed up typing.

To make your typing fast, you have to follow the right way only. You can use several methods to type, among them Hunt & Peak, Touch typing and Hybrid method use widely.

Hunt & Peak is the method where the typist looks at the source document, read one or two words, and then type using two or three fingers.

Touch typing is the method where the typist looks at the source during type. They memorize the keyboard layout and type without looking at the keyboard. And the Hybrid method is a mixture of touch typing and the Hunt & Peak method.

Now, what typing method to choose?

It’s definitely the touch typing method, as it is the fastest typing method, and almost every professional typist uses this method to type.

In the beginning, this may feel not very pleasant, but once you understand the process and are habituated with the process, this will increase your typing speed a lot.

The touch typing method

In this method, you have to use all of your fingers to type. First, place your index fingers over the F and J keys. You will find a small plastic bump over these keys. These elevated plastics help you to identify the keys without looking at them.

Now place your middle fingers over the D and K keys, ring fingers over S and L, and small finger on A & ; keys. This finger position is called the home position, and the row is called the home row. You have to return back your fingers to the home row after every keystroke.

For your instance, you may print the image and watch it every time you practice.

Now once you learn this method and realize the process, you have to practice. Make a schedule and practice for at least an hour a day.

To practice typing, you may use any text editor or an online typing test application. After every practice session, remember to note down the result. This will help you to monitor your improvement.

If you can follow these steps, you will be able to improve your typing method easily.

If you type slowly, you may use the Repeat up method. To do this, you have to start typing on the keyboard and then repeatedly type the same words as many times as you can. This way, you can memorize the key pattern easily.

You may play typing games too to set your fingers on the keyboard. If you are a game lover, this will be the best way for you to practice the touch typing method. There are many free typing games available on the internet, just search for your favorite one and play.

It is important to use the correct posture while typing. Your fingers should be positioned at a right angle to the keyboard so that you can rest your fingers comfortably on the keyboard. Faster typing speed can be achieved if you type in a relaxed manner.

One thing you should remember, typing slow is better than making errors. Accuracy is more important than speed, so besides speed, you should focus on accuracy too.

With these simple tips and methods, you can increase your typing skill and can become a much better typist.

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