How to Lead youth Down a Path to Entrepreneurship in 2021


When we want to be successful, we have to work hard. Whenever we start to do something, we should be ready to face failure and success. Because we don’t need to gain success every time. We can only do it with hard work with passion and determination.

There are lots of risks in initiating something different but if we are determined, we will take all the risks and prepare ourselves to face all kinds of results. Isn’t it good to be ready for all kinds of circumstances when you move on the way to success? Yes, it can prevent us from losing hope.

Every person in this world wants a successful life. And for success, it is important to develop yourself and challenge your fear of failure. When we have the potential to overcome our weaknesses and to take risks in life, we can do anything we want to do.

In the world of business, when a person starts a business, he has to face difficulties in starting. But it does not mean that he should stop doing efforts. In the modern era of development, the establishment of a business is not a big deal. But it also requires attention and stamina to take a risk. If he is strong enough to face failure (mostly financial loss), he is the entrepreneur. So we can define an entrepreneur as

“A person, who sets a new business and takes risks in developing the business to achieve his business goals, is an entrepreneur.”

This risk-taking ability to achieve success and to complete the goals is entrepreneurship. An entrepreneur is always focused and passionate about his work. Entrepreneurship is the ability of an enterpriser to organize, establish and grow a business by facing all the uncertainties and ultimately got success.

An entrepreneur is not afraid of losing; he is ready to deal with all the situations. He has a flexible mindset that he can change the way of working or mindset according to the situation.

Role of an Entrepreneur To make your life perfect

The backbone of the economy

Entrepreneurs take financial risks and make investments to make their ideas successful, hence they play an important role in improving the economy of their country. Entrepreneurs make different policies to establish and grow a small business. They can change our mindset regarding the way of work that will help to improve our resources and to increase the revenue. Entrepreneurship is the gateway to generate employment. And this plays a great role in eliminating unemployment from society.

  • Identify & resolve the problems

Entrepreneurs help others in resolving their business-related issues. Starting a business is not enough, identifying all the problems and finding their solutions to run your business smoothly is also very important. And an entrepreneur can eradicate the root of problems by identifying them.

  • Building skills & enhancing talents

Entrepreneurs help the new business owners to enhance their skills. The most important is to develop your communication skills, as it helps a person to communicate with his clients easily. An entrepreneur plays a role of a mentor to help others to enhance their skills and express their innovative ideas.

  • Lead the youth

Fahad Khan Keynote Speaker motivates and leads the youth to express their thoughts. And if they are willing, he also helps them to start their new business. He provides the new business owners with professional and experienced advice that will be beneficial in the long run. Entrepreneurs develop the competitive property in youth so that they can face the computational environment.

Only entrepreneurship is not enough to lead the youth until they don’t believe their selves. It is important to recognize them with their actual identity, when they know their strengths they will work better. And all this process is done with the help of a motivating person i.e. a keynote speaker.

In Pakistan, there are many entrepreneurs and surprisingly females are dominating in this field. Some of the famous entrepreneurs of Pakistan are; Khalida Brohi, Amir Rao, Kalsoom Lakhani, Fahad Khan, and many others. They all work to lead their youth and contribute their role to improve society. Entrepreneurs believe that they will get success if they reimburse their nation.

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