How to Make a Good CV in 2021?


At a time when recruiters do not spend much time on each job application, making a simple, clear and concise curriculum vitae has become the guarantee to attract their attention and arouse their interest. Recruiters are receiving more and more applications and have less and less time to allocate to each of them (between 6 and 40 seconds per CV depending on the studies). Creating the perfect CV then became a sine qua non for landing a job.

Determine What to Include in the CV

The first step is to take stock of the information that will appear in the document. If this is your first time writing a CV, this step is even more important. The point is to identify the relevant elements of your professional career that echo the job description (experience, skills, profile sought in the advertisement, training, etc.) in order to write an application that is both suitable for the post and personalized.

This step requires your full attention since it is this work that will give relevance to your CV. Indeed, a good CV is an optimized CV in which only judicious elements appear according to the advertisement. For example, if you are applying for a sales position, no need to mention your training in butchery or your 6 months as a handler. Limit yourself to experiences that demonstrate knowledge of sales or customer relations (summer job, internships, fixed-term contracts, etc.).

Choose a Simple CV Template

Once you know exactly what information to put on your CV, it is time to choose the right cv template that will showcase them. You can take inspiration from existing examples on the Internet and create your CV using word processing software such as Word or use a tool that makes your job easier and offers templates to fill out. We recommend choosing an online CV creator. Thus, you just have to let yourself be guided to fill in the different sections and the site takes care of the layout and design. Free and without registration, this generator allows you to create a simple, efficient and clear curriculum vitae.

Include your professional social media profiles

Social networks must be highlighted on your CV. As a matter of fact, showing your networking strength on your resume is very advantageous. You can insert a QR Code pointing to your LinkedIn profile or your personal blog for instance. This will show that you are connected, follow the trends and give yourself good visibility. It will also allow recruiters to easily access your profile on LinkedIn. You can also include Twitter and Facebook on your resume. Apart from that, you can show them that you can learn new things, and you won’t be afraid of stepping outside your comfort zone.

In 2021, a professional CV is a simple, elegant and airy CV. But don’t confuse this simplicity with banality. You need a little originality if you want to grab the recruiter’s attention. To make your job easier, always consider using a reliable CV generator. You will save time and improve your chances to land a job interview.

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