Instagram Latest Posts Not Appearing Error and Solution


We wanted to share this article with you on the issue of Instagram shared posts not showing error. People say intensely that they cannot see the posts on their home page. Users who have this problem also state that they have not been able to view their own photos. They also stated that the specified numbers in the number of followers were lower, but actually higher.

If you are one of the people who have such problems, we think this article will help you. Because with the latest updates, Instagram shares are not visible error has started to increase more and more. It is also worth noting that these problems are mostly in mobile applications. Users who log in to their accounts through their own website stated that they do not experience these problems.

If you are constantly faced with this problem while making your entries via the mobile application, the cookie system may cause this issue. Unfortunately, sometimes there may be disruptions or delays in the cookie systems due to the fact that larger sizes are saved on the devices. The speed of your internet can of course be a factor in this situation. When we take a slow internet speed into account, access to the shares can be delayed.

That’s why we want to offer you ways to get out of Instagram shares through two different methods as a solution to the error. One will be about internet speed, while the other will be a solution for the method of cookies. As the last option, we will of course ask you to update the application. In some cases, the application you are using out of date stops working optimally with the new update. New updates are therefore important for optimum operability.

My Instagram Posts Are Invisible

We want to start with our solution for the cookie system, which is our first method for the error that my Instagram shares are not visible:

The cookie system that the Instagram application includes with updates causes disruptions after a while. If problems started to occur, let’s close the application completely first.

Let’s enter the settings section depending on the operating system of your device.

After finding the browser data section from this area, let’s perform the deletion.

Power off your phone, restart it.

You will log into the application again and this time you will see that the problem has disappeared.

Similarly, in order not to get an Instagram sharing not showing error, you can disable the cookie systems for a while in the settings section.

Instagram internet speed problem and outdated application problems can also cause the problem of Instagram home page shares not appearing. You may need to follow these instructions for a solution:

First, you should check the internet speed. Is there a general slowdown? If there is such a situation, it is ideal for you to use the internet with more stable speeds.

If there is no problem with your internet speed, you should look at the update of the application, which we have partially mentioned above.

Depending on your operating system, you are logged into your application market. From this area, you enter the “My Downloads” tab where your application is installed.

You can see if the application is up-to-date in the My Downloads tab, and if there is a new update status, you can still see and download it here.

I Can’t See My Instagram Photos

The problem I cannot see my Instagram photos also includes similar solutions. Many users stated that they could not see their own photos, but they could see their own photos when they looked at their friends’ devices and accounts. If you encounter such a problem, you may need to intervene in the same cookie system. Although users are sure that the photos they have just taken and uploaded are uploaded, they cannot see their images in any way when they log into their accounts. However, another user can see and interact with this image. Despite this, the person still does not receive a notification.

When users look at their images through other accounts, they can see these comments or how many people like them without any problem. Of course, we counted enough setbacks to say it was annoying. But don’t worry; the problem is neither on your device nor with your account. These problems with the cookie system have caused many people to encounter the problem that my Instagram photos are not visible. To solve this problem, you can delete your cookies through your settings and eliminate the problem.

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