Jumanji Welcome to the jungle torrent


Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle torrent

Jumanji welcomes aboard all fans who have been anticipating the new thrilling adventurous movie Jumanji welcome to the jungle torrent’’

This time things turn around to bizarre for the four young teenagers locked up in an old video game console. These young teenagers were all were captured inside the game of Jumanji.

This happened when they brought an old game console that was kept for a long. This was how they were all thrown deep down into the jungle of the game alongside their bodies. With the actors of Dwayne Johnson, jack black, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillian. They later came to understand that in the game you do not play it but live in it to play.

Jumanji welcome to the jungle torrent

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They as well learned about the monstrous bizarre-looking creatures that live within the forests of Jumanji threatening the lives of all the avatars in the game.

Find the objective of the mission and complete

In the Jumanji movie four teenagers were somehow pulled and trapped into the game, it was a magic spell. A few minutes after arrival in the game they faced some enemies and had some misunderstanding within themselves. But later they came to realize that for them to be able to make it out of the game alive, the four of them must work together as a team.

In order to return to the real world, they must face and pass through the most dangerous creatures/stages of the game while protecting their lives.

All this is to find out about Alan parish and the package he left there 20 years ago .and also this will help them change the way they think and see themselves, or else they could choose to be trapped in the game for eternity.

But certainly, there was a change in the way they see selves they came in unity to think good on how to move forward with their mission as to complete it.

They battled past many stages including the scary valley filled with baboons they made sure they helped each other in passing that level.

Though one of them lost a life on that level but did not stop them from working together. They again came around a salty water lake they crossed and moved forward to the garage where they have to board a plane to make their journey home to complete the mission unfortunately there were so many soldiers deployed in that area to keep them off from coming in.

This gave them a pause for a while they choose one of the players in woman skin to go seduce the securities to cause a distraction so the rest of the team can go in to carry on. unfortunately, it all went wrong as she could not execute the task given to her and this was because she wasn’t really a woman but wearing a woman skin but something happened along the line she managed to be a good dancer so the guards seeing her tried to interrogate her she turned on the music from the nearby radio and gave them a dirty dance through this he beat them all up in a swipe.

The team advances and took the helicopter to another side there on the air, they all chanted Jumanji on the air and we’re all rough home safe.

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