Loft Apartment: Pros and Cons You Must Know Before You Rent


Are you hunting for a place to be known your home? Then a number of options are there ranging from townhouses to apartments to choose from. In case, you can’t make decide then try out the trend-setting loft as your next home.

Being the latest buzz in home and living industry, it exhibits how expansive and versatile they can be for your living. If you are new to the term ‘loft’ then continue reading this blog to know whether it is suitable for you to rent a loft apartment or not!

What is Loft?

Basically, loft is the previous industrial building used as modern apartment these days. It comprises of brick walls, beams, exposed pipes and high ceilings. Loft is mainly built to serve any industrial purpose. But nowadays, new constructions mimic the ideas of loft conversions in London to obtain the feel and look to cater the high rental demands.

Being coupled with open space with no internal walls and singular space, it serves much identical to the efficiency or studio apartment. Never consider bathroom in it as it is a basic commodity no exception to that. Not a single person can live without private bathroom.

Besides loft is excessively enormous as it offers adequate and lots of space in contrast to pint-sized counterparts. More dimensions are offered to the loft by property managers to heighten the privacy as well. It will be better for those for want to share the space with roommates and for the family-man.

Vertical staircase can be also leveraged for utilising the multiple open areas to serve you as living rooms and bedrooms. It is perfect for those who are crazy about urban, charming and expansive living space.

Considering the loft apartment layout you can call upon your roommates for sharing the space with you. Nowadays, loft apartments can be found outskirts of the countryside as well.

Distinguish between traditional apartments and lofts

Are you addled regarding the concept of loft apartment? Then, let’s check in what ways it is different from traditional apartments. It is regarded as the multi-bedroom or studio apartment with specific space for dining area, kitchen area and living and bathroom.

On the other hand, lofts are actually conversion of the industrial buildings and old warehouses where you can scarcely find the amenities. But a couple of distinctive touches can be rarely found for the tenants like roofdeck and courtyard gathering arena. But a number of basic amenities are really impossible to install in the area provided for loft living space. 

Pros and cons to rent a loft apartment

Prior to sign on the contract of taking a loft apartment on lease; please acquire some knowledge with its potential benefits and downlines.


1.     Basically spacious with high ceiling and open concept

If you are tired of living in lavish urban apartment the loft living can be the ideal option for you! It not only offers spacious area including a wide concept but also enables you to try out flexible decorating ideas to live and enjoy. The high ceiling makes the loft quite larger and spacious.

Apartment is not meant for open-concept lifestyle but makes the loft an appealing and desirable to many people. It gives your kid to roam and play and loft space can be utilised for adding roommates as well.  

2.     Living in a trendy industrial-modern style

If you keep interest in real estate flipping show or home decor magazines then, definitely you are familiar with latest, industrial and modern styles which are on hot trend! Get some for your loft apartment and set a unique living look that you absolutely love.

Exposing beams and bricks with rustic style is surely going to be in your bucket list. It makes the living more aesthetic and appealing. Provide a few personalised industrial touches or completely rely on minimalistic and modern elements to influence your living charm.  

3.     Convert the space as per your choice

Basically, an apartment is well-defined space featuring non-existing flexible area. Loft can be easily mapped out to stuff and organise the room accordingly keeping an open and large space within.

Individual living are can be also created with proper setting up of partitions, curtains, rugs and furniture for adding more space and privacy to your living zone. Use the search interest like ‘loft conversion near me in London’ online to find a trustworthy company to convert the loft area into a comfort living.


1.     Inadequate traditional storage space

Irrespective of the space you rent, loft can’t provide you with conventional as well as typical storage spaces including kitchen cabinet rows and closets. To keep the space tidy and organised, you have to stuff custom-built closets, trunks and wardrobes for making the essential storage spaces. Specific storage is obviously a bonus but it heightens the living expense.

2.     Deficiency in amenities

Communal space doesn’t exist when you are living in a studio apartment or loft apartment. Hence, it is really challenging to set up a space for storage, roof decks, club rooms and fitness arenas.

It is because you have the loft space only to convert and reuse. Whilst it is irrelevant to expect modern amenities in the loft apartment they are also expensive more than any conventional apartment down the road. 

3.     Higher expense in utility bills

You can pour some oozing effect in your industrial building by implementing rustic setting. But they are often equipped with ill-fashioned utilities. Hence, some improvements can be added to make your loft energy-savvier. For this you have to ask your expert for reinforcing the windows or installing better appliances.

Although property managers and owners aren’t interested to make these changes and the complete expense will be carried out by the tenants. But the fact is you can’t do much regarding certain utilities and ill-fashioned vent work.

The high ceiling makes the loft less energy-effective which is enough for driving up the utility bills. Fore renting any particular loft spaces, inquire about the normal utility expense to the landlord which will be counted into monthly loft expenditures.  

Is a loft apartment suitable for you?

Loft is a great decision indeed for expanding your home to give rustic touch and unique appeal to a space. It is also ideal for the city dwellers to find a corner for escaping through the serviced or studio apartment. But if you want a lavish corner with luxurious amenities such as gyms and pools with well-defined corner then it is not for you.

Now when you are well-aware of the merits and demerits you can start your hunting session. Otherwise, hire the expert of Loft Conversions London to covert the loft of your studio apartment into a way to escape to the outside world.

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