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Digital Pet Portraits in Renaissance style

Do you want to get a Custom Renaissance Pet Portrait of your beloved pet, then look no further. Paintthephoto offers high quality digital portrait of your pet in renaissance & modern style . They have around 60 uniform styles for custom pet portrait. The turnaround time is around 2 days with unlimited revisions. A high quality jpg & pdf output file is provided for digital download. This file you can print at your home or at any print shop. They are also offering print option on stretched canvas. You can also select different size for print on canvas. A stretched canvas means that canvas is stretched on back of the wooden frame. It is ready to be hanged on the wall. It is also called gallery wrapped style. Go ahead & get your pet a lovely uniform from renaissance era.

Family Portrait Painting

When it comes to portrait painting, family portrait painting is the popular one. There are plenty of photos in the family album but there is one photo which is loved by everyone. Traditionally one will upload that photo on facebook & share it with their family members. They might also get a printout of it on canvas. What if this photo can be hand-painted? It would be a great work of art. It would be of sentimental value for everyone. It can be made in pencil, charcoal, acrylic & oil medium. It can be shipped in rolled form, gallery wrapped & framed. One can opt for pencil or charcoal sketch if they have affinity for black & white colors. It is old school but still a popular form of painting. Pencil sketch gives you grey & smooth look, whereas charcoal sketch gives you dark & flaky look. If you want to go for color painting then acrylic is the modern form of painting & it gives bright & vivid effect. It is fast to make & preferred choice of modern artist. Oil painting is traditional form of painting & gives smooth & fine effect. It is time consuming to make oil painting but still loved by many for its effect.

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