Pros and Cons of Matte Countertops


Matte countertops and cabinets are a good example of a trend that has taken the kitchen design world by storm – and has left many homeowners behind – wondering if a matte finish is really the best choice for their home. Again, a popular choice in 2021, cabinets with a matte finish continue to generate a lot of buzzes.

Before making final decisions on kitchen selections, it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the “good, bad and ugly” of any trend. This way you will have all the information you need to make the best decision that fits your lifestyle, especially if you prefer a lighter kitchen in terms of cleaning and maintenance.

Pros of Matte countertops

1.            Branch

2.            Refinement

3.            Concealment of damages

4.            Create texture

Cons of Matte countertops

1.            Hides, but it does not prevent

2.            Illusion of space

3.            Ugly one

4.            More difficult to clean

Pros of matte countertops:

First, let’s start with the positives. Matte cabinets and counters have been around for a while, but they started making headlines around 2012. They are considered chic and ‘modern’. This is ironic as sheen and lustre are also the hallmarks of more contemporary or “modern” kitchens, so you can see how the “trending” factors are at play.

1.     Branch:

If you want your kitchen to be modern, you can’t go wrong with the mat. A matte countertops looks sophisticated and textured, which can provide a welcome contrast to the rest of the kitchen, especially if you have a lot of shiny or shiny design elements.

2.     Refinement:

Gloss is also very popular and kitchens with a lot require contrast – matte is a perfect choice. It adds some the elegant texture that overlays the design and allows the eyes to focus on several distinct areas.

3.     Concealment of damages:

Glossy finishes, in many ways opposed to matte ones, show stains, smudges, scratches and other messes very noticeably. For those who don’t want to deal with the kind of cleaning maintenance that often accompanies glossy products, matte is a great alternative. It is smooth and subtle, with a natural look that allows small imperfections to fade due to less reflected light than glossy finishes.

4.     Create texture

In a kitchen that has a lot of lustre and sheen, matte countertops on the countertops (called smooth) and cabinets can also be a way to add a little difference in texture. It produces a stunning and elegant look that adds a level of sophistication to the room.

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Cons of matte countertops:

Now let’s move on to the less positive aspects. Matte finishes don’t reflect as much light and can work as  camouflage. So, the public story is that matte cabinet finishes hide more dust, grime, and kitchen stains in general than glossy or glossy finishes, which they do.

1.     Hides, but it does not prevent:

Finishing can’t prevent these types of problems, it just makes them less noticeable. As a kitchen remodelling company that sees the before-during-and-after of these finishes, we can attest to the fact that this is the case. It seems that greasy and oily footprints and animal spots appear. Also, they can be difficult to clean (see below).

2.     Illusion of space:

If you have a smaller kitchen, matte cabinets may not be the right choice for you. Since it absorbs light rather than reflecting it, it won’t make your space larger or larger. If that’s what you’re looking for, the mat may not be for you. You can try other options to enlarge your small space.

3.     Ugly one:

Finally, let’s get to the worst of the worst when it comes to matte finishes. Cleaning is always a task we would rather not waste our time on.

4.     More difficult to clean:

Continuing with the “bad” look, the initial stains, bumps and scratches may not appear at first but are more difficult to remove when they appear. Cleaning fingerprints or grease stains are difficult on dull surfaces as it is difficult to avoid leaving streaks or other traces. The matte finish may also appear to absorb the stain, making it difficult to remove completely.


The bottom line is that you should have honest and realistic conversations with your kitchen design team to make sure you choose the finishes that suit your lifestyle and kitchen use. It maybe that a semi-gloss finish, which meets in the middle in terms of sheen, but is still easier to clean than a matte countertop is a safe middle ground.

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