Remedy for ED – Castor oil massage for Gratification


Therapeutic Benefits of Castor Oil

Castor oil gives many medicinal and therapeutic benefits to users. These benefits combine to help males gratification to deal with ED

Erectile dysfunction happens when nerves are weak and fail to draw in blood which leads to an erection. It is a common problem in males over 40 years of age. But it can strike males under 40 as well due to health or emotional issues.


At the basic cellular level, erection issues are lack of blood flow, So much food or fruit or massage that improves blood circulation and strengthens the nerves is considered good for ED.


Castor oil massage is one of the natural ways to deal with the problem and for more sensual gratification . Males with erection issues prefer natural ways over Generic Levitra 40mg which doctors prescribe for a quick solution. Let us study how Castor oil helps in erectile dysfunction.

Make nerves strong with massage

Castor oil massage makes nerves strong. The massage removes obstruction in the path of blood flow to improve blood circulation. Massage improves gland health and promotes lymphatic drainage. At the cellular level, the problem of erection is low blood flow in the pelvic area.  


The massage with Castor oil also increases lymphocytes. It helps us to fight viruses and bacteria to protect health. A healthy lymphatic system supports blood circulation. The digestive health is also improved along the way.


Massage with Castor oil removes toxins from the body and promotes free flow of blood throughout the body. The blood flow takes fresh oxygen and vital nutrients from food to different parts of the body where they are needed. It infuses the body with energy and stamina to perform physical activities.


Relax body and mind with Castor massage


Tense body and stressed mind cannot participate in an erection process. A relaxed body and mind facilitates blood circulation. Massage with oil tones muscles and activates blood nerves. The movements of hands over the tense body parts loosen up the tense body parts. It removes blocked energy. All these benefits help a male with get relief from erectile dysfunction.


Control early ejaculation 


In addition to activating blood flow castor oil massage also cuts the risk of premature ejaculation. It is also a male problem often seen in younger males than mature males. It means that without participating in the intimate session, there is an ejaculation. 

Often in some cases, premature ejaculation causes erectile dysfunction. This is due to the fact that after ejaculation another erection takes time to come by Sildenafil citrate 150mg is used by males to control ejaculation, but medical guidance is needed to ensure it is safe for premature ejaculation as well. 


The natural treatment is through oil massage. Males who massage the tissues around pelvic muscles see less cases of premature ejaculation. The daily massage totally cuts the risk of early ejaculation without medicines.


Cure joint pain


Joint pain and joint related inflammation are the common issue in seniors which reduce their ability to movements.  The arthritis issues are a big factor behind erectile dysfunction in males over 60.  Castor massage over joints and painful areas provide considerable relief. The massage also reduces the stiffness in body parts.


Direct relief from joint pain and stiffness may not give relief from erectile dysfunction. But when you consider the fact that any difficulty in physical movement is an obstacle in maintaining intimacy. A long absence from intimacy can give erection difficulties later. That is why; castor oil massage reduces the gap between intimate sessions to reduce the chances of erection difficulties.


Lowers arthritis cases


Arthritis cannot prevent you from intimacy with castor massage.  Massage on affected parts lower inflammation.  A painful body even with a normal erection process hardly encourages a male for a physical activity.


Even males who are without any physical issue can create the soothing ambience with essential oils, castor oil massage and soft low lightings. It can be the best natural way for those who are in a low mood and suffering from mood swings.




Castor oil massage is a powerful way to get a tense body and mind relaxed. It helps to loosen up the tense body parts so that smooth blood circulation takes place which makes it easy to get an erection. Make castor oil massage part of an overall healthy lifestyle with diet change and moderate exercises for permanent cure from any erection weakness.


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