Riding Lawn Mower for Hills


Hilly areas stood very important in terms of tourism. Many countries in the world are naturally blessed to have hills and mountains within. Tourists from all over the world tend to arrange tours to such places. Most of the areas remain covered in the winter with the snow but when it comes to summer, summers are awesome there in such areas. When the snow melts in summer, the grass starts growing. These commercial grassy lawns need to be managed by the concerned authorities. There remains a dire need to cut the unwanted grass and weeds to attract the maximum visitors.

In the hilly areas, it is hard enough to deal with the unwanted grass and herbs very easily in the hilly areas as compared to those of smooth areas. When it comes to dealing with the grass, impeccably strong machinery is needed to manage the grassy lawns. Looking into this commercial concern, technology is raised with multiple effective solutions in the form of riding lawnmowers.

Here we will introduce you to the best riding lawn mowers for hills that will help you maneuver the grassy lawns in hilly areas. The niche for these mowers is commercial landowners and government authorities in the hilly areas.

Ariens 42″ Riding Lawnmower (Best Riding Lawnmower For Hills)

Ariens IKON 915222 is a well-reputed company in the field of daily life solutions. It is a zero turn mower, impeccably manufactured and assembled by Ariens. It uses a very reliable material in its composition which declares it a lion of hills.

Key Features

  • Fuel capacity 2.8 gallon
  • 11-gauge fabricated steel
  • Powerful 22 hp Kohler engine
  • Ground speed forward/reverse (7mph/3mph)
  • Dial-operated cutting height selection with 13 positions
  • Not available for sale in California
  • High-back padded seat and armrests
  • 16-inch short-radius power steering

Ariens IKON 915222 is a riding a lawnmower strengthened with a powerful 22-HP Kohler Engine. Kohler is considered one of the most reliable producers of gasoline engines. Installation of a powerful engine allows you to maneuver the lawn in both forward and reverse directions at its maximum. For the sake of better performance in the hilly areas, it was destined to come up with durable material. So that, it can withstand all the physical environments efficiently.

Fuel capacity of Ariens IKON 915222 is measured to be 2.8 gallons which is the optimum storage for the mowers. As it gives cutting to the lawn in both forward and reverse running. It comes with a speed of 7 mph in the forward direction and 3 mph in the backward direction. Due to its gasoline-oriented operations, it is banned in some states of the USA like California and many others.

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