Should I choose an ordinary dishwasher or an integrated dishwasher to liberate my hands?


When it comes to dishwashers, people are immediately entangled. There are so many types of desktop, built-in, sink and integrated, how should one choose? Today we are going to popularize science for everyone.

Desktop dishwashers are small in size, flexible in placement and use, and are very suitable for small-sized households. The larger the volume of the dishwasher, the more dishes that can be washed, but it also occupies more kitchen space. The desktop dishwasher has a smaller volume and a smaller capacity, and it can wash a large number of dishes or a large volume. It is inevitable that the tableware will be stretched.

The built-in dishwasher adopts the installation method of built-in cabinet, and the volume and capacity are large, and the tableware to be washed is also more. Large-volume utensils such as woks, soup pots, etc. can also be easily stored and washed, but it has standardized dimensions , It is suitable for supporting the overall kitchen placement, so you must determine whether the size of your own cabinets and the pipeline layout are appropriate before purchasing a cabinet dishwasher.

The size of the sink type dishwasher is the same as the kitchen sink. It can completely replace the sink. The installation does not need to change water or electricity, and does not occupy additional space. The larger cavity can accommodate a large number of tableware, and the functions are all in one. The machine functions are integrated. Save money with Bargain Fox discount code

 The integrated dishwasher is a new category of dishwashers, and its biggest advantage lies in the word “integration”, which maximizes the use of space. On the basis of the integrated sink + dishwasher, it makes full use of the space under the cabinet and concentrates a variety of kitchen functions here. Its emergence has effectively solved the pain points of Chinese kitchens. But due to the high integration, it also brings a problem-the price is slightly more expensive.

In the use of ordinary dishwashers, most users report that the built-in dishwasher takes up cabinet space, has a single function, and the process of dumping food residues in the sink type dishwasher is too troublesome. Such as the integrated dishwasher will not have these problems. First of all, the storage space is perfectly solved, the cabinet under the sink is fully utilized, and more kitchen space is released. The integrated dishwasher in the product structure is enough to lead the iteration of dishwasher products.

Due to the high degree of integration, it can solve all the problems of kitchen cleaning in one stop. For example, Singe ‘s U8 sterile integrated dishwasher, wash before and after meals, all-in-one dishwashing sink: wash fruits and vegetables, ultrasonic vortex cleaning system, say goodbye to dirt, pesticide residues; wash dishes, 66L large capacity, Wash 8 sets of tableware together. If you want to wash three meals a day, Senge satisfies your willfulness; worry about the breeding of bacteria in humid environment, high temperature and hot air cycle every 12 hours, fresh air, bid farewell to peculiar smell and bacteria breeding; fear of water clogging, The high-pressure and powerful drainage pump quickly removes the residual water in the cavity, and it is stored in a dry state without water.  Show now using amazon promo code 10 off anything and amazon discount code nhs

How can a tiring kitchen be considered ideal? Senge Electric abandons cumbersome and ineffective, reasonable arrangement and effective, liberates people from ineffective labor, makes food more efficient, and allows you to enjoy food and a better life for a longer time!

In addition, the U8 sterile integrated dishwasher provides 8 smart washing modes and 8 additional washing functions. You can make an appointment for washing dishes at any time, and use your free time to complete the washing work. In addition, in the role of the smart chip, the machine can automatically select different modes according to the severity of the tableware oil stain.

Write at the end

Dishwasher is the kind of product that can’t be returned once it is used. Specially integrated dishwasher. While liberating hands, it also liberates the kitchen space. The highly integrated form supports the kitchen with one machine. The clean center. If you want to renovate, what dishwasher would you buy?


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