Supportive Tips for Buying & Using the Makeup Foundation Correctly


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Women desire to maintain the makeup till they come back to their home. To accomplish their objective, they use makeup foundation on their face and neck to get balanced and long-lasting makeup. As the name signifies, the foundation acts like groundwork to hide imperfections, blemishes, and uneven skin tone. It is used as a base coat to give even and smooth skin for the whole day. Mention the 6th Street discount code and select the best foundation for cost-effective rate.

Categories of Foundation Makeup

You maybe surprised; makeup foundation has five basic types. The formulas are meant to give desired finish, consistency, and coverage; however, you must know about each type to find the best for your skin.

·         Liquid Foundation

The liquid is the most common type of foundation. It contains a liquid formula that can stay on the skin for almost 25 hours. The lightweight formula keeps the skin fresh without making the makeup uneven.

·         Cream Foundation

As the name shows, it contains cream in the thick form to get blemish-free skin. It is best for dry skin.

·         Powder Foundation

For oily skin, try to use powder formula. It is easy to keep layers of powder foundation on the face without getting a paste-like form. The lightweight powder gives blendable coverage.

·         Serum Foundation

Basically, it is a variety of liquid foundations. The serum present in the foundation works as skincare. Most of the serums give protection against UV rays and act as makeup hybrids.

·         Water-based Foundation

If you have an acne problem or your skin is highly sensitive, use water-based foundation. It is a kind of liquid foundation containing water as the basic element. Moreover, it is free of oil and keeps the skin free from pimples.

Rules for Applying Foundation

1.      Always Use Foundation

In past, the foundation was the part of professional makeup only. These days, every woman prefers to use a foundation when she needs to maintain smooth makeup for a day. A foundation gives a perfect coat and works as a fence between the makeup and the skin. Typically, the foundation does not damage the skin; therefore you can apply it on regular basis.

2.      Match the Color

You may have noticed tragic makeup makes a jawline and show a great difference between the color of face and neck. It is important to pick the right color foundation that matches the skin tone. In case, the foundation is dark in color, it will give a blackish appearance. Conversely, the too whitish look gives a ghost-like appearance. Avail of 6th street discount code and choose the right foundation within your range.

3.      Different Techniques for Different Formulas

Keep in mind; various formulas require different application methods to work effectively. While applying foundation, many women add oil drop with BB cream to get a simple but fresh look. This technique does not work when you need to use a contour. The oil reacts weirdly with matte products. Many foundations do not work with Beauty Blender. If you have selected a new foundation, try to apply it on your wrist to determine the right way to apply.

4.      Seal the Foundation

If you need to carry-on makeup for 7 to 8 hours, it is better to follow some precautionary measures for keeping every product sealed. To keep the makeup smoothly on your face, use a branded setting spray to maintain the final seal.

5.      Pay Attention to Maintenance

Even if you have consumed a lot of time in doing proper makeup and have sealed the makeup with a spray, still you should get ready for dislodging and sliding of makeup in hot weather. To cover up makeup flaws, keep a few useful tools that are capable to recover the makeup. For excessive shiny skin, use blotting paper that will absorb the oil without damaging the makeup. Just to re-seal the primer, keep in your bag the pressed powder. It cannot only work against the oil and shine but also helps in maintaining the foundation.

6.      Do not Sleep after Applying Makeup Foundation

After attending a late-night party, you feel tired and want to lay on your bed for sound sleep. Have some courage and clean the makeup before going to the bed. Removal of the foundation is good for the skin and helps in getting deep sleep.

Though quality foundations do not lead to acne issues, still, you must clean the makeup as cosmetic becomes comedogenic if it is left on the face for many hours. Always use a makeup cleanser in order to remove the makeup. After that, apply a foaming cleanser to make the skin ready for next-day makeup.

Get the benefit of the 6th street discount code to order the perfect type of foundation, suitable for your skin and do not overlook the rules associated with the use of foundation.

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