Recover Corrupted Outlook PST Files

How Do I Restore My Contacts in Outlook 2016? Here’s the Solution

How Do I Restore My Contacts in Outlook 2016? – 2022 Latest Solution

How do I restore my contacts in Outlook 2016? This is the query that we get from a lot of users around the world every month. So, here we are with both manual & latest automated solutions that can easily counter the complications involved. This article includes the modern & manual solutions along with their advantages & disadvantages in detail for a smooth recovery operation.

As we know that PST files are quite sensitive, and users must keep them safe. However, there are scenarios, when they accidentally lost their files due to viruses, deletion, or other reasons. To recover these crucial files there are a couple of methods available that we’re going to discuss in detail. By the end of this article, you can clearly select a perfect solution for yourself & simply restore your Outlook contacts.

How Do I Restore My Address Book in Outlook 2016 Safely?

Well, we have the manual method for this solution, but we can’t say that it is totally safe. That’s why the modern approach for the same is what we call the perfect solution that users can get to maximize safety & accuracy.

The automated solution consists of the Best Rated Outlook Recovery Tool that is designed with the sole purpose of handling this issue. So far, the utility is quite successful & even recommended by IT experts. If you’re in need of any automated tool, this one can be the perfect choice for you.

Follow the easy steps mentioned below with their respective visuals & simply get the best results as expected.

Step-1.  Download & Launch the Recovery Utility on your computer that allows you to search & select files to recover.

Step-2. Now as per your preference & available time, simply Select either the Quick Scan or Advance Scan option.

Step-3. Here, the utility scans your system & recovers all the files & highlights the deleted or corrupted files in Red Colour as shown in the image. 

Step-4. Select the Outlook Contact Files you need & then Set the destination path & Click on the Export button.

Advantages of Using the Automated Method

Now as discussed the safest method, let’s understand how it restores Outlook contacts in such an easy manner. This can help us understand the features & advantages that we can avail using this automated method for recovering our PST data files.

To get an answer to the user query ”how do I restore my contacts in Outlook 2016”, getting a deep insight into the features & advantages is important. The major features of the tool are listed below.

  • Ability to recover permanently deleted contacts from PST files due to any reason.

  • Selective export feature to export required data files & save time & storage space.

  • Highlight the deleted files in red color after recovery for ease of identification.

  • The search file option enables users to restore multiple data files / Outlook.bak files.

  • The tool is capable of removing encryption of SMIME & OpenPGP from all the files. 

  • If your files are password protected or corrupted, it can still recover these files easily.

  • Last but not least, this software support all of the Windows OS & Outlook(32/64) Bit.

How Do I Restore My Contacts in Outlook 2016 Manually?

If you’ve not permanently deleted your contacts, you can get them back using the Outlook application. However, if you have deleted your contacts permanently, then the task gets a little more complicated. Here, we’re going to get the solution for temporarily deleted items.

Step-1. Launch Microsoft Outlook on your system.

Step-2. Go to Deleted Items Section in the email folder list.

Step-3. Find your data in the Search Deleted Items box.

Step-4. Right Click on files >> Move >> Other Folders.

Step-5. Select the Contacts folder & Click on the OK button.

Where Does The Manual Method Fail?

It is important to understand the loopholes of the modern method in order to make a final decision in selecting the method. The manual method was decent at the time but nowadays it’s outdated & full of drawbacks.

Below are the drawbacks of the conventional method that makes it a bad option for users. These limitations are going to help you in understanding the solution to the query “how do I restore my address book in outlook 2016”.

  • Outlook installation is mandatory in the system to execute this method.

  • The above-mentioned manual method does not recover permanently deleted files.

  • ScanPST.exe is required for recovering permanently deleted files that are outdated.

  • This method does remove the file corruption of only minor levels which is annoying.

  • The manual method fails to repair files with more than 2 GB within the size limit. However, the modern approach does not have any limits.


This task seems quite difficult without understanding the technicalities of the operation. It’s normal for new users to be a little nervous. However, learning the smart way to execute the process with the right tool in the right way can reduce complexities. To counter all the limitations present in the manual method, an automated solution is quite reliable as per experts’ suggestions.

No user will ask how I restore my contacts in Outlook 2016 after learning this advanced solution. Several users have reported that the automated solution can provide them with expected results without even understanding the technicalities of the operation. “It is the best solution,” they said.

Top Two Methods to Recover Corrupted Outlook PST Files

Nowadays, many people are facing problems relating to Outlook PST. Users are unable to access the Outlook data or an error is found. This may happen due to the corruption that occurred in the Outlook PST file. If you are fed up with the situation, don’t worry. Here we will solve all the issues related to how to recover corrupted Outlook PST files.

Let us know the exact reason why Outlook PST gets corrupted. There are lots of reasons behind corruption. Like software or hardware issues, or if it is mainly caused by viruses, bad sectors of the disk, Windows update failure, and so on. So, other than those reasons, you can try Outlook recovery to get it fixed.

For one of these reasons, the Outlook data file is getting error messages and causing corruption.

Points users may need to be concerned before starting the steps of recovering your Outlook data files with all versions of Outlook.

  • Always close your Outlook program properly before shutting down your system.
  • PST files should not be stored on a network drive or on a server.
  • Maintain the PST file size according to the default size. Large files may cause PST corruption.

Two Ways to Recover Corrupted Outlook PST Files

  1. The native solution to repair
  2. The automatic solution

In this paragraph, we will first discuss the manual method of recovering PST files using the ScanPST.exe or with the inbox repair tool. These techniques are the best and free methods to repair PST files in Outlook. This method will repair the low level of corruption.

Now, we will talk about the second method, the third-party automatic solution with the Outlook recovery tool, which is highly recommended for any type of error or corruption in the PST data files. This software will help you even if you fail to repair your Outlook file with ScanPST.exe.

So let’s start with the manual solution.

The Free Solution to Recover Corrupted Outlook PST with the Inbox Repair Tool

Scanpst.exe, or Inbox Restore Tool, is a free Microsoft software that allows you to repair your inbox. Using a forensic methodology, the application detects and recovers minor level corruption in the Outlook.pst file.
So, try following these steps carefully to recover corrupted Outlook PST files.

  • First, close the Outlook program.
  • Run the program SCANPST.EXE

The location of the tool is given below according to the Outlook version:

  • Outlook 2019: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16
    Outlook 2016: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16
    Outlook 2013: x`C: \Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office15
    Outlook 2010: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14
    Outlook 2007: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12
  • Click the “Browse” button. Then, choose the PST file that is broken. Hit the “Start.”
  • If the scan shows that there are problems, click the “Repair” button to fix them.

As we mentioned above, the inbox repair tool is unable to recover highly damaged or corrupted files. But it will work perfectly well with the low level of damage and corruption.

We always advise users to go for the automation tool method in case this strategy doesn’t work according to their expectations.

Repair the Corrupted PST File with the Tool Strategy

Outlook recovery is reliable software to recover permanently deleted emails in Outlook. This software has been a life-changing experience. This tool will help you save precious time as well as the data, which is actually important for you and your organization. This software is capable of repairing contacts, emails (inbox or outbox), calendars, tasks, etc. And the repaired file can be converted into MSG, EML, HTML, and PDF file formats.

Guide to Perform the Steps for the Outlook Recovery

  1. Download the Outlook Recovery Tool from the URL given and launch the software.
  2. Take a look at your PST files and click on “Add File.”
  3. Now the tool provides two ways to scan: Quick Scan and Advanced Scan. If you need to, choose what you need.
  4. It’s time for the scanning process to start. In the left panel, you will find the data that was damaged in the PST files and has now been recovered by the software. Red color highlights will show you the difference. It previews notes, tasks, journals, folders, calendars, and more.
  5. Choose PST and a place to save the file that has been repaired.

Final Thoughts

This article covers both the manual and automatic methods to recover corrupted Outlook PST files. However, the manual remedy is not optimal for a more badly corrupted PST file. Regardless of the severity of the corruption, using specialist software to recover your PST files is the most secure strategy you will ever find.