The beauty of tourism on Sadranan Beach


Sadranan Jogja Beach is a hidden gem diamond that suddenly emerges from the treasure trove of rows of beautiful beaches in Jogja.

Like other beaches in the southern zone of JogjaSadranan beach also has characteristic white sand with coral reefs in the very zone close to the shoreline. This white sand is reminiscent of famous beaches such as Kuta in Bali and Mandalika in Lombok.

However, this beach in Gunung Kidul has the advantages of two famous beaches, namely the presence of coral reefs on the beach. In addition, this beach is also still fairly quiet. These two advantages make visitors really able to enjoy the beauty of the beach without becoming disturbed by the hustle and bustle of humans.

For those of you, World Health Organization wants to enjoy the beauty of Sadranan Beach. You will be withdrawn the Sadranan beach entrance ticket price of 10 thousand rupiah. Plus, a parking fee of 2 thousand rupiah for motorbikes and 5 thousand rupiah for those World Health Organization use a car.

Pantai Sadranan tourist location also has various kinds of rides that you can enjoy. Starting from a jet ski that will boost your adrenaline for racing on water.

The rental fee is up to 250 thousand rupiah. Complete with international standard safety equipment.

Additionally, there are also several huts or gazebos for rent ranging from 10 thousand to 25 thousand rupiah. For those World Health Organization want to relax and blend in with the soft sand, there is a mat that can also be rented for 20 thousand rupiah.
If you are curious about the beauty of beaches in Indonesia, for example, Sadranan Beach.
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Location of Sadranan Beach

This beach is administratively located in Pulegundes II Hamlet, Sidoharjo Village, Tepus District, Gunungkidul Jogja Regency. Jogya Sadranan Beach is located in one, complex with other beach tourist locations around Gunung Kidul.

However, it needs to be understood, because this location is relatively new to Halayak, the visits are still relatively low. This condition implies that access has not been as smooth as other beaches in Gunungkidul.

Sadranan Beach Entrance Ticket

In contrast to other tourist objects that fix tickets at ” decent ” prices, the entrance ticket to Sadranan beach is relatively cheap, especially considering the extraordinary atmosphere offered on this beach. The beach manager fixes a ticket for IDR 10, 000 per person.

This fee will increase the parking fee of 2 thousand rupiah if you bring a motorbike. Meanwhile, for cars, a parking fee of 5 thousand rupiah is charged.

For opening hours, Sadranan Wonosari beach is open 24 hours.

Sadranan Beach Facilities

The facilities around the location are sufficient, to support the comfort of visitors while enjoying the beauty of this beach.

For the convenience of visitors, this beach has available: bathrooms, changing clothes, lodging, food stalls, gazebos, parking areas, photo services, and also snorkeling equipment rental.

Lodging on Sadranan Beach

Even though the place is relatively new and relatively remote, the facilities at Sadranan Wonogiri Beach are quite adequate, including lodging. Most of the lodging facilities available are homestays managed by the local community.

However, even though it is managed by the community in a self-managed manner, dont worry about inconveniences. The homestay around the Gunungkidul beach zona, although, still standard, is quite complete. The price is not too expensive, around Rp. 200 thousand per night.

Some inns close to Sadranan are:

Sadranan Bamboo Bungalow, Sadranan Rest Lodging, Bob Home Lodging, Wilujeng Lodging, Sumantri Cottages.

Also, Slili Lodging, Machiko Lodging, Rimba Stay SadrananShakuntala Cottage, Asmara Hotel, Rock Garden Homestay and Indrayati Curved Bamboo Lodge.

Apart from the lodging, which is on average on a hill with a wide beach view, visitors can also stay in camping tents. Visitors can set up tents on the beach.

But keep in mind to always keep the beach clean. Beach managers will usually warn visitors if they dispose of used camping trash on the beach.

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