The Wedding Of Your Dreams


Hollywood movies have really raised the bar when it comes to weddings. Everything in movies looks extravagant and lovely and it gets you to start planning your own wedding. One of my favorite wedding scenes is from the movie, ‘Crazy Rich Asians’. The movie had this wedding scene that I can only describe as transcending!

The wedding venue is phenomenal, the scene is set with this whole outdoor theme, a pond appears out of nowhere and the bride makes her way to the altar. Everyone is just gobsmacked. Do you know who the true magician behind this scene is? The director of photography. Think about it. The only way I can describe the scene to you is because someone shot it. That’s how important a photographer is.

“The highest happiness on earth is the happiness of marriage” – William Lyan Phelps. Marriage is a beautiful union of two souls, and the wedding ceremony is the cornerstone of a life full of love. Your wedding is the day you get to be the star of your movie. All eyes will be on you, people will look at you with longing eyes, and will hope they get to look as mesmerizing as you do! I don’t know about you but I think a moment like that deserves to be captured.

The Wedding Photographer

Let me paint you a picture. It’s a beautiful beach wedding. Everyone is dressed in flowy attire, the sun is about to set, it’s like paradise on earth. The nervous groom is standing at the altar, with a bright smile waiting for his bride. The bride enters. Her eyes are focused on her gown, making sure she doesn’t trip over her dress. The groom sheds a tear. The bride missed it. Devastating right? She missed one of the purest moments of her life. If only she could go back in time and relive that moment. This is why you need a wedding photographer.

A wedding takes so much work and effort and even if you plan everything down to a tee, something is usually bound to go wrong. That’s life, you can’t control it, but what you can do is hire someone to capture the moments you miss out on. A wedding photographer brings a certain pizzazz to a wedding. I, as a wedding photographer, can assure you that we miss nothing. We are there to capture each and every moment, and at times even create moments just so you get the wedding of your dreams.

You Deserve To Enjoy Your Wedding

Unless you’re an unemployed individual, planning a wedding can take forever. You have to make so many decisions, like what floral arrangements to use, who to invite, where to have the wedding, etcetera. Hiring a wedding photographer will help you with so many things!

– You don’t have to worry about poses and shots.
– They can give you advice on wedding venues.
– The photographer can scout the location to choose the best picture spots beforehand.
– They can act as a buffer and can get people to mingle with each other.

Hiring a wedding photographer is a breeze, thanks to the world wide web. You can find a photographer of your liking at the click of a button. For example, if you were to search for, ‘family photography Minnesota’ then my website would pop up.

The minute you pick me as your wedding photographer, I will be there for you every step of the way. You won’t have to worry about anything photography-related. I will work with you, make you comfortable, help you understand your angles, pick the best lighting for you, and will make sure that you remember your wedding day for years and years.

Creating An Image For Your Dream

Getting married is no walk in the park. You have made a significant decision in your life. I can understand the adrenaline rush you are feeling, the volcano of emotions bubbling inside of you. It can be a lot to handle which is why I’m here to take the photography portion off of your plate.

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