Top 2 Gmail Errors with Solutions – 2021


1. How to Get Back My Google Account If It Is Hacked?

When your account gets hacked, you might not be able to access your Google account with the current password. You need to go for the Google account recovery option. However, if you face some sorts of difficulties while recovering or retrieve the password of your account, the following guidelines will help you out.

Quick Guidelines to Retrieve Google Account Password

Step 1: Navigate to the Google account login page from a new tab of your web browser.

Step 2: Provide your email address in the provided space and proceed with the next button.

Step 3: Select the button – try another way; you will get the recovery options. Note that you would be needed to verify from your phone if you’re trying to do the recovery from another device you have never accessed on.

Step 4: Enter a phone number registered for your Google account.

Step 5: Enter the code and move on.

Step 6: Create a new password and put it into the empty field, and confirm the same in the provided spaces.

Step 7: Once you complete entering the new password, move in the next. Here, you need to confirm the security checkups and log in to your account.

This is how you can easily recover your account via web link that lets you into the login page.

2. Why are my Gmail notifications not showing up?

Gmail is one of the popular email service providers and used by more and more people because of its feature, such as simplicity and prevalence. But sometimes, you might face some issues while using Gmail in your system, such as login issues or Gmail notifications not working properly, etc. Many users have complained about such issues on their Gmail account. Try to identify the exact cause of such problems and proper methods to troubleshoot the issue.

Quick tips for enabling Gmail notifications on your device

Whenever you face any issues while using Gmail, follow the steps given below to resolve it:

  • First of all, go into the Gmail app settings from your account. Check whether it is marked as “All” from the notifications section and the “Notify for every message” option is checked under the Inbox notifications section. These options should be managed for all the Gmail account from which you want to receive notifications.
  • After enabling notifications from your Gmail account, in order to make them less bothersome, you can switch to the notification section of your account and then switch them to silent. This can be a permanent fix that many users have used to troubleshoot such issues.
  • Google allows provides you a feature to restrict notifications on your account as per priority. For this, you need to choose High priority only from the pop-up menu from the notification section of your account’s setting.

You must know how to change gmail password so that you can make your account more secure when any suspicious activity is going on it.

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