Top Health Benefits Of Getting A Head Massage


Head massages are synonymous to massage therapy and both the terms are used interchangeably. Head massages are actually aimed at improving energy flow through massaging of the head, shoulders, neck, face and upper body. A head massage actually works by freeing up any negative energy channels which actually cause different types of illnesses. It’s been decades since head massages have been practiced and they have helped many people through all those years in so many different ways. The massage is mostly performed by head massagers, masseurs, and the hairdressers for combating daily strain and anxiety.
So, if you are also considering having such a massage therapy, here are a few health benefits that will make it easier for you to take the decision right away.
1. Detoxification Of The Body Through Stimulation Of Lymphatic Drainage
The lymphatic drainage is actually the wastage of our body. After using everything the body needs, it excretes the waste into its lymphatic system that must be moved to lymph nodes before it could be taken out of our body. The head massages often help a lot in draining these lymphatic nodes and boosting the immune system. Blood flow into the neck is stimulated by a massage and hence it helps in the removal of waste products getting accumulated in the body.
2. Promotes Healthy Growth Of Hair
The head massages help stimulate the flow of blood towards the roots of our hair and it helps the scalp’s blood vessels to open up which, in turn, allows them to absorb the blood better. The use of essential oils during head massages can be helpful in increasing the rate of hair growth. The use of oils in head massages is also helpful with issues like dandruff or skin flakes. You can also use baby hair brush during the massages to gently move the hair around and let the oil reach the scalp. It also helps in ridding off any kind of flakes as well. And, when the flakes are removed completely, the head massages will become a source of promoting hair growth. Using an appropriate technique to massage your head regularly can help increase the chances of hair growth.
3. Migraine Relief
Migraines are quite common these days and many people suffer from the condition today. It happens due to the tension present in the neck, upper back and the head. However, taking head massage helps with releasing the knots and muscles by application of pressure in different areas which results in better flow of blood. Headaches are reduced as the cerebral fluid flows better. Besides, a head massage can also help decrease instances of headaches caused by tension, stress, and sleep disturbances.
4. Helps Cure Sleeplessness And Insomnia Symptoms
There are quite a few drawbacks associated to modern lifestyle and lack of time for paying attention to your own self comes on top of the list. We are all too busy most of the times that we ignore evident signs of some serious issues such as insomnia as well as ill-eating habits. Ignoring these symptoms can, however, lead to some serious health issues later on. But with head massages, you get immediate relief as you attack these physical symptoms and can allow yourself to have deep sense of relaxation and overall well-being.
5. Better Blood Circulation
When the blood circulation is not right, it can result in different issues such as collection of any excess blood in different areas which can cause aches and fatigue. The head massages actually rely on pressure techniques for moving blood from congested areas and allowing for better flow overall. When the blood circulation is improved, it brings oxygen-rich blood to any tense and damaged muscles of the body so that they can heal quickly. A head massage also helps in the flushing of lactic acid while improving circulation of lymph fluid which carries body wastes away from muscles and internal body organs. It’s another major benefit of having a head massage which can actually help you improve your lifestyle.
These are only a few benefits of having a head massage and there are actually many others as well that you can get to explore once you start having head massages. At least, these top 5 benefits are good enough to get you started.

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