Two Best Food Packaging Trends in 2021


The year 2020 has seen more deliveries than any other year, thanks to COVID-19. It forced everyone to stay locked inside their houses for months, and even after the ease of lockdown, many did not go out as a precautionary measure.  

The online and delivery businesses have seen a drastic and dramatic surge during this time. It has taught us about the unpredictability of life and shed light on untouched areas of business. Many retailers and businesspersons have seen that they have to woo their customers from a distance now, for which the packaging assisted them flawlessly.  

The food industry has never seen this amount of deliveries, so food chains must have packaging that keeps the food warm or cold, depending on its nature, and protect it from dirt and impacts for a wow factor.  

Your packaging should align with your café or restaurant’s values, creativeness and taste for an unforgettable experience. Embed in your mind that your first impression is your last one and takes your food chain to the seven skies.   

The top two food packaging this year are sustainable packaging and smart packaging. Let’s see why they both have come on top in 2020: 

Sustainable Packaging for Sustainable Business  

With the fast-paced revolutions occurring in this progressive world, climate change has been one of the most serious issues for the past few years, and it is still on many people’s radar in 2020. The brands have changed the manner of their packaging to support the green movement. They have reconsidered their packaging to control the carbon footprint.  

When inquiring about a packaging solution service, please keep in mind what material they are using and how it promises sustainability.  

The number of environment-conscious consumers is increasing day by day, and they do not mind paying extra if your eatery is supporting the green agenda. That is why many businesses are using plastic-free packaging that are biodegradable and recyclable to ensure they play their part in preserving nature.  

You can find multiple eco-friendly food packaging, namely Kraft boxes, customized cardboard gable boxes, cardboard tray sleeves and Kraft paper packaging, etc.  

It is the face of the future and it would be great if you start functioning this method for better customer engagement. Sustainable packaging is the way to sustain your business in the long run. 

Smart Packaging for Smart Working   

In the era where even your TVs are smart, how can your packaging lag? This connection between technology and packaging will make your restaurant smart and delicious. It makes the whole experience immersive rather than just tearing the box and throwing it away.   

For example, QR codes on the boxes have made life easier for both sellers and buyers. Similarly, digital interaction shows your customers that you are updated with the latest trends and find ways to make the customer experience affluent. You can use advanced tools to reach a wider audience. They can scan QR codes to access the product and its page directly.  

It also enables you to track metrics, like temperature, pH, resistance and weight, etc. It prepares you to maintain the quality and life of your brand. All these points are amassed together to show you that you have to be smart in order to make your restaurant smart. Smart is the new taste that everyone is craving for. 

Whether you are a vendor or a purchaser, make sure that you are using and availing the latest and right packaging, respectively. Use these two styles of packaging as they are here for the long run. Take the aforementioned trends into consideration to vocalize your brand’s success and vogue approaches. Serve your packaging like it’s hot! 

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