What is the Best Tasting Black Tea?


Almost everyone is aware of black tea, thanks to its popularity in the world. Black tea comes in various varieties and tastes from around the world. No matter where you’re in the world, you will find exceptional black tea over there. 

If you don’t like black tea that much, then the flavored black tea is just for you. Finding the right taste and flavor might be a little complicated, but it’s certainly not impossible. The world is filled with the possibilities of you finding your black tea flavor. 

The black tea comes in different flavors such as nutty, honey, leather, caramel, etc. 

Are you wondering which one is the best flavored black tea? 

Don’t worry. 

This guide is especially for you! 

Masala Chai

If you live in India, then you must know about this fantastic tea. This tea is an excellent mixture of spices that comes out with an exceptional taste. The tea consists of cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, and black pepper. Often people also add nutmeg and anise in it for an added flavor. 

This tea is combined with honey or nut milk to blend all the ingredients. This tea tastes like heaven, in case you’re wondering! 

Darjeeling Black Tea

Found in the mountains of Darjeeling, this tea is widely known as the ‘champagne of the tea’ due to the floral and fruity taste of the tea. The tea does not have a specific taste, though, and it all depends on when it was harvested.

If you’re looking for fruity flavor, then check for the ones that were harvested in summer. The tea tastes extraordinarily refreshing, and also, it’s served without sugar or milk. It’s the perfect tea to start your mornings or bless your mouth with some flavor in the evening. 

Ceylon Black Tea

The famous tea of Sri Lanka, Ceylon black tea, has an incredibly spicy and strong taste. This tea is usually prepared with lemon, nut milk, or honey to add an enhanced flavor. If you’re in the mood for an ice tea, then this is what you should be looking for!

The taste of the Ceylon black tea is so incredible that it will stick with you forever. If you want to experience a relatively new flavor from the world of black tea, then you should opt for this option! 

English Black Tea

British people are widely known for their obsession with black tea in the morning. It’s an age-old tradition of the British and that too, for all the right reasons. 

Not everyone has the same taste in English black tea. They either opt for Kenyan, Assam, or Ceylon black teas along with Keemun black tea. This tea has a rich flavor that is often not found anywhere else. If you’re looking to buy the best tea for your mornings, then try out the English Garden Black Tea by The Tea Time Shop. It’s affordable, tasty, and the best choice for anyone. 


The ‘Blue Mountain Tea’ is also widely found in Southern India near the Western Ghats Mountains. The specialty of this tea is that it is grown about 8,000ft above sea level. These teas are filled with flavors such as hints of fruits and are strong with outstanding fragrance. 

This tea is a fantastic choice for your evenings as it quickly makes you feel refreshed. The intense flavor of the tea will instantly release any stress in your body or mind. If you want to enjoy a stress-free evening, then this tea will work wonders for you! 

Hei Cha 

Hei Cha is a Chinese word used for ‘black tea.’ One might think that this tea is the same as other black tea, but it’s not. This tea is fermented differently and has intricate flavors that make it the best. This tea gives out piney, mushroomy, loamy, and marine flavors. 

This flavored black tea is different from others in the market. Chinese tea has its benefits and taste that make it unique and worth your money. No matter how different it is, if you’re a tea lover, then this is a must-try for you! 

Keemun Black Tea 

Found in China, this tea is one of the most expensive ones that you can get for yourself. The tea is also known as Qimen Hongcha and is slightly different from other teas. This tea is oxidized and dried more than the other black teas in the market. 

The taste of the tea is also exceptional. You might experience the notes of unsweetened cocoa, fruit, flowers, pine, and tobacco, along with a great aroma. This tea is often prepared with honey or nut milk, so don’t forget to try this one out if you’re in search of the best tea from around the world. 

Final Thoughts 

Buying a good tea is a task for people who love it. Where some people are coffee lovers, tea lovers are also very particular about their taste. From its aroma to the taste, everything matters to a tea lover. If you love having tea in your morning or evening, you need to make sure that you are making the right choice. 

There are many different types of black teas in the market, but are all of them worth it? 

Definitely not! 

You need to make sure that you’re selecting the right tea for you that has a wonderful taste and aroma. 

If you’re wondering what tea you should stick with, then there are many flavored black teas you can try out. The flavor you choose depends on your tastebuds, so make sure you are making the right choice. 

Go for a high-quality, affordable, and organic tea that offers nothing but greatness to you. Drinking tea has its benefits, so buy the one that can stick with you for a long time. Get your hands on the best flavored black tea to enjoy the flavors of the world!

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