What is the difference between QuickBooks NFR vs. QuickBooks for non-profit?


We all know that accounting is made easy by introducing numerous software. One of these software is QuickBooks online accounting software. This software manages expenses, creates invoices and can do all finances with super ease. This software is also super easy and super quick. But you might be thinking that this software is only useful for businesses. It is just a myth that QuickBooks is used for business. You must remember that’s not the case, it also has not for sale and non-profit versions. Read till the end to know about it.

QuickBooks for non-profit organizations:

Have you ever heard that there is accounting software for nonprofit organisations? Yes, there is accounting software that can be used by non-profit organisations. The software that can be used is QuickBooks software. Non-profit organisations have lots of pressure because they have less labour and high work. The solution to reducing this pressure is using QuickBooks online accounting software for non-profit organisations. It is necessary for a non-profit organisation to organize their account in one means or another. Using QuickBooks ensures that they can do this task efficiently and store records accurately. QuickBook services are excellent and accurate. QuickBooks helps the non-profit organisation in the following ways.

  • Non-profit accounting: For non-profit organisations, it is necessary to keep track of expenses on various programs and funds. This is automatically done by the QuickBooks software ensuring less work for them. This makes the team stay on the right budget.
  • Helps to track donation and grants: As these non-profit organisations solely depend on donation and grants, therefore, tracking them is an essential part. QuickBooks software do this easily as it works with many other platforms and can sync those donations easily.
  • Helps in reporting: Non-profit organisations need to report to lots of organisations such as boards, staff, funders and the general public. QuickBooks software can create a detailed report effortlessly. It helps you get back to impact.
  • Its feature of integrated tool: The best feature of QuickBooks is it is integrated with several other tools and apps. The non-profit organisation needs to maintain relationships with several people through mail and phones. That is the reason it needs software that can keep track of all these relations and this is done by QuickBooks.
  • It is cloud-based: Non-profit organisations are these days becoming more decentralised. Lots of work is done out of the building and it needs software that can be accessed from anywhere. Such is QuickBooks software as it is a cloud-based software. QuickBooks can be accessed from anywhere at any place.
  • It is autonomous: The most important aspect of technology is being autonomous. This reduces the work to be done by automatically entering the entries. This reduces lots of pressure and labour.

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QuickBooks Not for Sale:

The desktop users of QuickBooks are provided with an NFR copy for development, testing and support purposes. This version of Quickbook offers tremendous accounting tools, expense tracking, budgeting and job costing. It has over 2000 integrations and positive customer reviews. Each customer using the desktop version needs to have a not for sale license. You need to get and download it for safety purposes. This license is a must to secure and keep your data safe. NFR certificate can be obtained by taking help from the Intuit site which is the developer of QuickBooks. This version can be only installed on windows and cannot be accessed on mobile. This license is not needed when you are using the online version of QuickBooks.

Comparing QuickBooks for a non-profit organisation and QuickBooks Not For Sale.

Both QuickBooks for a non-profit organisation and QuickBooks not for sale possess excellent features that help users. The price of QuickBooks not for sale is higher than QuickBooks for non-profit organisations.  The reviews too are better for QuickBooks not for sale as it is a desktop version with more safety. If you are looking for software that works for small to large businesses for easy accounting work and great mobility QuickBooks for a non-profit organisation is best. But if you are looking for software that works for a small to a large business that does complex accounting and wants it locally installed QuickBooks, not for sale version is best. The integration with other tools is best in QuickBooks for non-profit organisations is best but it is fair for the other one too. The other advantage of QuickBooks software for non-profit organisations is it is a cloud-based software and therefore it can be accessed from anywhere on any device and that’s not the case with QuickBooks not for sale. QuickBooks Not for sale license costs more than a subscription of just QuickBooks for non-profit organisations.  Also, the QuickBooks not for sale does not have good customer support while the other one has great customer support.


Considering both software has its cons and pros. You must consider your needs and choose wisely the software you need. For easy accounting choose QuickBooks for a non-profit organisation and for complex tasks choose QuickBooks, not for sale.

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