What is the purpose of a food processor?


Food processors have been in existence for many years all over people’s kitchens. However, most people do not have the knowledge on how to optimize their abilities in the kitchen.

Whether it is dicing onion for your salad, thinly slicing potato for your favorite dishes or finely chopping herbs, a food processor will be your best friend in the kitchen.

Also, emulsifying, whisking, pureeing, kneading, mixing, whipping, mincing and even making soup is possible with this type of kitchen appliance.

This type of home kitchen appliance is my sous-chef, and I use it more than any other appliance.

Food processor uses include the following;

1. Chopping

From roughly chopped to smoothly cut, food processors are the best. It can be used in processing vegetables. Examples are carrots, onions, celery, root vegetables and winter squeeze.

The best food processor comes with a chopping blade. It is used for chopping as well as mixing and puréeing. It’s also called a multi-purpose blade.


Is there anybody who does not love hummus? Hummus bought from stores has too much lemon juice or vinegar for preservation, and most hummus companies uses inexpensive oils in place of virgin olive oil.

You can make hummus using your food processor. First and foremost, chop parsley in your food processor. Add boiled chickpeas, a few garlic cloves, lemon zest or can squeeze fresh juice of your lemons, sesame paste and pulse until it is creamy!

Add olive oil. Ensure you add salt for flavor, pepper. When making my hummus, I also love to add a pinch of cumin and smoked paprika.

When using a food processor, your duty is to ensure the device has the right conditions for it to work. They include enough space on a kitchen counter, source of power, expert mastery of the device and additions needed.

2. Slicing

The slicing disc looks like the shredding disc. It lies on the upper part of the food processor bowl and items to be sliced are passed through the feed tube.

The blades are available in distinct sizes for you to cut fine, standard, rough or thick.

With this type of food processor blade, I like to cut Brussels sprouts into thin slices for salads and sautés. It is also good for slicing potatoes or other vegetables.

Making Salads, Salsa and Dressings

Making salads, Salsa and dressings with a food processor is pretty quick.

Simply use the discs which are supplied with your device and in seconds, vegetables and fruits are chopped into small and uniform slices. At times like this you will not require a knife and chopping board.

Ingredients for salsa are chopped finely and if you want a smooth texture, keep your food processor running.

Dressings do not require much effort. Simply put on the chopping, slicing or S-blade, and then add everything else and Pulse.

3. Shredding

Many different types of food processors are supplied with shredding disc, at times referred to as a grating disc, which sits on the upper part of the bowl. Food is pushed through the feed tube of the food processor.

As soon as it reaches the disc, food is shredded before dropping down to the bowl of food processor. Rapidly and effectively shreds carrots for carrot cake, coleslaw, or broccoli for a crispy salad.

4. Making Dough

The uses of a Food processor include making dough. A dough blade is made of metal or plastic and the paddles are less curved as compared to the s-blade. It is used to make dough for bread, pizza, just to name a few.

Bread dough, pizza dough, pie crusts and pasta are made in a big food processor for dough. Splitting butter pieces into smaller bits in flour is made quicker and easier.

5. Making Juice

A lot of food processors are designed with a juicer attachment. This will be helpful for making citrus fruits and daily fresh juice.

You will require a food processor that has a centrifugal juicer attachment if you need to make fresh fruit or vegetable juice. These are unusual, though Braun brand manufactures them.

6. Making Nut Butter

Not only can a food processor chop nuts, but it can make almond or homemade peanut butter.

 Let’s be honest. Purchased almond butter is costly while peanut butter bought from the store usually comprises of a ton of sugar, salt and hydrogenated oils (all these are not essential for a delicious peanut butter).

There are best food processors for nut butter such as Vitamix Professional Series 750 Brushed Stainless Finish with 64-Oz. Container.

A good nut butter food processor should be powerful for difficult tasks which include chopping nuts.

It should have high wattage which is required to make nut butter. This is because the nuts require 10-15 minutes in the device to break down entirely and be consistent.

Find a model that has 600 watts and more. Many food processors with 500 watts or less are suitable for easier tasks.

It is possible to prepare nut butter with a low wattage food processor. However, you may require stopping the device after a couple of minutes to prevent the motor from burning out.

Homemade nut butter is good, healthy and cheap food that one can easily make and add it to sauces, sandwiches, dips and whatever else comes to your mind.

7. For meat

I bet many people do not know that a food processor can be used for grinding meat.

If you will not find the ground chicken you were searching for in the shops, don’t worry-you can use a food processor to make your own, as well as grind beef, lamb, and pork.

You should cut your beef into smaller pieces before putting it in a food processor.

 It should be pulsed on and off instead of working constantly. This stops the beef cubes from excessive processing.

Benefits of a food processor for meat:

·         It provides you with fresh and juicy meat

·         You do not require the grinder

·         It is less chaotic

·         There is less contact of uncooked meat and your hands

·         Meat can be grinded at any time

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