10 Best Travel Destinations In Myanmar


Myanmar is a miracle place of amazing diamonds, ancient pagodas, and other Myanmar tourist attractions. Every year the nation witnesses influx of a massive number of tourists from all around the world. In the yesteryears, Myanmar has faced a great deal of social and political upheaval because it didn’t have much odds of growth and modernization. Hence, the nation has been facing several problems, and very low income and very low quality of living are just one of these.

But luckily for its people having a passion for tourism, things are changing today as individuals from all over the globe are more interested in knowing the country and its culture. You could see a range of locations in Myanmar and, believe us, you won’t be disappointed.

Here is a list of top 10 travel destinations in Myanmar:

1. Yangon

While planning which area to begin from, your selection must be Yangon. It’s early and among the most known places of Myanmar. And so it’s the focal point of tourist appeal. Yangon has a great deal to offer regarding places and people; the town is full of well-known temples, pagodas, and monasteries. You can also take pleasure in the trip in their regional apparel of longyi and open sandals.

2. Inle Lake

Talking of enjoying and exploring the ultimate beauty of Myanmar, Inle Lake should have its location in your listing. The lake is a canal of five-kilometer that further unbolts into a broad lake. The lake is well known for its gorgeous view of floating villages and gardens present in a stilted place.

During the trip, you’ll also have a chance to have a great appearance of floating tomato areas and lots of lakebeds of blossoms and fresh vegetables. Apart from fresh flowers and veggies, you may even get local goods and silk in the local markets and weaving facilities.

3. U-Bein Bridge

Are you a lover of early morning and sunset moments? Subsequently U- Bein Bridge is your ideal location for you. The bridge is the longest teak bridge, together with a span of 1300 meters elongated on the Taungthaman Lake. The bridge is constructed in an elongated manner, and the spectacle is very pictorial, meaning you could create as many images as you desire. U-Bein Bridge is a superior tourist website where you can see monks crossing across the bridge since Kyunktawgyi Paya is constructed at the opposite end of it, and you’ll be able to see it as well. Apart from a pagoda, the bridge encompasses green areas and a totally pleasant sunset perspective, a fantastic spot to enjoy few minutes of silence.

4. Bagan

Bagan is one of the leading and famous places in Myanmar. The town is well known for its lively culture, delicious cuisine, and beautiful sights it provides. Being among the famous places in Myanmar, it’s also the main tourist attraction since countless people come from worldwide. The town has a high number of pagodas, which can be one reason the nation is so famous.

In any case, interesting regional markets offer fresh veggies, fruits, and special items of interest, which make excellent gifts and memorabilia. Besides shopping, you may enjoy interesting tasks in Bagan such as; airline tours and horse cart excursions. Since people today utilize horse carts and bikes as their main mode of transport, these are the very best methods to learn more about the town around them. Visit Delta Pet Policy and get to know everything before booking a flight to Myanmar.

5. Scott Market

Known with Bogyoke Aung San Market’s title, the prior Scott Market presents the opinion of colonial-era advertisement the structure of this place depicts it since it had been in the previous times. The slow modernizing of this nation has helped preserve the early Bogyoke Aung San Market, and it’s nonetheless an interesting and must-visit location of Myanmar.

Since the location is present for decades, you’ll find many shopkeepers who sell their things for a lengthy time. A number of those chief specialties of this marketplace are genuine diamonds, particularly jade and ruby, available in abundance, pearl jewelry, handmade tapestries, lacquer bowls, plates, and things cloth-like silk and cotton.

6. Myanmar Gems Museum and Gems Mart

Myanmar Gems Museum and Gems Mart has located in the middle of Yangon and the center of attraction for the stone fans. The building is a multi-story structure with stone stores on the second and first floors of this building, selling authentic jewelry and diamonds. Stone Mart is great when you’ve got an eye for stones and precious stones and wish to purchase just the very authentic ones.

7. Treasure Land Gems & Jewellery Souvenirs

If you’re one of these individuals interested in taking back souvenirs for your private collection or as gifts for loved ones and friends, you have to see Treasure Land Gems and Jewellery Souvenirs shop. The shop is a superb location offering authentic and genuine rubies and jade, conventional and classic Burmese jewelry, tapestries, handicrafts, and Marionettes you will find in Myanmar only. The shop was created in the year 1996 hence, rest assured you will find the greatest and real things at affordable prices.

8. Local Spas

Aside from temples, Myanmar has many spas and wellness facilities that provide both organic and beauty instruments. The remedies are based on organic Burmese beauty remedies that are effective and proven. Visiting such a health spa is a fantastic way to understand this component of culture. Even though the women generally use homemade shampoo produced by combining Tayaw and Kinpun tree oil and their skin, they utilize Thanaka paste.

9. Shwedagon Pagoda

If you’re supposed to see just one pagoda of Myanmar, then it ought to be the magnificent Shwedagon Pagoda. The pagoda is an early dazzling structure made from precious stones, diamonds, and gems and is a supreme example of the Burmese structure. Since the nation is richly infused with ancient culture, temples and pagodas are in prosperity, and Shwedagon is your need to visit the pagoda.

The pagoda is a huge structure in which you’ll have the opportunity to observe people offering prayers, walking around the pagoda’s base, and watch that the monks as they go around it. Shwedagon Pagoda is in Yangon and among the main motives of celebrity of town. Once in town, visiting the location is crucial.

10. Augustine’s Antiques

If you’re like us, you will have an undying love for classic and vintage sets, and if in Myanmar, you ought to see such a location. Augustine’s Antiques specializes in offering unique and vintage classic pieces that may be taken back as souvenirs and presents for your nearest and dearest. A number of the specialization items you’ll find in Augustine’s Antiques include silverware, lacquerwares, wooden figurines, and figurines created in lacquer.

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