5 Ways to Reduce Your Websites Bounce Rate


Are you looking to reduce your website’s bounce rate?

If you are finding that your website visitors are leaving your website when they get there you have an issue you need to fix!

Bounce rate is a metric based on the number of visitors to a site that leaves off the only viewing one page.

Bounce rate isn’t a perfect metric for judging the quality of your content. But if you do see changes here or near or great a gradual downward trend over a course of days weeks or months, it might indicate an issue with your content.

There’s no such thing as an industry standard for bounce rate or a good bounce rate.

 Bounce rates will vary based on the industry that your site’s in, the structure of your site and the type of content on the page itself regardless if you are looking to improve your bounce rate.

Here are some tips to reduce your websites bounce rate

1.  PageSpeed

How many times have you been looking at a website on your phone, maybe on public transport and you’ve never got it away from the page because it’s taking too long to load PageSpeed? Can be a real limiting factor for lots of sites. If you want to assess your page speed use Google’s page speed insights tool or GTmetrix.

There are lots of other PageSpeed tools out there but these two tend to offer the most detail. Both of these tools will offer you clues as to how you can improve your page speed.

 If you can’t implement any of the actions that GTmetrix or PageSpeed insights suggest then there are other workarounds, for example, accelerated mobile pages or AMP pages.

These are separate versions of the pages on your site that are hosted on Google servers, so they load really quickly.

Another workaround might be hosting some of your images on a CDN or content delivery network. Hosting large files like images on a content delivery network can mean the pages overall load a lot quicker

2. Limit ads

Limit ads and over-lays intrusive ads and overlays can be really off-putting for users. Let’s say you land on a page and straightaway an interstitial pops up. There’s nothing more annoying when you’re reading a blog poster, an article, or looking at a sales page, and the content is concealed. But ads interstitials or pop-ups. Many people use pop-ups like subscribe now buttons to increase newsletter signups. This is fine but if you find your bounce rate has declined since you implemented something like this, you might want to look at the layout of those pop-ups or when they trigger, or the size number.

3. Internal Site Search

Use internal Site Search. Let’s say a user lands on a page on your website and it’s not exactly the content that they were looking for. Having a clear internal Site Search function can mean that users stay on your site and quickly find what they want, rather than navigating away back to Google or even worse back to another different website.

 4. Use a clear call

Use a clear call to action. Sometimes when a user visits a page they’re very clear about the action they want to perform. Whether that’s making a purchase filling in a contact form or subscribing to a newsletter. If this is the case, make the call to action really clear for your users. This might mean having a large colorful eye-catching button, that area above the fold.

5. Your Content

Format your content in a user-friendly way. If a user navigates to a page and is faced with a large block of plain text that can be really off-putting. If you have a popular article or blog post on your site, that gets lots of traffic and it’s formatted in this way, then why not consider breaking this up using paragraphs short sentences, and italic and bold text. This makes the content much more engaging and means it’s more likely for the user to carry on and engage with the entire page rather than bouncing away.

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