6 Amazing Tips for Blog Writing that Attracts Readers


Content is an important aspect of creating an online presence. So one of the best practices is to writing blog articles. By publishing new posts regularly, you will create a fresh source of content and make more opportunities for your site to rank in search engines. 

But the problem is… most people don’t even know how to write content that people read and share with their friends and on social media. 

The good thing is…

Writing engaging content isn’t that hard as it seems. In fact, by practising you can write amazing content fast and effortlessly.  Here are some great blog writing tips that you can follow today to create your first viral post.

Some amazing blog writing tips

Select your topic

Before you think about how to start blog writing, you should do deep research on what people want to read. The helpful resource is the readers and customers. What they asked to write and what they want to read.

Do some brainstorm a list of topics on which topic you should write.

Once you handful topics in your list, validate them and check their popularity with a free tool like Google trend. It will help you determine if writing content on that topic is worth it or not. Let’s say you want to write how to delete old tweets on Twitter. You can check the trend of this topic to know if people are still interested in this topic.

Create an outline 

Write the list of points you want to write in the article and then sum-up them in the common themes and put them in a logical progression to create an outline. Remember that if you create an outline don’t stick to it. You can change some points while you are start writing. 

The best way to do that is to check out the top ten results that appearing on the first page of Google for your target keyword. Now see how they have outlined their content structure to outrank them.


Understand Search Engine Optimization

Blog writing is the best way to drive traffic to your website through different search engines. Each article is a chance to improve for keywords that you wouldn’t ordinarily have the option to advance for on a static page on your site. 


With them, you should pay attention to keywords also. Keywords are an important part to rank a blog, use those keywords which are trending. You can take a free SEMRush trial for keyword search help. 


The search engine likes the content which provides value to the readers. Make sure to write on the topic which people want to read and your article provides them with a helpful resource. 


There is no point to write content that no one reads or rank. Because your ultimate goal should be making money online that can be only possible when you will rank for your target keyword.


Create content skimmable

When you write the content, make sure to break them into parts with text and subtitles. Online readers like to skim the articles rather than word for word. The paragraphs should be written not more than in 5 sentences, so you should write the content in bullet points which makes it easier for the viewers to read. 


If you are using WordPress then download the Yoast SEO plugin to get a readability score for each blog post you write. 


Add images

The human brain measures visual content much quicker than text-based content. That is the reason adding enrapturing pictures can help support your engagement.


There are huge loads of amazing free resources for discovering great royalty-free pictures such as Pixabay, Freepik, etc.


Be that as it may, truly, you’d most likely be in an ideal situation taking your photographs or making your pictures. Stock photographs are incredible when you’re when there’s no other option (and we unquestionably use them now and again!)


Add Call to action

In the soul of holding back something special for later, here’s our last tip for writing a blog entry that changes over: add a reasonable call-to-action.


Regardless of whether it’s to request that your readers leave a remark, share your blog entry, follow you via online media, or buy your item, ensure you clearly state what you’d like them to do. 


A decent source of inspiration is something that is effectively recognizable and sticks out. As a rule, for your blog entries, the source of inspiration will inquire as to whether they enjoyed what they read.

Let’s finish this post with the motive to write your next amazing blog post.

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