6 Career Tips for Recent Graduates


The school will give you the feel of the powerful bubble while you are studying. Doing Classes, Papers, activities, grades and other things would take so much of your time and energy as well as you would not be so much aware of your career life. But then the graduation course comes and it’s the time where you have to work hard as you have to put those skills and knowledge to look for a satisfying job and to use it in your career life. It is really a tough condition because, at that time, you are high on potential but low on experience. 

Graduation is an exciting period of your life where it is the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. While you are preparing for Graduation, you have to always keep in mind that the job-seeking skills that you may need to learn after your graduation course. Making the transition from student to a new level of mature professionals can be stressful and need lots of learning professional skills to apply in real life.

But if you are well prepared, landing the perfect job is not tough that you think. However, first, you need to decide in which field you want to go like going for the Microsoft Azure course is a really high chances to get a good opportunity but it would definitely demand proper learning skills to get into it. Do not need to worry in any situations after your graduation like if you are thinking about any of these:

  • You are worried that you may have a lack of experience.

  • You are willing to put your new college degree t use but don’t have any perfect job in line.

  • You are still not sure in which industry, you want to go.

  • You have never been faced any interview and not sure how to prepare and appear for it.

The above situations would come for all the new and recent graduates, thus we are here to provide top 6 career tips and advice to all of you which will help you to choose a better career option that is perfect for you and land the job after your graduation which you really want.

  1. First Decide Your Way, don’t let the World decide it: You can sit down and make a list to plan your ideal solution. Decide yourself what you want from your life. Plan it yourself like:


  • What kind of work you will enjoy doing?

  • What activities in the past make you feel happy and responsible for your success?

  • Without getting the payment, what kind of work still you would love to enjoy doing?

  • Also, you need to check that the field you choose for your career, whether you are highly skilled and knowledgeable on this or not? If not, then what type of training you need for this?

Making a proper and previous plan will help you to walk on the right path of getting a great job.

  1. Don’t Get Tensed on Lack of Experience: As you are recent graduates, so no one will expect that you have experience beyond an entry-level. What you know is already your skills. So, you have to mention your skills that you have developed through your academic career on your resume like presentation skills, software skills, problem sort out skills, and more. In fact, some of the students also do part-time work or may have volunteer experience and student employment as well. Don’t forget to mention those in your resume though those are not related to your future.


  2. Take Proper Training to gain Knowledge and Skilled: While thinking of making your career in any technical field, check whether you are well prepared for this or not. If not, then you have to do a professional course from a well-known institute and should take proper training on this. Suppose, you are willing to go to the Microsoft Azure field and for a recent graduate, it is not possible to know depth knowledge on this. So, it is better to learn Azure step by step to gain knowledge and get a proper job opportunity in this field.


  3. Informational Interview: Before going for an Interview, first do proper research about the company and overall industry in which you are stepping your feet. While you know better about the company, then you will also able to ask questions in the interview more about your job profile like what you will be going to do, about the company culture, about the industry, and more.


  4. Choose something that you love over Money as a Recent Graduate: This is the time where you can get to know more about yourself and about your job as well because the more you learn and gain knowledge in future the more you can earn. So, at the beginning of your career, always choose what you love most.


  5. Be Patient: This is the most important and final work tip for all those recent graduates wanders who are in search of work is patience. Proper Preparation, knowledge along a combination of patience would help you to get the right job.

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