6 Common Myths about ‘healthy food’ busted


Grocery stores are full of healthy foods that are marketed as healthy food. They are projected as panacea for all health issues from obesity to lifestyle diseases.

Customers must have awareness about various facts associated with the so-called healthy foods. The awareness and knowledge about ingredients will help customers to buy the best products and not pay heed to the marketing campaigns which promote certain foods as healthy foods.

Let us study some of the popular healthy foods to separate facts from myths created by marketing and advertising companies.

  • Myth: Sugar free products are good for health

Fact –Almost all sugar free products are full of fats that are harmful to health. This is the natural process when sugar is removed from the product. Before buying sugar free products, drinks, juices, sweets or packed fruits, check the content and compare the ingredients with normal products.

Fat content has to be within the normal range. Beware of the saturated fat, which is often high in so called sugar free products. males who are on Generic cialis 60 mg prescribed by doctors for erection issues , should be extra careful , as sugar free products may increase the underlying causes behind erection problems .

  • Myth: Multigrain cookies are healthy option

Facts – multigrain biscuits and snacks are made crunchy by sugar and fats. Some manufacturers also add fat to make the cookies crispy. So, even the biscuits which are low in sugar can be high in fats. Fats in cookies can be bad for people who are already high in fats.

Read the ingredients to understand which fat the cookies you picked up are containing. Trans fat and saturated fats are enemies of health.

Common Myths about ‘healthy food' busted

  • Myth: Light butter is better than regular butter

Fact – light butter is considered a better option than a regular butter. But light butter also has fat content that may be equal to the regular butter. However, light butter has a lower percentage of cholesterol than a regular butter. Trans fats, saturated fats and sodium remains high in some butter. The best option is to keep their consumption within safe limits.

  • Myth: Flavored yogurt are healthier option

Fact – the fruit flavor is due to synthetic fruit concentration, not due to any fruit extract. The addition of fruit flavor also makes flavor yogurt high in sugar. In fact the sugar content in flavor yogurt will always be higher than plain simple yogurt. The higher sugar content also increases the calories a flavor yogurt will have. In many cases, calories in flavored yogurt will be twice as high as in plain yogurt. Always check the sugar content of the flavor yogurt before buying. In some cases, the sugar content is written as fructose or glucose levels.

Consume low fat variety or go for natural yogurt. You can add real fruit pieces to plain yogurt to make it more tasty and healthy.

  • Myth: diet food helps you to manage your diet plan

Fact -Diet foods are not healthy foods the way they are marketed and advertised. The low fat food will be actually fried in oil. The items which are projected as no fat items will actually have vegetable oil sprayed on them.

Read the content part of the label to understand the ingredients. You will read ingredients such as hydrogenated oil; Trans fat etc, which are not healthy for your health. Limit your consumption of these diet foods.

Obesity is one of the causes behind males using Levitra 40mg for erection issues , so if you are facing that erection issue due to being obese , keep diet food out of your diet plan .

  • Myth: energy bars provide instant energy

Fact – energy bars may be the rich source of sugar, calories and saturated fats than a normal bar. The low in carbs bar is also low in fibers. The yummy bars are actually sugar bars.

A survey was conducted some years ago, which revealed that many bars do not support the fact that they are mentioned on their ingredient table. Bars that were shown low in carbs were actually high in carbs. The best option is to totally stop their consumption. If you cannot do so, have one that is high in fiber, protein and low in fats.


The best option is increasing intake of fruits and green vegetables in the diet. The second best option is moderate in eating those food items which are not fully healthy .You will get all the benefits that you look for in so-called healthy foods easily available in the market. Those who are on medicines should avoid certain packed and canned processed foods, as they contain high sodium content, which may interfere with medications.

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